Windsor Park
World Cup Qualification UEFA • Group C
  • 2nd Half
  • Northern Ireland
  • Norway
  • DallasLund
  • WashingtonLafferty
  • WardMcGinn
  • JohansenBerge
  • SøderlundDiomande
  • ElyounoussiMøller Dæhli
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  • Northern Ireland
  • Norway
  • Nordtveit
  • Dallas
  • Washington
  • Ward

Northern Ireland - Norway
World Cup Qualification UEFA - 26 March 2017

World Cup Qualification UEFA – Follow the Football match between Northern Ireland and Norway live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 26 March 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Michael O'Neill or Lars Lagerbäck? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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FULL TIME. Northern Ireland win, and win well - two first-half goals are enough to get them three points and move back up to second in Group C. Thanks for your company this evening.


Lund has some space down the left, and lays it back to Norwood on the edge of the box - his shot is blocked. More brave (if painful) work from the Norway backline.


Northern Ireland aren't going for goal, though, they're keeping possession and running the clock down.


Hovland and Lafferty have a bit of a face-off down by the corner flag - the referee takes Lafferty's side. Free kick.


Three minutes to be added on here.


Rochdale's Lund comes on for his competitive debut, replacing Dallas.


Chris Brunt falls dramatically on the edge of the box after a challenge from Valsvik, which the referee assesses to be entirely fair.


Here's Lafferty, then, replacing Washington, who deserves a rest after putting in a right shift this evening.


Ooh, and that was a chance - Jarstein came out of his hutch, and McGinn would have scored had he chosen a lob rather than a lash.


Kyle Lafferty is preparing to join the fray.


Jamie Ward gets a rousing ovation as he's replaced by McGinn.


King has really worked hard for Norway this evening for no reward so far. He's still giving it a go.


Free kick to Norway, about 35 yards out, and Nordtveit's low effort is turned away well by McGovern. That was a great save - and a good try.


Johansen, the captain, is substituted, with 19-year-old Berge coming on in his place.


Davis's shot is blocked in there too, and Norway clear and break.


Industrious from Conor Washington as his shot is deflected out for another corner. Brunt to take.


Daehli's looking quite dangerous, though, flashing a ball across the face of goal.


Rowdiness of the crowd increases. They are evidently confident that the points are theirs by this stage.


Norway are certainly putting their bodies on the line - Ward's shot blocked this time after a ball in from Brunt.


Foul on Steven Davis breaks up play in the middle of the park, and Northern Ireland get a free kick just outside the centre circle again.


Diomande replaces Soderlund.


On a replay, it looks like that if that went out, it went out off the Norway defender. Dallas can rightly feel a bit aggrieved.


Dallas does FANTASTICALLY well to keep in a ball played long down the left - but the linesman doesn't agree that it's stayed in play.


More hopeful efforts from Norway.

  • Mats Møller Dæhli
    OffTarik ElyounoussiNorwaySubstitution for Norway - Daehli replaces Tarik Elyounoussi.
  • Mats Møller Dæhli
    OnMats Møller DæhliNorway

Substitution for Norway - Daehli replaces Tarik Elyounoussi.


Davis is upended by a very late challenge from Johansen, catching his standing leg. He's unhurt, just surprised.


It comes to nothing. Norway on the break.


Norwood played it back towards Brunt, and when it was eventually swung in, Norway pushed up and then two of their defenders decided to play head tennis. Johansen gets it out for a corner.


Corner to Northern Ireland after some hard work from Jamie Ward down the left - Norwood to take.


Long throw from Nordtveit again, and it eventually falls to Evans and Dallas to get the ball away.


Norway on the front foot in these opening seconds, but so they were in the first half.


The second half kicks off.


"We're a miles better side than Norway are," says studio pundit Iain Dowie. He's not wrong.


HALF-TIME. That's a great half for Northern Ireland, two well-taken goals and they certainly deserve their lead against a rather lacklustre Norway. What can they conjure up in the second half?


Evans takes a knee in the back and it's now a free kick to Northern Ireland, as two minutes of additional time are announced.

  • Håvard Nordtveit
    Yellow cardHåvard NordtveitNorwayNow Nordtveit gets booked for taking the kick before the referee was ready.

