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England - Slovakia
World Cup Qualification UEFA - 4 September 2017

World Cup Qualification UEFA – Follow the Football match between England and Slovakia live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 4 September 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Gareth Southgate or Ján Kozák? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway, thanks for your company - join us again for even more football tomorrow night.


So England are more or less there; they need two more points to be sure, from Lithuania away and Slovenia home. Slovakia, meanwhile, are only a point ahead of Scotland, whom they play next, and Slovenia.


Full-time: England 2-1 Slovakia


Southgate kills the game, calling off Alli - the furthest man from the touchline - and bringing on Livermore.


Lovely ball spread by Alli from centre to right, finding Sterling. he tries a shimmy along the by-line but can't lose Durica, and England have another corner to waste.


There shall be three added minutes.


Slovakia have been disappointing since going behind - they could at least try and rush England, and get men into the box.


Hoddle picks Rashford as his man of the match, which seems fair to me. A bad error, then a goal, an assist, and lots of general impetus. Alli has played well too, though.


Both sides appear to be playing out time.


Sterling speeds through midfield and decides to shoot hard ... but straight at Dubravka.


And another change: Welbeck replaces Rashford.


Sterling replaces Oxlade-Chamberlain, who's wasted everything one too many times.


Oxlade-Chamberlain loses Mak and has plenty of options, but he hangs onto possession in order to drills a shot into the nearest set of shins.


Mak finds space and curves a ball at Duris, who flicks or tries to flick through for Duda. For a second he thinks he's in, but Jones speeds back at him and confiscates possession.


Off goes Hamskik, on comes Duda.


Ah - he's about to be hooked.


Hamsik, who's not fully fit, has been very quiet tonight.


Kane breaks forward and finds Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has Alli in the middle. For reasons known best to himself he opts to dink rather than slide his pass, so Alli allows it to run across him in order that it might drop. But it skips off the turn and Skrtel cleans up.


Dier is late on Duris, thus earning a booking.


Dele Alli has been excellent tonight, his prompting and movement behind much of England's best work. And he turns away from Skriniar 35 yards out, who brings him down; he's booked and misses Slovakia's next game against Scotland. Rashford takes the free-kick, but doesn't get the draw, the ball flying well wide.


Two changes for Slovakia: Weiss and Nemec off, Rusnak and Duris on.


Didn't know Sylvia Plath was English.


Rashford screeches away down the left, so Skriniar dashes across to foul him. Or not, in the opinion of the referee.


Slovakia win a free-kick down the right which Hamsik swings into the box. A phalanx of players leap for it and the ball ends up falling to Hubocan, who can't get over it and slashes a shot well over the top. England have been warned.


There are more goals here for England.


WHAT A GOAL! England 2-1 Slovakia (Rashford) Amazingly, that was coming! England work the ball really well, Alli finding space and popping off to Dier, who finds Henderson, who finds Rashford. 20 yards out, he takes a touch, has a look, and whips a marvellous low shot into the far corner. At fault for the Slovakia goal, Marcus Rashford is a touch! A touch and a star!


Rashford again makes ground down the left, then squares to Alli. He has Kane and Oxlade-Chamberlain in support, the latter in lots of space, but opts to shoot instead, whamming the ball over the top.


Kane wriggles space down the right of the box and cuts inside Hubocan then smashes a low cross. Dubrovka palms away, and the ball flashes at Alli, who can't react in time to jab home.


Hamsik releases Mak down the left and he crosses low, but Cahill does well to slide in and intercept. Hamsik, though, then crosses to the back post, where Nemec rams a shot goalwards; Hart does well to strongarm it away, though it was straight at him.


England are coming. Oxlade-Chamberlain pops up on the left and backheels infield to Alli, to carries the ball back to him. He shoots, and Dubravka saves.


Rashford beats Weiss and attacks Pekarik, throwing in a few stepovers before crossing low and hard. Dubravka collects, but again, that was promising from England.


Scotland now lead Malta 2-0.


Nice from Oxlade-Chamberlain, who makes ground down the right and slows up the steps on the gas, losing Hubocan. He can't make anything of it, eventually looping a shot which deflects back to Dubravka, but still a good sign for England.


Lovely from England, Henderson finding Alli down the left, and he moves it on for Rashford, whose lovely flicks plays him back in. He shoots, and the ball bounces out for Henderson on the edge of the box, but he can only lash ineptly wide.


England kick off.


A half of two halves. Slovakia started positively and caught England, but England eventually settled into the game and played quite well towards half-time.


Half-time: England 1-1 Slovakia


As I was saying, Weiss gets away from Cahill! 25 yards out - what exactly is he doing? - has he got the pace to get to goal before someone catches him? No he hasn't, Walker racing over to nip the ball away. Or to barge him over, definitely one of the two.


There shall be one added minute.


Credit where it's due, England have been reasonable these last 15 minutes; Slovakia have barely been out of their own half.


Rashford takes the ball on the left and moves infield, makes with his eyes like he's going to switch play, and swipes just wide of the near post instead. He's looking dangerous now.


Kane pops a ball into Alli, runs off him, collects the return, and forces it square to Bertrand, who drives hard from just outside the box. Dubravka punches clear.


Rashford is on the left now, which makes more sense. He needs to be coming in on his right foot, whether to slip passes, run at men, of whack shots.


