World Cup Qualification UEFA • Group A
  • 2nd Half
  • France
  • Belarus
  • Volodko
  • Sidibé
  • LemarPayet
  • KorzunBykov
  • GriezmannSissoko
  • KovalevSkavysh
  • ComanMbappé
  • Matveychik
  • 1/2 Time
  • France
  • Belarus
  • YanushkevichSachivko
  • 1st Half
  • France
  • Belarus
  • Saroka
  • Giroud
  • Griezmann
  • Korzun

France - Belarus
World Cup Qualification UEFA - 10 October 2017

World Cup Qualification UEFA – Follow the Football match between France and Belarus live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 10 October 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Didier Deschamps or Igor Kriushenko? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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  • End of 2nd Half

Saroka sends the ball into the side-netting from Volodko's cross, and that late scare is the last of the match, and the group, for France. Victory for the Netherlands means that Sweden finish in fourth, and this game in an irrelevance. France have qualified for six consecutive World Cups now, and they have done enough tonight.


The Netherlands are 2-0 up against Sweden, hence France's slack performance. Matuidi is being made to leave the pitch with a nosebleed.


There will be three minutes of added time.


Giroud slips in Mbappe. He turns away from goal to tee up Payet, and his shot drifts just wide of the post.


Volodko sticks out a hand to cut out a pass from Tolisso that was aimed to Sissoko behind the Belarussian, behind him and running into space. He's booked.


Sidibe is rightly booked for going through the back of Stasevich.


Payet is on for Lemar.


France finally spend some time on the ball in Belarus's half.


Saroka is caught with a late challenge as he overruns the ball, but he's OK to continue. It was Umtiti, I think, who caught him.


Mbappe with another heavy pass, this time Lemar can't keep it in. Griezmann goes off to be replaced by Sissoko.


Mbappe sprints 40 yards at goal, jinks past one defender and the 'keeper runs out to try to claim the ball. He pulls out of the challenge, Mbappe takes a tumble, and the referee ignores his half-hearted appeals.


Mbappe sprints down the right, flicks in a measured pass for Giroud in the corridor of uncertainty, and he can't quite reach it.


France are still struggling to reassert themselves here.


Mbappe approaches the penalty box from the left, and attempts to aim a curling shot to the top corner, but Chernik plucks it out of the air.


Mbappe tries to slip in Griezmann down the right wing, but his pass is overhit and the move breaks down. Goal kick for Belarus.


Skavysh replaces Kovalev, who limps off the pitch to the bench.


What a miss. Belarus break down the right wing, a cross comes in for Saroko and with only Lloris to beat, he stabs it wide and doesn't even make Lloris work.


Lemar whips in a cross to the back post, with Mbappe lurking, and Volodko sticks out a right leg to turn the ball just wide of goal.


Coman is replaced by Mbappe.


France continue to huddle in and around their area. It's a risky ploy, and France have some excellent players that Deschamps chooses not to use. Imagine the fear he'd have with Kylian Mbappe on the pitch.


Digne curls in a cross that is claimed easily enough. Volodko wins a throw high up on the left wing after Belarus hit back with an attack of their own.


Belarus are on the back foot for the first time in the half.


Kovalev is penalised for tripping Lemar from behind, but not before looking surprised after racing up the right wing with the ball.


Matveichik is booked for lunging into Tolisso as he skips past him.


France are opened up as Belarus attempt to break down the right. Kovalev stands up Umtiti just on the edge of the box, and the defender puts in a leg to tackle well.


No chances for either side so far. Saroka is told to calm down after catching Tolisso in midfield. Free kick for France.


A niggly start to the second half so far.


Sachyuka was on before the start of the second half, replacing Yanushkevich.

  • 2nd Half

The second half gets underway.

  • End of 1st Half

That's half time. A good start for France with a worrying end ot the half. There's plenty of interest for the second half.


There will be a minute of added time.


GOAL! France 2-1 Belarus. Saroka scores - A cross from the right is met by Saroka, inches ahead of Varane, and he guides a side-foot shot to the back post. Saroka had just moments before seen a half-volley shot from distance fly just over the bar.


Griezmann holds the ball up from Tolisso's pass forward into the box, he shifts it right, into the pass of Tolisso and his attempted curling shot is easily caught by Chernik.


