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Senegal - Colombia
World Cup - 28 June 2018

World Cup – Follow the Football match between Senegal and Colombia live with Eurosport. The match starts at 15:00 on 28 June 2018. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.
Who will come out on top in the battle of the managers Samuel Chebli or Carlos Queiroz? Find out by following our live matchcast.

Have your say by voting on who will win between Senegal and Colombia? Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Enjoy some pre-match reading with related articles about these two Football teams.
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So there we go! Thanks for your company, and enjoy the rest of your day!


Senegal are the first team to be eliminated on the fair play rule, and World Cup 2018 has no remaining African teams.


Japan qualify in second place, and the two will play one of England and Belgium.




Wague lifts the ball over Colombia's defensive line, but there's no one in the space! This is over!


Poland have beaten Japan!


The ball bounces about in midfield, just as Colombia would like it to do.


There'll be four added minutes. Following a flurry just after Colombia scored, Senegal haven't been close for a while.


Separating teams on bookings is a nonsense, it really is. Lots are better than that - what if the ref made an error, or was more fussy than another? It's not fair.


Colombia make a change - it's Falcao to depart, for he has to unwrap his armband and apply it to Sanchez. Clever. Borja replaces him.


Colombia have settled but can't help themselves when a break presents itself. Quintero and Falcao charge forward, but can't barge their way through Koulibaly and the chance to settle it goes.


Change for Senegal: Sakho, of West Ham fame and infamy, replaces Niang.


This is beautifully, terrifyingly tense. My fingers are no longer connected to my hands.


It'd be a shame if we had no African side in the knockouts.


Mane slips one through for Ismaila, but a vital touch from Mina takes the ball back to Ospina, just. Immediately afterwards, Lerma replaces Uribe.


Konate replaces Balde.


Senegal should never have sat back - that ceded the initiative, and now they're attacking they look like scoring.


The chances are coming for Senegal! Mane drifts in from the left and lofts one over to Ismaila on the opposite side, eight yards out. He readies his sidefooter, applies it to the ball, and with great precision slices well over the top. Not good.


Currently, the difference between Senegal and Japan is two yellow cards.


The corner picks out Koulibaly, running to the near post, Mina beats him to the ball, and Ospina sprawls to gather as Niang ploughs in, catching him a light one to the face.


Here they come! Mane slips Ismaila in down the right of the box, he swivels well and spanks a riser that Ospina pushes away and behind! It's taken a while, but we've got ourselves a ball-game!


What have Senegal got?


GOAL! Senegal 0-1 Colombia (Mina) Two in two for the centre-back! Quintero's corner picks him out, he's up hard and high and the near post, and sticks the nut on it like a pubescent doorman! Senegal are going out and Colombia are going through!


Wague replaces the already departed Sabaly.


Colombia are moving the ball better as Senegal drop to protect what they have, and when Falcao lays back for Cuadrado, he skitrs around the edge of the defence until Balde nips in to put the ball behind.


Sabaly has hurt his leg - I'm not sure he'll be able to keep going.


If Colombia score, Japan will qualify ahead of Senegal on cards.


I was really looking forward to this game. That was an error.


Senegal might start to get nervous now - how couldn't they - and Cuadrado tries a cross from way out wide that Sane swings a leg at, doing well to pick out his keeper.


A ball into space sees Muriel after it, so N'Diaye, who's been much better today, charges out of his goal and nails clearance then man.


The corner finds Falcao at the near post but he can't contort his head around it well enough and the ball goes behind for a goalkick.


Free-kick Colombia on the right and when it's headed away but not clear, Muriel connects well with a drive that his Koulibaly and goes behind. It probably wasn't going in, but it earns a corner.


...mane looks to whip a classy rapser into the far top corner, but slips instead. It's not at all funny.


Sanchez commits his second useful foul of the afternoon, shoving Mane from behind; thus Senegal have a free-kick, 25 yards out and to the right of the D...


Muriel is playing up front with Falcao now - Colombia need to get it the mixah, basically.


It's stretching a bit, and long, high cross from Cuadrado is nodded back by Falcao at the far post, loopily enough for N'Diaye to collect.


