The Hungarian FA said they would try to punish fans who threw missiles onto, and invaded, the pitch against England, but made no mention of racist abuse.
England won 4-0 against Hungary on Thursday night as they began their World Cup qualifying campaign, and Jude Bellingham and Raheem Sterling were both targeted by racist abuse and monkey noises. The Hungarian fans also booed England players as they took a knee before the match.
UEFA have already ordered Hungary to play two games behind closed doors, with a further match suspended, but the censure does not apply to FIFA games such as the one against England.
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A statement from the Hungarian FA read: “The vast majority of the sixty thousand fans visiting the Puskás Arena were sporting, encouraging the Hungarian national team, even when the team was already losing.
It is in their defence that the disruptors need to be identified and severely punished.
“Fans entering the field, throwing light grenades and glasses, are being identified. The MLSZ has filed and will file a police report against them. Any fine will be passed on to the perpetrators in civil litigation, and they can expect a 2-year disqualification from sporting events at the end of the trial.”
FIFA are investigating the reports of abuse.

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