Now Nordtveit gets booked for taking the kick before the referee was ready.

  • Stuart Dallas
    Yellow cardStuart DallasNorthern IrelandDallas makes two hefty challenges just outside the box, and gets booked for his trouble. Free kick to Norway.

Dallas makes two hefty challenges just outside the box, and gets booked for his trouble. Free kick to Norway.


Chance there for Washington, but his shot in the middle is blocked by Hovland.


And now a corner to Norway. The referee blows up quickly for too much pushing and shoving in the box, though.


Corner to Northern Ireland - McAuley can't get his head to it, but seems to be ignoring that knock to his ankle he'd been suffering earlier.


Crowd very noisy at Windsor Park now - "Now you're going to believe us - we're going to win the group!"


Skjelvik is on the charge down the left, but Cathcart mops that up nicely.


Well. Norway were starting to put some pressure on, but instead the hosts have doubled their lead.

  • Conor Washington
    GoalConor WashingtonNorthern IrelandGOAL! Conor Washington gets his third goal in three starts at this ground - Steven Davis threads him through and he nutmegs the keeper.

GOAL! Conor Washington gets his third goal in three starts at this ground - Steven Davis threads him through and he nutmegs the keeper.


Free kick to Norway in the centre circle after a foul by Washington. McAuley is insisting he's going to run this knock off.


McAuley is staggering about on one leg, and surely a change is imminent.


McAuley is now clutching his ankle. He's been proper in the wars so far tonight.


BIFF! Great hit from Soderlund, smacking against the bar after the Northern Ireland defence entirely miss the ball.


Clever little ball up the right from Ward to Washington, and though Brunt is lurking in the box, Elabdellaoui is first to it.


King tries a bit of a casual shot, curling it with the outside of his boot, but McGovern steps lively to his right to hold.


Ward spots another run by Washington but can't direct the ball towards him.


Norway are looking rather lacking in confidence, and the sloppier they look the more Northern Ireland seem to be tempted into showboating a bit more - it's much appreciated by the fans.


Steven Davis gathers in the centre, and lays it off to Dallas, whose cross is easily collected by Jarstein.


Another long throw from Nordtveit, and Valsvik once again can't get on it. Maybe this is a plan that needs some revision.


Optimistic shot from Davis, from the edge of the box, and high over the bar.


Elabdellaoui hefts the ball long, but McGovern is ready for that.


McLaughlin takes a whack, this time with a raised boot from King.


McAuley is back on his feet after some on-pitch treatment - he's helped off but presumably will be coming back on shortly.


Nasty fall for McAuley this time, who smacks into the ground on his back after a shoulder charge from Soderlund.


Valsvik is looking to get his head on the end of that, but can't connect.


Firm challenges flying about in the middle of the park - free kick to Norway.


King is on the floor clutching his head after an aerial challenge with McAuley - replays show there was little in that.


Jarstein is getting ironic calls from the Northern Ireland fans whenever the ball goes near him.


Long ball forward to Washington, who applauds the idea if not quite the actual execution.


Well. That was a bit of a start.


GOAL! Brunt plays Dallas out wide down the left, they exchange passes, and then it drops to Jamie Ward in the box - he has his back to goal, but plenty of space, he turns and smacks that into the far corner!


Long throw from Nordtveit, but there's plenty of height in the Northern Ireland back line to get that out of the box.


Norway get us under way in this first half.


A minute's applause for the late Ryan McBride.


First up, the national anthem of Norway.


The strains of 'Sweet Caroline' die away, and the teams are on their way out.


TEAMS: Northern Ireland - McGovern, McLaughlin, Brunt, McAuley, Cathcart, Evans, Norwood, Davis, Dallas, Ward, Washington. Subs - Carroll, Mannus, D Lafferty, Hodson, McGinn, K Lafferty, Boyce, Lund, Paton, McLaughlin, Flanagan. /// Norway - Jarstein, Elabdellaoui, Hovland, Valsvik, Skjelvik, M Elyounoussi, Nordtveit, Johansen, T Elyounoussi, Soderlund, King. Subs - Nyland, Hansen, Reginiussen, Konradsen, Berge, Daehli, Svensson, Hedenstad, Berisha, Diomande, Semb Berge, Berget.


Good evening, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of Northern Ireland v Norway.