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Denmark - Australia
World Cup - 21 June 2018

World Cup – Follow the Football match between Denmark and Australia live with Eurosport. The match starts at 13:00 on 21 June 2018. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
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That was a decent quantity of fun. Denmark now know that if they beat France in their final game, they will win the group, but if they lose they might be going home, and should Peru beat France this afternoon, a draw might not be enough. Australia know they must beat Peru in their final game to have any chance of making the last 16.


Full-time: Denmark 1-1 Australia


Denmark win a corner down the right ... this might be the last chance ... and Eriksen swings out, the ball ends up with Braithwaite, and he lines up a shot ... but can't impart requisite power, sending it straight at Ryan.


This has been a really enjoyable game, with decent tempo. Both sides have looked to push the pace and get it won; how weird that is noteworthy rather than the norm.


We shall have three additional minutes.


And now here come Australia, Arzani spanking a low shot that's beaten away before another cross comes in ... Leckie is barged off it in the act of shooting by Juric.


But Demark are pushing now, Braithwaite and Sisto combining to find space down the left. But they can't find a route into the box, so go backwards before returning to the left, where Sisto plays a lovely reverse-pass to send Delaney into the box. With numerous pals awaiting a cross, he smashes the ball past all of them as though in some TV beer advert.


Denmark have not played at all well today. If this finishes 1-1 they might well need to get something off France.


Sisto is booked - for what I cannot tell you, because my telly jumped.


Leckie again finds possession down the right, plays a cross into Stryger, and when it goes behind the linesman decides it's a goalkick. Not for me, Clive.


Final shy for Australia: off goes Rogic, why I donot know, and on comes Irvine.


Lovely pass from Rogic between centre-back and full-back to pick out Arzani down the right. He diddles Sisto beautifully along the by-line, feinting inside and nipping outside before hammering a low cross that eludes everyone.


Arzani looks confident, and when Behich slides him a pass out on the left, he chwhips in a nasty-arse cross at Leckie, who gets up well but can't direct his header goalwards.


A quiet period.


Leckie, who's had a decent game, squares up Stryger and nips past him but can't force his way into the box.


Oh dear. Nabbout, who was about to be replaced in any event, appears to have dislocated his shoulder in process of breaking his fall. It didn't look much, but he's in bare pain and Juric comes on in his stead.


Here come Denmark as the crowd jeers - Jedinak is injured and play hasn't stopped. Sisto gets on the ball, 25 yards from goal, and using Mooy as a screen tries a curler of his own ... and this one is very close, whistling just past the far post.


Rogic moves inside from the right, making room for a shot, and tries a low curler but doesn't send it out wide enough, so Schmeichel gathers easily enough.


Strewth! Arzani knocks back to Mooy, who takes a touch to get the ball out of his feet before unleashing a rasper which curls towards the far top corner a extreme pace and with extreme venom, but rushes just over the top.


And before that corner, a change apiece: Australia brought on Arzani, thought to be the most talented players they've produced since Harry Kewell and also a left-winger, for Kruse; Denmark swapped Jorgensen for Cornelius.


Mooy sends a deep cross the far post, tempting Schmeichel out of his goal to poke away. Leckie is there, and he swivels into a low cross, forcing Kjaer to hammer past his own goal and concede a corner. It comes to nothing.


Denmark prompt and get nowhere, so Eriksen loses patience and looks to pass between the lines, seeking Jorgenson. But the ball isn't on, and Risdon intercepts easily.


Rogic shovels a short square pass to Nabbout, who dwells on the ball for a millisecond, enough to see him robbed.


Australia are bossing this now, dominating possession and looking to work an opportunity to strike. But they give it away and Denmark break, Jorgensen and Braithwaite combining ... to, er, present Australia with a goalkick.


Lovely from Rogic, who's been the best player on the pitch. He leans left, spins, and rinses Christensen, then releases Leckie who shows too much of it to Dalsgaard.


This is a pretty open game now. Denmark are enjoying a spot of unthreatening possession, and look ripe for a counter-attacking.


Denmark do do something here. Yurary departs, replaced by Braithwaite.


Rogic frees Kruse down the left, but his cross is rubbish. He's not having such a good day.


Nothing to do with this game, but I enjoyed this.


Denmark need to do something here, because the MO-mentum is with Australia.


