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Republic of Ireland - Denmark
World Cup Qualification UEFA - 14 November 2017

World Cup Qualification UEFA – Follow the Football match between Republic of Ireland and Denmark live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:45 on 14 November 2017. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Mick McCarthy or Åge Hareide? Find out by following our live matchcast.

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Anyway, thanks all for your company - night-night!


You've got to hand it to Denmark, to come back from conceding an early goal and win like that requires proper confidence and quality. They took their goals really well, could have had more, and were far, far too good for Ireland - though if they'd taken one of their two chances at 1-0, you never know.




There shall be two added minutes.


GOAL! Ireland 1-5 Denmark (Bendtner pen) The final insult. Obviously Bendtner takes the kick himself, confidently smacking it high and left as Randolph dives low and right.


PENALTY DENMARK! Bendtner cuts inside and prepares to shoot with his right foot, McClean tries to stop him, catches him, and after waiting to see if Sisto scored, the ref blew for a spot-kick. Good officiating, that.


Nearly time for the tears!


A long cross from the left finds Murphy on the back post, and he should go for goal but instead heads back across for McClean, who can't control.


Cornelius finds some space and rips a low shot that Randolph manages to hold. Denmark might easily have scored more than they have.


Jorgensen, who's been much better tonight, is replaced by Lord Bendtner.


I wonder if we'll see surprises at the World Cup, given the lack of outstanding side, or if the ones with the best players - France, Germany, Brazil and Argentina - will just rinse everyone. Germany and Brazil seem to have systems which work, but France just have so much quality and Argentina have Messi.


Before the first leg, Kasper Schmeichel said he hoped Ireland focused just on stopping Eriksen, but let's be real, that's all there is to stop. They managed it in Copenhagen, they haven't managed it in Dublin, and that's why we are where we are.


A pass from someone, I didn't see who, sends Long zipping through the middle, and he does really well to hold off Kjaer before scooping a finish over Schmeichel ... and over the bar.


Incidentally, England are drawing 0-0 with Braseew.


In fairness, Ireland were fourth seeds in the group - they've done exceptionally well to get to this point.


WHAT A GOAL! WHAT A PLAYER! CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN HAS A HAT-TRICK! Ireland 1-4 Denmark (Eriksen) Christie makes a mess of a situation and allows Jorgensen a hopeful cross which picks out Ward in the middle of the box. For reasons uncertain, he can only prod it a few yards, so Eriksen fairly charges at it, absolutely dematerialising a drive straight and high past Randolph. What a player!


"Shane son, it's your big chance..." Long comes on for Clark, so I think Ireland are going to a back three.


Another change for Denmark: off goes Poulsen, on comes Cornelius.


VACANCY: hilarious japesters, filming themselves being oh so cheeky, for June trip to Russia.


McGeady finds Ward down the left and he sidefoots a cross very deliberately, looking for McClean. But it's slightly behind him, and can only guide a header over the top.


So, Ireland need three goals without reply...


GOAL! DENMARK ARE GOING TO RUSSIA! Ireland 1-3 Denmark (Eriksen) Denmark have played really well tonight and taken their chances really well. Sisto pulls into space between the lines, finds Eriksen doing likewise just outside the box, and one touch gets the ball out of his feet in order for a second to plant a sidefooted finish inside the post, halfway up. That's his second goal and his second tremendous finish!


Ireland win a free-kick down the right, and Brady looks to swerve it into the corridor, but doesn't get his angles right, bringing it back too soon and into the arms of Schmeichel.


Denmark are passing it nicely and their supporters are cheering each successful touch.


Christie finds space down the right and dashes through a gap between Sisto and Ankersen, then inside the box, beats Ankersen again on the outside before smashing a cross that Schmeichel pushes away.


Poor ball in from McGeady and Denmark break! Jorgensen screens the ball around halfway and manages to turn it into the path of Eriksen, chugging clear! He's not got the pace to cut inside, so holds his line and lashes a cross-shot towards the far corner, but without sufficient venom to beat Randolph.


Ireland win a corner down the left and Brady swings it out, picking out Duffy. His header down is decent too, but as Ray Houghton points out, there's no attacker in front of the keeper, who gets a good look at it and claims easily.


