Mystery over: Bolivia's Alejandro Chumacero explains why Lionel Messi didn't shake his hand

Mystery over: Bolivia captain explains why Messi didn't shake his hand

02/04/2016 at 15:12Updated 02/04/2016 at 16:25

There was, it turns out, a very simple explanation for why Argentina’s Lionel Messi did not shake hands with Bolivia skipper Alejandro Chumacero before their World Cup qualifier last week.

Messi was, of course, not being dismissive or rude; instead, it has been revealed by Chumacero, the fourth official was actually the one to blame.

The bizarre incident was picked up by many fans and journalists at the time, but the Bolivia captain has now explained what really went on.

“The fourth official told me to go ahead and begin shaking hands, but the Argentine national anthem hadn’t yet finished (so Messi couldn’t shake my hand),” Chumacero told Sport.

“It was the official’s fault; it’s just one of those things.”

It was, then, just a mix up between the official and the player and nothing untoward.

Messi scored his 50th international goal in the match as Argentina defeated Bolivia 2-0 in Cordoba.