Eriksen breaks through midfield but his pass is careless and Mooy intercepts, putting Nabbout away. Australia are forced back, but don't panic, moving from right to left, allowing Behich to cross. Leckie is right there, looking to finish, but a brilliant intervention from Kjaer, in contemplation of an own-goal, sees the ball headed away.


Lovely from Schone, a backheel when facing the touchline allowing Yurary to accelerate across the face of goal and bundle the ball through to Sisto. He has a proper sight of goal, and opens his body to curl low, but sends the ball past the post.


Kruse has a shooting opportunity but instead finds Rogic, just outside the box; he dallies and is robbed.


Dalsgaard humps a long cross beyond the back post. The second half is yet to pick up tempo.


Anyway, it's good that we've got VAR to rid the game of decision-based controversy.


Looking again at that penalty, it's harsh. Yurary's hand was up, but he wasn't seeking to use it for anything other than jumping higher, and had no chance of getting it out of the way. If we're saying that when the ball plays a hand that's away from the body, it's a penalty every time, then that was a penalty, but not in any other circumstance.


Away we go!


Well that wasn't bad. Eriksen's goal was a thing of beauty, and so, in it's way, was the manner in which Australia fought their way back into things. Rogic, in particular, was instrumental in getting them going and though Jorgensen missed a great chance, Denmark were second-best for the last 25 minutes or so.


Half-time: Denmark 1-1 Australia


Denmark knock it about, playing for time.


There'll be two added minutes.


I don't know if I agree with this. The problem here the handball law, which is badly drafted. What constitutes deliberate? If the player meant to handle? If his hand was somewhere unnatural, where handling was possible?


Eeesh! Denmark win a free-kick down the left and Eriksen, out on the right, snaps in a low one. Running across the face, Yurary tries to impart a flick but, obviously misses ... only for the ball to play Sainsbury, but not quite hard enough; Ryan saves.


That penalty was the first goal Schmeichel has conceded for nine hours and 32 minutes.


I wouldn't say that was coming, but Australia have wrestled their way into this, and attack again immediately, Rogic crossing from the right, just behind Leckie.


GOAL! Denmark 1-1 Australia (Jedinak pen) Schmeichel performas all sorts of sub-Joe Hart antics but Jedinak doesn't give a rabbit one, slotting right as Schmeichel dives the other way.


PENALTY! It hit Yurary's arm, which was far higher that it can possibly be if the ball hits it - according to these refs anyway! He's booked - that's a bit much - and will miss the next game...


Jedinak finds Kruse, who drives a cross into Delaney and wins a corner. Australia are the better side at the moment, and again Mooy delivers a decent corner, but Milligan's header is straight into someone's side ... ut did it hit a hand? The ref is invited to look at the screen!


Er, no m8.


Again Rogic breaks through midfield and drags the ball past Kjaer, who steps across him. No free-kick apparently, but Rogic is playing well and could do with Mooy getting forward with him.


Nice fro Leckie, teasing Stryger, getting by, and crossing for Kruse. It's a bit behind him, but he manages to shoot from behind his arse ... and the effort is blocked.


This isn't terrible. On a scale of Uruguay-Saudi Arabia to 10, we're a healthy 3.5.


Leckie appears on the left and found by Kruse, he sends over a cross close to the keeper that no one is on-hand to attack.


Behich does well to get away from Stryger and crosses into the box. No one can get on the end of it, but then Risdon put the ball back in ... and again, no one can get on the end of it.


What a ball! What a miss! Nice from Denmark, moving the ball wide to Dalsgaard of Brentford, who whips over a devilish cross that's perfect for Jorgensen. But perhaps put off by Sainsbury's boot close to his ear, he marches onto it and smashes a header wide.


Rogic is starting to have an influence, first fouled for a free-kick that comes to nothing, then bursting through midfield before being crowded out.


Sisto finds himself some space and as the ball bounces across him, he lashes a shot with fair power but straight at Ryan, who nonetheless contrives not to hold it.


Better from the Ockers. Rogic breaks through midfield and slides wide to Kruse, who doesn't measure his run properly, allowing Kjaer to slide in, and play the ball off his shin to earn another goalkick.


But here they come, getting Rogic on the ball 25 yards from goal, left-hand side. He slides a ball between two defenders for Kruse, but a third appears to get in his road and a goalkick doth ensue.


Australia are struggling to get into this. I'm not sure what their plan is, but it's not really discernible, and isn't exploiting their midfield, the strongest element of their team.


Mooy fouls Sisto 35 yards out and Eriksen has another chance to stick a ball into the box. He does, but Sainsbury, or Sainos as I'm certain he's known, thunks a header clear.


