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Iran - Spain
World Cup - 20 June 2018

World Cup – Follow the Football match between Iran and Spain live with Eurosport. The match starts at 19:00 on 20 June 2018. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Carlos Queiroz or Luis Enrique? Find out by following our live matchcast.

Have your say by voting on who will win between Iran and Spain? Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Football teams.
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That was absolutely wild, just how these things should be. So, if Spain can draw with Morocco, they'll go through, because Portugal and Iran play each other. Iran now need to win that game, while a draw will be enough for Portugal.


Full-time: Iran 0-1 Spain


Mohammadi tries a somersault throw, aborts it, tries a long throw, and De Gea finds a fine punch clear.


Mehdi humps boxwards, seeking Azmoun, but a deflection sends the ball into the arms of De Gea.


Iran have just about run out of steam. Can they find one more push?


Silva jinks past Omid, who scissors into a challenge just as Isco moves into space. He's booked, but the ref could have let play go on there.


There shall be four added minutes. Savour them.


Spain stroke it around and defuse things. It's been wild.


Rodrigo replaces Costa, who has found a way once more.


Tell you what, I cannot wait for Iran-Portugal.


Iran have been waiting for Ghoddos, and he replaces Amiri.


A few minutes of calm. Pah. Pathetic.


I can't overstate how well Iran have played tonight. Since going behind, they've started pressing Spain all over the pitch and look a proper threat going forward. Carlos Queiroz has done a brilliant job, and so too have the players.


Oh my! Amiri megs Pique down the left and delivers a luscious cross but one hit with just too much pace, so Mehdi can't get above it ... he makesa great connection, but smashes his header just over the bar.


Asensio replaces Vazquez.


"They know the way home from here," says Clive Tyldesley of Spain - that's a lovely line. Amiri then leaps into a challenge with Carvajal, studs showing, and is booked.


...Isco has a go, but the wall jumps high.


A foul on Vazquez gives Spain a free-kick just outside the box, right of centre. Isco and Silva are behind it, and there's a big gap at the near post if they can get the ball over the wall...


Oh gosh! Jahanbakhsh goes down the left and sends over a fine cross which has just too much on it for Azmoun and Amiri.


Jahanbakhsh replaces Karim.


Koke has replaced Iniesta.


This game is our reward for sitting through Uruguay-Saudi Arabia.


Isco drills the corner to the near post, where Iniesta arrives - very nice - to find Pique three yards out. A mutha of a scramble ensues, proper playground gear, before the ref stops play because he's no idea what's going on. Wonderful stuff.


Change for Iran: Haji Safi's injury has finally finished him, and Mohammadi comes on.


This is a terrific game, played with proper pace and intensity. Iniesta shimmies down the left, hits the line, and cuts back ... Hosseini panics and concedes a corner.


Ezatolahi enjoyed one of the all-time great futile celebrations there, which is one principal reason i can't get on board with this whole thing. Football is about moments - that moment - and who wants the buzz of a goal ruined by the need to check. Some decisions are wrong, whatever. It's football and any adult who can't handle that has far bigger problems than that.


NO GOAL! Iran 0-1 Spain It's hard to know what happened there, perhaps offside, perhaps handball, perhaps a foul. All looked possible to me ... it's offside.


This is mad. We're checking for offside, or ruining the buzz of a goal depending on how you view it...




GOAL! Iran 1-1 Spain (Ezatolahi) The free-kick is curled in nastily, a scramble, a drive, and we're checking VAR to see if the decision to disallow it for offside is correct....


Isco loses possession so Iniesta trips Mehdi and Iran have a free-kick, 30 yards out, level with the right edge of the box...


Ebrahimi finds loads of space down the right, so takes his time to pick a cross and Mehdi is up ... but Carvajal is up too, jumping into his back - enough to force the header wide.


Isco is staying wide now and has far too much for Ramin, skipping by him again and poking a low cross that's smuggled clear.


Isco curls a free-kick into the box, and Ezatolahi can only head behind. Can Spain finish them? Not just now, the corner cleared without difficulty.


