Women's World Cup • Group F
  • 2nd Half
  • USA (W)
  • Chile (W)
  • Galaz
  • LaraPardo
  • Long
  • DahlkemperSonnett
  • Huenteo
  • Lara
  • UrrutiaHuenteo
  • HoranLong
  • 1/2 Time
  • USA (W)
  • Chile (W)
  • SotoLópez
  • ErtzMcdonald
  • 1st Half
  • USA (W)
  • Chile (W)
  • Lloyd
  • Ertz
  • Horan
  • Lloyd

USA (W) - Chile (W)
Women's World Cup - 16 June 2019

Women's World Cup – Follow the Football match between USA (W) and Chile (W) live with Eurosport. The match starts at 17:00 on 16 June 2019. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

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FULL-TIME. Another very professional performance from the USA, showing why they remain the favourites for this tournament, and also demonstrating their squad's strength in depth. Despite Carli Lloyd's brace, it'll be Christiane Endler's brilliance in the Chile goal that this match will be remembered for, though. USA are through to the knock-out stages. Thanks for your company this evening.


Galaz just went careering into McDonald and managed to get smacked on the nose en route to the ground.


So when this whistle blows shortly, the USA will be through to the last 16 with a game to spare. They play Sweden in their final group game - that'll be a bit tasty, and also likely to be much more of a test for the defending champions.


Five minutes to be added on, mostly for VAR reasons.


Pardo replaces Lara.


Long is booked for shoving a hand in the face of her marker.


Sonnett replaces Dahlkemper.


MISS! Carli Lloyd hits the penalty past the post to Endler's right, and it pings off the hoarding. Everyone looks puzzled.


So, penalty given, and Huenteo is booked for the challenge - the referee is indicating that she pulled a jersey.


Oh, hang on, some VAR stuff happening for a possible penalty incident during that free kick.


Press opts to dink it in rather than have ashot herself, but it comes to nothing.


Booking for Lara who's taken down Lloyd. Free kick about 35 yards out.


An attendance of over 45,000 in Paris.


Ball sneaks through to Press, and Endler has a more comfortable kind of save off her knees.


Corner from Davidson towards the back stick, and Chile push up and push out.


HITS THE BAR! Long flicks it on and Carli Lloyd hits the crossbar with her header!


Huenteo replaces Urrutia for the final 20 minutes or so.


ANOTHER BRILLIANT SAVE FROM ENDLER! Pugh down the right gets it into McDonald and Endler is just on fire with the reaction.


You need to do better than that to beat Endler, Ali Krieger. Long-range effort with little fizz, easy for the PSG keeper to claim.


Another brilliant chance! McDonald cuts in from the left, curls in the shot with her right foot, and strikes the post!


Long replaces Horan.


Another FABULOUS save from Endler! Press hits it with absolute zing and the goalkeeper spreads her hands to bat it away.


Endler is having a tremendous game, by the way.


The USA push forward again down the left and it's Horan in the centre whose shot is blocked onc more by Endler.


Horan is angry with herself as she balloons an effort over the bar from range.


Becky Sauerbrunn runs in towards the near post but the plan comes to nothing.


McDonald holds the ball up brilliantly, tapping it back to Pugh, whose shot is deflected. Corner.


Fantastic save from Endler at point-blank from Press after great work from Pugh - the offside flag was up so it was all for nothing anyway.


Up and running for the second half.


Changes - Ertz is off for McDonald, and Lopez replaces Soto.


HALF-TIME. Carli Lloyd is doing Carli Lloyd things, the USWNT are mocking those who criticise them, and everything is right in the world. Unless you're Chilean.


Two minutes to be added on.


Endler will be relieved to see the ball bouncing harmlessly towards her for once.


Davidson takes it, then has to take it again - it falls to the wronged Pugh on the edge of the box but her shot is into the stands.


Saez takes the feet of Pugh after the ball is heading out of play, and the referee gives her a talking-to as she awards a free kick bang on the touchline.


Carli Lloyd jumps for a header with left arm raised, and the referee spots it immediately.


Zamora has a bit of a thankless task today, chasing down balls hefted forward.


Davidson swings in a ball from the left, but Ertz's header is flicked across to the wing rather than goalwards.

  • Carli Lloyd
    GoalCarli LloydUSA (W)GOAL! And that's Carli Lloyd again, rising in the middle and heading downwards into the net. Chile are deciding against marking anyone in the box.
    TodayGoals2On target4Hit Post / Hit Bar1Wide2

GOAL! And that's Carli Lloyd again, rising in the middle and heading downwards into the net. Chile are deciding against marking anyone in the box.