Christian Eriksen has 17 goals in his last 19 internationals; only Ronaldo and Lewandowski scored more than he did in European qualification.


Australia look pretty solid in the main, which is to say that the Denmark goal was necessarily brilliant.


Australia are sitting off Denmark in possession, only engaging when they cross halfway. Eriksen seems to wandering about wherever he fancies, without a man-marker following him.


Australia power forward in pursuit of an equaliser, but get nowhere. They need to hang in there because Denmark are far better than them at the moment.


GOAL! A LOVELY GOAL! Denmark 1-0 Australia (Eriksen) Mooy doesn't clear properly and Delaney heads into Jorgensen, who holds up well before flick-cushioning beautifully into the path of Eriksen, on the turn. The ball bounces up, but that doesn't bother yerman, who cuts across it on the rise, sending a jazzer flaying past Ryan and into the roof of the net. That was a very difficult finish made to look very easy.


All Denmark in the early stages, but then Leckie intercepts a loose pass down the touchline and powers forward, slipping the ball inside to Nabbout who holds it up and finds Rogic. He shoots and the ball is deflected behind ... the corner then picks out Leckie, who powers a free header over the bar. That was a decent chance.


Australia enjoy some possession as the crowd cheer their every touch. It's not unannoying.


To accompany your enjoyment...


The corner goes short to Sisto, who curls in a further dangerous ball, but falling backwards, Delaney can only head wide.


Kruse fouls Dalsgaard, giving Eriksen an early opportunity to put a ball into the box. He looks for Kjaer and nearly finds him, but aims just to high and Milligan, playing in his fourth World Cup, heads behind.


Denmark set us away!


There are 12,000 Australia fans in the ground, apparently, which is a decent effort. Denmark have a fair selection too, so though the ground isn't full, we should hopefully enjoy a decent row.


Advance Australia Fair is almost a banger. Like everything, it needs a jungle remix, but after that we'd be there.


Mile Jedinak can't sing. You guessed that.


Here come the players! I'm pleased to report that Jon Champion and Ally McCoist will be resuming their ill-informed but comforting bromance.


What is blockchain? Yes, a further necessarily rhetorical question.


In the studio, they're debating whether Rashford or Sterling should start for England v Panama. I like both, but lean Rashford because he's got the gift of timing.


Marcus Rashford seems a phenomenally grounded and pleasant young man. It's quite disgusting.


Yes! ITV are "with the England camp"!


Fan culture at its best.


Apparently Australia plan to stop the supply to Eriksen, and I guess one way of doing that would be to dominate midfield. The question for both of these sides is who's going to score their goals. That one is going to stay rhetorical, because I've no idea.


Oooh clever clever. Decent top, that.


I mentioned Eriksen just before, and it's worth noting that he more or less hauled Denmark through their playoff by himself. Australia have more going for them than Ireland do, and surely have a plan to stop that happening to them. What I'm saying is that I have just wagered a small sum on Australia to win at odds that I deemed to be generous.


Football is magic.


Has someone wrapped sticky tape around the middle of Mile Jedinak's head?


Just what I was thinking.


Australia are a strong, physical team with some class in midfield - Mooy, Jedinak and Rogic are a better three than Denmark have ... except Denmark have Christian Eriksen, the best player on either side, and by far. If Australia can do a job on him, I'd not be at all surprised to see them sneak this, in yet another low-scorer.


I don't know.


What's worse? Rhetorical questions or people answering their own questions?


So what's going to happen here?


Australia, meanwhile, are unchanged following Saturday's decent effort against France.


So Denmark make one change to the team which so expertly skanked a win over Peru, and it's in midfield: out goes Kvist and in comes Schone. There's also a suggestion that they'll play 4-4-2 not 4-3-3, but we'll see. I'd be fairly surprised.


Credit to yer Australias for thinking about yer liveblogggers, displaying both list and formation. Cheers, cobbers.


Anyone up for some teams? Ooooh yeah.


Morning all, and here we go again. I'd love to regale you with tales and predictions of derring--do, but we're wise to this now. This is going to be another portion of circumspection because that's generally how group stages are and particularly how these teams are. Australia can't afford to lose and know that if France beat Peru, their decisive game will be against a team already out, while Denmark will want to reduce the chaos to allow their class to prevail and take them through.

Still, it's Thursday lunchtime and it's football, and their ain't no C in that.