Back come Iran, Azmiri into Azmoun, who puts it into space behind Ramos and looks to run him ... not tonight, old mate. But the pressure prompts Vazquez to concede a corner, which is easily caught by De Gea.


GOAL! Iran 0-1 Spain (Costa) Silva drives at the Iran defence and feeds Costa who, back to goal, swivels with the ball as Ramin comes in, deflects the ball back against Costa and the ball shoots past Beiranvand! A classic Costa finish!


OH MY DAYS! Iran win a throw deep inside the Spain half and Pique nods down ... but only as far as Haji Safi, who murders what looks like a brilliant finish into the back of the net ... but it's the side-netting!


Vazquez nashes down the right and tucks back for Isco. The ball is slightly behind him, so he has to shoot from around his arse, sending the effort high as a consequence.


Spain are finding more space now.


Spain win a corner down the left and Pique is up! But Beiranvand foils him, Spain maintain pressure and Isco diddles Karim down the left. His cut-back misses everyone but Busquets panels a drive for which Beiranvand dives to early. He saves, though, and then claws away the loose ball as Vazquez slides in. That's very well done, and he then claims contact in the challenge, wasting a bit more time in the aftermath.


Busquets finds an angle to feed Alba down the left, but his low cross, though allowed into the box, is behind Costa and no one else is following up.


Isco gets down the left, but is ushered into driving a cross behind.


Off we pootle.


Pique and Ramos are in the tunnel, berating the ref for how time is being wasted.


That was brilliant from Iran, who've played with venom, discipline and nous. Spain haven't looked like scoring, and might want to do more than hope to play better or that their opponents tire.


Half-time: Iran 0-0 Spain


First sight of goal for Spain!Lovely ball from Isco finds Carvajal, just on the edge of the box, and he lays back for Silva who thinks he's got a sight of goal so drives hard ... but again a leg appears from nowhere to deflect the ball off target.


There'll be three added minutes.


Isoc thinks he's opened room for shot, but the ref is slow to move out the road and in that time, a leg extends to block.


I wonder the extent to which Spain prepared for this. Maybe two strikers would be useful, because they're looking for perfect passes at the moment, rather than attacking areas.


A long, cross-kick finds Isco on the left, and he disburses some footwork before crossing low for Silva. For a nanosecond he has space, but then 361 defenders close in on him and block his shot.


No, nothing, Costa steps across him, intimating that he could apply studs to tootsies, but didn't - Beiranvand just intimated that he did.


Beiranvand goes down, and Diego Costa is on the scene...


Haji Safi is hurt, so wastes a bunch of time limping about and all that.


Nice from Iran! Karim holds it up and spreads wide for Ramin, who curls in a dangerous cross that forces Ramos to fling himself at it to head behind. Costa heads the corner clear.


Spain are doing a lot of nothing, and the crowd go wild when Iran win a throw inside their half.


I said earlier that a frantic game would help Spain; my rationale was that the speed of it would open spaces for them. But now that I'm watching one, it seems as though they're finding it to pick their passes amid the chaos.


Lovely from Spain, Iniesta into Isco, who strokes a lovely return, but Hosseini is on hand to concede the corner. It goes short, then the ball comes in from a wider angle and Costa nods back across goal but Ramos can't connect.


Early days, but I wonder if Asensio is a better option that Lucas Vazquez.


Carvajal gets down the right and cuts back, but at pelvis-height, and the leaping Isco can't gather.


Despite those stats, Spain are struggling here. They can't get any time on the ball, and if Iran can maintain this fury for 90 minutes, they'll be very difficult to break down.


Iran waste bare time before Silva cracks a shot into the wall and against Haji Safi's back; the ball rushes straight into Beiranvand's arms.


Spain keep winning free-kicks around the box; Ramos blasts one into the wall and Beiranvand fields, now a foul on Busquets yields another, 20 yards out, to the right of the D.


Spain are improving, but could really use a winger to help them get around the sides of this Iran defence and serve Costa properly.


