Yea, the USA are good but…

Question: What is the worst chant in the history of chants?
Euro 2022
Perisset penalty in extra-time sends France to semi-finals
23/07/2022 AT 18:10
"I believe,"
"I believe that,"
"I believe that we,"
"I believe that we will win!"
"I believe that we will win!"
"I believe that we will win!"
"I believe that we will win!"
"I believe that we will win!"
"I believe that we will win!"
However, the USWNT fans were absolutely spot on. They won, they won and they won. They scored 18 unanswered goals in the group stages before adding another eight in the knockout stages while only conceding three across seven games. Whatever the measure, USWNT were by far the best team at the 2019 World Cup.
They are, to coin a phrase, not everyone’s cup of tea. Oi, oi. However, is that not the beauty of sport? There has to be a perceived heel for it to work and that the USWNT are more than comfortable with that. The tea drinking business was overblown, as was the 13-goal drubbing of Thailand - this team has personality and long may it continue.
So to conclude, the USA has without doubt the guffest song across all sports but are also the best team in the world.

How on earth did Lionel Messi get sent off?

So anyone who knows anything about anything knows that VAR is a load of old tosh. Guff beyond belief. Those who are VAR, shall we say, adverse are told that its job is to adjudicate on the following for the removal of doubt.
  • Goal/no goal
  • Penalty/no penalty
  • Direct red card
  • Mistaken identity
So Messi’s coming together with Gary Medel in their Copa America third-place play-off presumably was sent to VAR for a check on whether either player had definitely* committed violent conduct. Now, being a broadcaster and an all-round top sort of a blog, The Warm-Up can’t steal someone else’s broadcast rights to show the incident. However, you’ve all got Twitter, so have a gander.
If you can’t be bothered, allow The Warm-Up to, through prose, paint a picture of what went on: absolutely nothing.
Nope. Not a bit. Medel thrust his chest at Messi; Messi stood his ground. Mario Díaz de Vivar consulted VAR and for reasons known only to them was still happy to produce a red each. Two. Wasn’t worth one red. Mad.
And that is the issue with VAR – it is a system whose sole aim is to eradicate human error operated by humans.

Madagascar having themselves a tournament again

  • Current world ranking: 108
  • Average world ranking: 137
  • Lowest world ranking: 187
Conclusion: Madagascar are less than decent.
Yet, despite all that, they are into the last eight of their first Africa Cup of Nations campaign, this time going through in penalties after a 2-2 draw with DR Congo. They will face either Ghana or Tunisia for a spot in the semi-finals.


Brazil won the Copa America without their, erm, what is the antonym of talisman Neymar. Oi, who is that sniggering in the back. Pipe down, yea, he is going to be the best player in the world one day. Ideally before he retires. Anyway, Brazil beat Peru 3-1 to win a first international trophy in 12 years. Niceeeshhh.
Here is the match report from a game that had four goals, two penalties and one sending off.
A quick side note on this: imagine, just imagine if Argentina won an international tournament without Messi? The internet would break permanently which would probably be a good thing but a bit weird all the same.



Peru fans have the absolute time of their lives ahead of the Copa America final.


Whoever it was at Arsenal who decided to let Sari van Veenendaal leave. Absolute mare. She has just picked up the golden glove at the World Cup but is still without a club. Shocker.


Allow Eurosport's resident football expert Carrie Dunn give you the low down on the USWNT.
So as long as the USA team wins, they will be loved at home; but for the fans elsewhere in the world, who can't celebrate the victories as their own, they seek for other things to like about them. With an often less than enthralling style of play, and few endearing personalities on the team, it has been a struggle. That is not to say that these are not fine athletes, and fine people; Rapinoe's vocal political stances in particular have been impressive. There is plenty to admire in that squad - it's just that there is quite a lot less to like for the casual, non-American observer.


More AFCON - Mali take on Ivory Coast and Ghana face off against Tunisia, more tennis from Wimbledon and more Tour de France. You are blessed people.
How can life get any better I hear thee ask? Well, Nick Miller is taking on Warm-Up duties on the morrow. Lovely.
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