GOAL! England 1-1 Slovakia (Dier) Rashford swipes the corner to the near post - it's not an especially good one, bouncing in front of Dier - but Nemec isn't concentrating, so loses him, and he flicks an excellent finish, Sheringham-style, high inside the near post.


Alli is finding pockets of space a bit more regularly now, and again he pulls left to feed Rashford. But seconds later, Rashford slides a lovely pass down the side for Kane, who rides a tackle from Durica - perhaps he'd have got a penalty if he'd gone down. But he doesn't and England end up winning a corner.


On the other hand...


Better from England. Alli mugs Lobotka 30 yards out and slides a pass into Rashford, now at inside-left. He can't quite decide what to do, as the ball isn't exactly where he'd like it, so he digs out a shot which screws wide of the far post.


England are rubbish partly because Gareth Southgate is rubbish, but the rubbishness predates him; it's hard to have a good football team with no good midfielders. On the other hand, there must be a more nimble, imaginative combination than the one he's picked, even in the absence of Lallana.


The game is now going more as expected: England have the ball, have no idea, England lose the ball. Oxlade-Chamberlain bends a cross in to no one.


Walker gets possession in an advanced position and slides a pass down the line for Rahford to meet his blind side run. His cross is deflected behind, and his corner comes to nothing. Apropos of nothing, Rashford scored from someone else's corner in his last United game.


Long,raking cross fro Bertrand and Alli gets up above Pekarik, but nods back into Bertrand's arm. He's penalised, which seems harsh to me.


Plenty of blame to go around, no need to be sparing. But only one potential recipient does all that shouting and face crumpling, so.


Lobotka, incidentally, is playing very nicely in general.


Oxlade-Chamberlain wins the ball on halfway and stretches clear. He's got loads of options, but as he nears the box he decides to open his body and bend one several yards over and many ages wide.


My system crashed again but while I was gone: England are improving. Henderson slides a lovely little pass through for Rashford, who opts to pull back his cross. Alli's eventuating shot is deflected behind for a corner which comes to nothing.


Kane gets a fortunate rebound off Hubocan and turns Durika. He's 20 yards out and has a variety of men in support, but opts to use them as decoys, screwing a shit which is deflected behind. The corner eventually arrives at his feet, but his back is to goal and he does well to arrange another another corner, which comes to nothing.


Slovakia are so much more mobile in midfield, which is strange, as you'd expect England's lumbering parking cones to be controlling this area of the pitch.


There is basically no action to describe. England spread the play wide to Alli, loitering on the left. He is quickly tackled.


Also in this group, Scotland are ahead against Malta thanks to Christophe Berra.


It's still mainly, if not all, Slovakia. They're prompting nicely, while England just can't get hold of the ball.


Looking at the goal again, Lobotica took it very well indeed, but Hart's effort to stop it did not look exactly rabid.


The question now is do Slovakia keep at it or sit back; remember how difficult England found it to not break them down last summer.


Incidentally, what is Rashford doing on the right wing? Anyway, he immediately tries to make amends, finding space outside the box and shooting low, but too close to the keeper.


Consider the cat pigeoned.


GOAL! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! England 0-1 Slovakia (Lobotka) Rashford gets possession maybe 25 yards from his own goal and megs Hubocan. What a player! But Lobotka then robs him, nips a pass into Nemec, controls the beautiful chipped return beautifully, and confidently plants a finish past Hart. That's that fast start Glenn was telling us about.


Lovely from Weiss, flicking off his heels and on the turn, through the legs of Bertrand, who of course pulls him down. Nothing comes of the free-kick.


Durica finds Hamsik at inside-left and he slides out for Mak, but Walker chases back like billy-o and averts potential danger.


"There's a real edge to this game," says Glenn Hoddle; er it's been going four seconds. "I think England will make a fast start." Ah, it's like that is it.


We're off!




Bitter Sweet Symphony is the God Save the Queen of pop songs.


Here come the teams; or the collections of likeminded individuals.


So the state of play in Group F: England lead Slovakia by two points, with three games to go. A win tonight, therefore, and England will need a point off Lithuania and Slovenia to qualify for the World Cup; a draw and they'll need a win and a draw depending on how Slovakia do against Malta and Scotland; a defeat and they're in trouble.


Southgate won't say which flank Rashford is playing on, so Slovakia don't get the jump on him. Yes, I'm sure they're watching this interview intently.


In that period, they have beaten Preston Manner under-16s, Battersea Dogs Home II and England B.


Say, that's a nice shirt.


At the moment, Lee Dixon is showing various examples of Rashford running off the ball and creating space. The problem against a good side will be getting him in the game enough; they can't keep it tight like Portugal do, in the knowledge that at some point Ronaldo will score. They need to find a way of creating chances.


ITV's theme tune is Bitter Sweet Symphony, a dirge that is the perfect accompaniment for the England football team.


My system crashed; I am now back. Hello! Hi!


In theory, that should make England better. Quite who decided Jake Livermore is an international footballer I'm not sure, but putting him in for a game against a minnow in incomprehensible. Marcus Rashford, meanwhile, will give England penetration, though they should probably be seeking a way to play him and Kane in the middle. I've no idea what makes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain a better option than Raheem Sterling.


So England make two changes from Friday night's destruction of the mighty Malta. Out go Livermore and Sterling; in come Dier and Rashford.


Aaaaand our teams.


Evening all! How will England make a mess this time? Let's find out! Exciting!