Another excellent tackle on the left by Sidibe. France break down their left wing, Lemar finds Digne. It's curled in by Lemar to the near post, and cleared.


Sidibe is covering on the left and concedes a corner. It's headed way out, close to the halfway line.


Coman jinks inside then outside down the right, but takes a heavy touch and runs it out of play.


Umtiti matches Saroka for each stride as he chases a through-ball, and puts in a tackle to concede a corner. Lloris is able to claim it unchallenged.


Stasevich spins towards goal, 35 yards out, and his strike is low and straight at Lloris. Easily stopped.


France are camped in the Belarus half, with the away side sitting well back. They're playing from right to left, and Belarus aren't running hard enough to stop them right now.

  • Olivier Giroud
    GoalOlivier GiroudFranceGOAL! France 2-0 Belarus. Giroud scores - A terrible defensive pass goes straight to Griezmann, 35 yards out. He finds Giroud ahead of him, who takes one touch into a defender and he stretches out a leg to guide it past Chernik.

GOAL! France 2-0 Belarus. Giroud scores - A terrible defensive pass goes straight to Griezmann, 35 yards out. He finds Giroud ahead of him, who takes one touch into a defender and he stretches out a leg to guide it past Chernik.


Griezmann chases down a ball on the left wing unsuccessfully.


All France need to do is hold on. Luckily for them, with the internet and radio and such, they might see the Swedish head drops now.

  • Antoine Griezmann
    GoalAntoine GriezmannFranceGOAL! France 1-0 Belarus. Griezmann scores - Tolisso finds Matuidi on the half-turn, he slips in Griezmann ahead of him in the box, and he slots it past the 'keeper coolly.

GOAL! France 1-0 Belarus. Griezmann scores - Tolisso finds Matuidi on the half-turn, he slips in Griezmann ahead of him in the box, and he slots it past the 'keeper coolly.


Giroud hits the bar! Coman stands up a cross at the touchline, and Giroud crunches a header against the crossbar. They're getting closer.


Tolisso meets a header near the penalty spot, it loops into the air into the six yard box, and Varane heads it straight at the 'keeper for it to be palmed behind. Varane then heads wide from the second corner, this time from the right wing.


Another ball in from wide for Giroud, and another headed chance goes begging. That's not a criticism of Giroud so far, who has become an excellent target man over the last couple of years.


Giroud strains for a corner at the back post, but glances it just wide.


Belarus are now taking the ball into the French half. A goal could be a disaster for France.


France start some patient play from defence. Deschamps has stood up to give some instructions from the touchline.


Didier Deschamps it's looking pretty tightly wound on the sidelines. It should already have been sorted by now. A long ball from a Politevitch free kick on the halfway line drifts out of play.


A long ball drifts back to the French deffence, and Varane plays himself out of potential trouble while under pressure.


Digne flings in a cross from the left wing, but it drifts out of play at the back post.


More French pressure, but nothing much happening so far.


France press up the pitch, but Belarus are sitting back happily.

  • 1st Half

The match gets underway.


France should comfortably win this. But remember, these are the people who drew 0-0 with Luxembourg, and they are France.


Belarus, who could claim to be Europe's last remaining dictatorship, are in fifth position. They are on level on points with Luxembourg, and their only wish will not be to finish below them.


France sit atop - that's right, atop - Group A in the European tables. They are one point clear of Sweden behind them, who play away to the Netherlands. They need a win to be sure of qualifying.


Belarus's manager Igor Kriushenko said that his side are, "extremely motivated," against this France side - who top the group going into the last round of games.


Didier Deschamps has talked about the importance of N'Golo Kante and his injury: "Kante has a very important role. Rabiot can play that role, but the output of N'Golo may have destabilised the team - though that doesn't take anything away from Adrien."


Olivier Giroud is up front for France tonight, a durable if unspectacular performer. There are more interesting players around him, though. Antoine Griezmann and Thomas Lemar provide the excitement and pace, which should see France win tonight.


TEAMS: France: Lloris, Sidibe, Varane, Umtiti, Digne, Coman, Tolisso, Matuidi, Lemar, Giroud, Griezmann. /// Belarus: Chernik; Matveichik, Yanushkevich, Politevitch, Volodko; Drahun, Korzun; Kovalev, Karnitski, Stasevich; Saroka.


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