Press creates space for herself, and opts to shoot from the edge of the box - her effort clips a couple of Chilean ankles on its way through. Corner.


Soto takes it, looping in towards the far post, and Naeher holds on the second attempt.


Corner to Chile! Their first of the game.


Touch too much on the ball forward aimed at Pugh.


Ertz had her back to goal and her eyes closed then, by the way. What a header.

  • Julie Ertz
    GoalJulie ErtzUSA (W)GOAL! Bullet header from Julie Ertz courtesy of a corner that Chile thought shouldn't even have been given. She runs over to the bench to clap hands with everyone over there.
    TodayGoals1On target1Blocked Shots1

GOAL! Bullet header from Julie Ertz courtesy of a corner that Chile thought shouldn't even have been given. She runs over to the bench to clap hands with everyone over there.

  • Lindsey Horan
    Yellow cardLindsey HoranUSA (W)Horan is booked for a foul on Araya.
    TodayYellow Cards1Fouls3

Horan is booked for a foul on Araya.


NO GOAL! Oh, what is happening here? As soon as Chile take the free kick, Guerrero is offside by an absolute mile, but Naeher comes out and the ball rolls into the net. The offside flag does come up, Guerrero says she didn't even touch it (and possibly thinks Naeher has fouled her).


Lloyd mistimes her jump and nods across the face of goal rather than towards it.


Zamora is pushing forward but the offside flag is already up.


Lara is on her feet and will play on.


Oh, that's bad. Mallory Pugh goes in on Lara with a knee that's much too high, and the Chilean is prone. They both seemed to have their eyes on the ball, not paying attention to each other.


Press plays it in but it flicks off a Chile head at the back post for another corner.


Lara upends Morgan Brian - another free kick in a dangerous area, not far from the corner flag.


Oh, and for those keeping an eye on over-elaborate celebrations, it was ironically understated, I think.


Endler immediately gathers her players around her again for a quick pep talk.


GOAL! And that's Carli Lloyd on today's scoresheet. Really poor clearance from Chile's Galaz and it falls to Lloyd on the edge of the area, who volleys it home.


Ertz flicks it on, but nobody there to pounce on it in the middle.


Press is riding the challenge of Galaz, and wins another corner.


Free kick to Chile after a foul by Brian, and they're opting to pass it out from the back rather than hack it forward.


Davidson, on her World Cup debut, pings a ball across to the right wing, but it goes nowhere - the US front line are still finding their feet.


SO CLOSE! Carli Lloyd has two chances to get this over the line, but Endler is right there, blocking the first effort with her toes and the second with her hands. Lloyd is despairing.


Next chance is Lloyd's own, but she gets the shot away as she's falling to the ground, and there's nothing on that.


Davidson takes, Endler punches, and Morgan Brian, unmarked on the edge of the box, skies her shot.


Quick turn from Lloyd, and Guerrero is right on her to get that out for the first corner of the day.


And Chile kick us off on a fine evening in Paris, playing it back to Endler for starters.




A spot of huddling all round.


Carli Lloyd wears the armband for the USA, Endler for Chile, and they shake hands in the centre circle after going through the formalities with the officials.


For some reason the Chile anthem backing track stopped. The singing did NOT.


Time for the national anthems - not sung by all the USA team, of course. The Chile rendition is loud.


Sweeping changes for the USA then, but only one for Chile - Claudia Soto in for Yanara Aedo.


This tournament hasn't done as well as may have been hoped so far in terms of attendances, but the USWNT are always a draw. Paris is noisy already.


And as predicted, here's the team news - USA: Naeher, Krieger, Sauerbrunn, Dahlkemper, Davidson, Ertz, Brian, Horan, Pugh, Lloyd, Press. /// Chile: Endler, Galaz, Guerrero, Saez, Toro, Soto, Araya, Lara, Zamora, Balmaceda, Urrutia.


That would indicate a starting berth for Carli Lloyd - who scored a hat-trick in the 2015 final, and more recently spent some time at Manchester City - and the exciting youngster Mallory Pugh.


Rumours abound that the USA side will look very different today, with suggestions that the entire front three could rotate out.


If you're Chile, you're going to be nervous about this one. The USA hammered Thailand 13-0 in their record-breaking win; 2019 is the first time the Reds have appeared in a World Cup. They faced Sweden first off, and now the USA - not a gentle introduction to the competition, then.


Good afternoon and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the USA v Chile in Group F of the Women's World Cup.