Change for Denmark: Ankersen replaces Larsen.


Denmark are enjoying most of the possession, but they look primed to pick holes in Ireland's defence now. Eriksen flicks very nicely around the corner, Sisto charges onto it, and lashes a low shot that Randolph has to turn behind. The corner comes to nothing.


Ah, my apologies - it seems that Ireland made a double-change at half-time, Hoolahan and McGeady coming on for Arter and Meyler. It seems heart and character are no substitute for skill and craft; who knew?


Denmark knock it about confidently, then Eriksen picks up a second ball and lifts a delicate pass over the top for Jorgensen. He looks primed to nod home, but Ward stretches a telescopic leg in front of his phizog and hooks clear.


Ireland win a corner, the crowd roars its enthusiasm, it comes to nowt.


Here we go!




That was a really fun half, and just before Denmark scored, Ireland had chances to increase their lead. But they could not, and they are now royally jiggered.


Half-time: Ireland 1-2 Denmark


Brady overhits a pass out to Ward, who's doing all he can to atone for ruining everything. Christensen, though, zooms past him and challenges well - once again, he looks a player.


Nothing going on now. Pretty sure both teams would gladly repair to the changing rooms immediately.


Understandably, Ireland aren't quite sure what to do now. Brady curls in a cross, Christensen challenges McClean who goes down, and the crowd roar for a penalty that they're never getting.


After all that excitement - it's been a great half - things have quietened.


Poor old Stephen Ward.


It's just impossible to see a way for Ireland to score twice, let alone without conceding. Ray Houghton, who is a pretty good co-commentator, reckons they need to get someone able to pass into midfield, suggesting the prodigal Wes Hoolahan.


That's two goals in three minutes, ouch.


BRILLIANT GOAL! Ireland 1-2 Denmark (Eriksen) This is over! Ireland now need to score twice! Ward takes a pass on halfway, tires to get wide by nicking it away from Poulsen, fails, and Denmark charge forward, Pulsen finding Jorgensen inside him, accepting a return down the right and squaring a returned return. Jorgensen then moves the ball one more to Eriksen, and with no one anywhere near him, he has time to close his body and spank a right-footer in off the bar close to the near post. That’s superbly done!


GOAL! Ireland 1-1 Denmark (Christie own-goal) Eriksen goes short with the corner to Sisto,who finds himself one-on-one with Arter. Arter does his best to jockey but no one comes out to help so he winds up getting megged and then Sisto crosses low for Christensen, who pokes goalwards; it looks like the shot might just go wide, but it actually clips the inside of the post, then hits Christie, defending it, and trickles in. Denmark are ahead in the tie!


Denmark have a bit of possession, and they'll need to be patient with it because Ireland are sitting deep. Sisto can't be arsed, though, so wellies a shot that flicks a shin and that's a corner...




This is much, much better than the first game, and Ireland nearly score again! Brady advances down the left, and slides a pass inside to meet the run of McClean, who looks marginally offside. But the ref sees no such thing, and from a tight angle, he lashes a low shot just wide of the far post!


Christie wins a tackle close to halfway, bursts forward, and curves a lovely cross into the box, where Murphy has stolen ahead of Kjaer at the near post, leaping into a flick on the run. It looks a lot like he's deflected the ball in at the near post, but actually finds the outside of the side-netting; still, that was very nice play.


Ireland exert a bit of pressure of their own, territorial rather than anything more threatening, and when Arter gets a chance to shoot, he doesn't catch it well enough to send the ball out for a throw.


Brady slides McClean down the left, and he cuts back low for Murphy, who is slow to turn and Denmark clear.


Ireland need to watch themselves. This time, Denmark move down the right before switching the angle, Larsen nudging into the path of Sisto. The angle isn't great for him, though, the men around him meaning he has to shoot quickly and at the near post, so Randolph beats away once more.


Fine save Randolph! Denmark progress down the left with Jorgensen, and then toss the ball right where Christensen is alone. His touch isn't the best, but he still has time to lay back for Kvist, who batters low and hard ... the connection is good and the ball is spinning towards the far post, but Randolph hurls himself right to tip away. The resultant corner comes to nowt.