First little bit of Iniesta and Silva, picking about outside the Iran box. But when the seek Jordi Alba down the left, Mehdi is on hand to hook away.


Spain have done more or less nothing so far.


A punt into space finds Mehdi, and everyone stops because he looks a mile offside. But play continues and he panics, welting a cross miles away from Karim, arriving at the far post.


Gareth Southgate has dislocated his shoulder while out running. Hopefully he'll still be able to get his waistcoat on alright.


Beiranvand lamps downfield and Asmun challenges, then Mehdi, backing up, drags a shot wide.


This game is a real mess so far, but in a good way. The action is fast and bruising, with scope for serious aggravation later on.


Iran aren't quite sitting off Spain and allowing them to build the play, unfettered. And as part of that tactic, Asmun boots Busquets, and Spain have a free-kick in a dangerous position, just too far out to be worth a shot. So Silva chips to the left of the box, Ramos nods back across, and Iran bundle clear.


Spain win a free-kick down the left, behind which stand Alba and Isco. Alba gets the vote, outswinging into the middle, but Pique can only impart a glance and the ball rushes off his head, away from Costa.


If Iran can finagle a draw here, this group will get interesting. And complicated.


Ramos, playing his 30th tournament game, flattens Sardar who makes a meal of it. time elapses.


I wonder if the atmosphere in the ground - about which I keep going on - will help Spain, who could use a fast, frantic game. We shall see.


Ebrahimi slides through the middle for Sardar and Ramos snaps back, then Karim wins a free-kick close to the by-line, halfway between corner flag and penalty box ... and Pique heads clear, then Amiri lashes over.


The noise inside the ground really is immense. This is what it's all about.


Iran are already getting physical, but already Spain have them pinned back "in and around" their own box. They move the ball from left to right, and Carvajal shmices a shot miles away from anywhere.


Vuvuzealot. Noun, person who enjoys the loud blowing of horns during football matches.


There's a right old din in the ground, vuvuzelas and such. Personally, I prefer the Hebrew plural of vuvuzelot.


Spain get down the right and try a cross into the box. A what? A cross! such is the power of Diego Costa.


Spain kick-off. For those of you watching on black and white, Iran are in the red shirts.


Glenn Hoddle thinks Spain will win. Gerard Pique has just removed a baby bird from the pitch ad ushered it to fly away. Aaaaahhh.


Right then party people, eyes down!


The Spain anthem is an absolute tune. The way it takes you away from the tune then comes back in with the catchy bit, glorious.


The Iran players sing their hearts out.


Out they come! Hello boys!


Yo teams are in the tunnel!


Top player, but I'd love to see him defend in an onslaught.


"As a person, he was really difficult," says Evra of Queiroz.


On ITV, Roy Keane is speaking highly of Carlos Queiroz, saying he's an excellent coach. He then goes on to say that when he returned to United after failing at Real Madrid, Queiroz seemed to have a problem with him and questioned his commitment. "I regret that," he says, "I should've ripped his head off."


Watching this again can do none of us any harm.


This will not be easy for Spain. If Carlos Queiroz - known as Carlozzz when he first came to Man United - understands one thing, it's how to organise a defence. he was behind the back five who won the 2008 Champions League conceding only two goals in seven knockout games, and none in 180 minutes against Barcelona. Iran shut Morocco down very well last week, and though Spain are an entirely different proposition, they took more than 80 minutes to score against Tunisia the week before last. If they can't find an early goal, this might be an uncomfortable night for them.


Spain also make two changes: Carvajal is fit, so replaces Nacho - despite his brilliant goal against Portugal - and Lucas Vazquez is in for Koke.


So Iran make two changes from the side which beat Morocco so dramatically: out go Cheshmi and Jahanbakhsh; in come Pouraliganji and Ezatolahi. They also change formation, from 3-4-3 to match-up Spain's 4-2-3-1.


So let's have some teams, then...


Hello! You're not flagging are you? Of course you're not! So let's settle in for some Iran-Spain!