Delaney, who was quiet on Saturday, on buzzing about in little pockets tonight, and wins a free-kick off Meyler. It goes short, and Ireland stand firm against the passing, forcing Denmark back before winning a free-kick close to halfway, which Ward pumps forward.


Back to Duffy, it ought not be forgotten that this happened to him, as per Wikipedia:

"In May 2010 Duffy got seriously injured after colliding with a goalkeeper during a training match. He had undergone emergency surgery after lacerating his liver, and losing over 3 litres of blood in what medical staff described as 'freak accident'."


Larsen puts Christie under, so Duffy absolutely leathers clear like it's the last minute. Expect more of the same.


We're back to where we were on Saturday. Denmark knock it about and Ireland mainly let them, though with added jeers. But then Kjaer, whose long-passing was a threat then, drives a pass from right to left, over the head of the napping Christie and into the path of Larsen! But rather than head it, he waits and waits until it's onto his instep, drips a shot wide, and seems to injure his shoulder while falling. All in all, a fine contribution from him.


I hope Shane Duffy's dressing room nickname is Carol Ann.


Incidentally, I said this during the first game, but Shane Duffy looks a real player now he's fit.


So we can't have penalties or extra-time. Denmark, meanwhile, needed to score at kick-off and still need to score now. I'm not sure Ireland will be leaving many spaces looking for a killer second.


GOAL! Ireland 1-0 Denmark (Duffy) What a goal! What a goal! Ireland win a free-kick just inside their own half, which Brady drills towards the middle of the box. There, Jorgensen chucks a leg at it, sends the ball backwards, and Schmeichel isn't sure whether to come or stay. He comes, but he can't get there before Duffy, who nods over him and in!


Sisto attacks down the left and Arter is quickly across, sliding in and missing the ball on his first go but doing just enough with a second scythe to avoid being penalised.


0800 111 1234.


Denmark win a free-kick on the right, but plenty far from goal. Eriksen curls in, and Meyler is up again, the ball skidding backwards off his bonce but handily for Randolph.


Kvist enjoys some patter with the crowd as he takes the throw, hurls into the box, and Meyler heads away.


Larsen has a shy and skirting around the right of the Ireland defence, but Christie is there to welt into touch.


Away we go!


Both teams huddle; hope both teams lose.


"Sing it like you've never sung it before," says the PA man. I'm not certain the crowd needed that pep talk.


The Aviva is jumping as the players meet various types for reasons unconfirmed. Here come the anthems...


Here they come!


I don't like these wide new ones - the players should be invading each other's personal space, all of that kind of thing.


The teams are tunnelled...


This game is going to be so, so bad. I'm tingling.


Oh, and the players are ready.


The players are ready.


Martin O'Neill looks tight as you like, but says his players seem ready. His players know they have to win, and whether it takes a long time or not, that's the case.


"Denmark are a very good team with very good players, but they don't have the heart, character and desire that we have." Absolutely textbook nonsense, that, but if he believes it it's still a powerful thing.


David Meyler says everyone in the team grew up wanting to play for Ireland, not a particular club side, which makes a difference to the team.


The Danes blamed their atrocious home effort on the Parken pitch - they'll not have that excuse tonight. The Aviva is in great nick, and there's been a touch of rain to quicken things up too. Perhaps the clouds will be slicker as well, which will help Ireland's passing game.


So Ireland will not be going for it - if they were, Long would be in over Murphy, who could scarcely offer less goal threat. Expect to see Long when it's 0-0 after an hour.

Denmark might look more dynamic up front with Poulsen, but I'm surprised he's in for Cornelius and Jorgensen, who did less than nothing on Saturday.


So Ireland make one change, Meyler back after suspension and replacing O'Dowda. Denmark make two changes, Christensen and Poulsen coming in, for Ankersen and Cornelius.


Let us have some teams, then.


Evening all! So, here we go again: Ireland v Denmark. The game on Saturday was as miserable as you'll ever see and there's every chance tonight's will be the same. However at its end, we're guaranteed intense misery and quite possibly some crying, so stay tuned for everything that makes sport great.