Let's be real, Colombia are going to need that. They've got nowhere near the Senegal goal, never mind created a chance.


GOAL! Japan 0-1 Poland! As it stands, a goalless draw here qualifies both!


A long, hard ball from Mina finds Falcao who chests nicely into his own path, but doesn't have the pace to escape his man so goes down claiming a foul. The referee is uninterested.


Slim pickings, basically.


More like it from Colombia, Mojica digging out a cross that doesn't find Falcao but is delivered with suitable pace and trajectory.


Colombia are playing with a bit more intensity here, but are still struggling to create. In the meantime, Ismaila runs at Sanchez, their knees collide, and though the ref ushers him to get up, he stays down and eventually play stops. Amazingly, he's fine.


Cuadrado into Falcao, and as he lays off Koulibaly rattles him. Somehow, he avoids a card.


Niang challenges for a high ball with Mina, autographing hip with studs. He's booked and will mess Seegal's next match should there be one.


A Colombia goal would set things right up but it's hard to see from where one might come. Muriel gets some space on the left, then a heavy touch allows Sabaly to charge in and clear.


Oh dear. Mina looks to bring the ball out of defence, imparts a heavy touch, gets to it before Mane, and promptly passes into touch.


This is a bit better, and when I tell you it's a long ball that bounced over the by-line, you have an idea of how Colombia played first half. But it was looking for Cuadrado, early and running in behind, which is what needs to happen, and often.


Will Colombia just try and run harder, play better, and all that sort of thing? Or will they go about things differently?


Off we go again...


if ever you want proof that possession stats don't tell you much...


Colombia have a lot of work to do here - they're being run out of this, unable to handle Senegal's pace and movement. They just don't have the quality in midfield to pass around them, and as such are being passed around. Senegal, meanwhile, just need to keep doing what they're doing.


Half-time: Senegal 0-0 Colombia


Cuadrado hurls it long, but Sane gets up to see away.


A long ball down the right allows Cuadrado to spin his man for the first time, and Koulibaly has to come across and cede the thrown. Can Colombia make it count?


Japan and Poland is goalless at half-time.


There'll be three added minutes.


And immediately, Senegal break, Mane finding Ismaila who is shoved over by Mojica. He's booked.


Colombia get forward for the first time in a while with Muriel, who finds Mojica. His cross is low and not terrible, but not near any of his mates either.




Falcao has barely had a touch so far. If Colombia are going to play through midfield, perhaps they need another midfielder, because they're getting trounced in that area.


Mane runs at Sanchez and the ball gets away from him, but he loses his footing and so does Mojica, who needs treatment. In the meantime, a frantic Quintero dashes over to shout tactics with Pekerman. I'd translate for you, but he's covering his mouth.


What we've learnt from this half: Poland are even worse than we thought.


...Niang rolls to Sane, who shanks miles away from anywhere.


Mane runs at the heart of the Colombia defence so Sanchez shoves him in the back. Free-kick Senegal, 25 yards out just left of centre...


Colombia are now going a bit longer - they've a free-kick in line with the tip of the centre-circle and Mina goes up for it, only for Quintero to pick out N'Diaye. This is a bit easy for Senegal now, who'd be ahead if it weren't for Davinson Sanchez.


It's still Poland 0-0 Japan, incidentally.


There's a lot riding on Quintero to create, but Muriel will get a bit closer to Falcao, and it's worth noting that James has done nothing. So the change might help Colombia, who at least have 11 fit players on the pitch now.


Colombia's change isn't tactical - James is injured and departs disconsolately, replaced by Muriel.


Jose Pekerman has seen enough - he's getting ready to make a chance which I imagine is tactical.


Colombia are struggling to get decent possession in the Senegal half - they'll never do it, but they might want to bring on another striker and lump it. Because here come Senegal again, Mane racing in on the left side of the box, rinsing Mina, but Sanchez challenges and the ball squirts to Balde, who hits his shot straight at Ospina.


And in comes the kick from Quintero ... it's a good one and Falcao is underneath it ... too underneath it, heading high over the bar from six yards. Luckily for him, the flag rescues his shame.


Colombia move forward for the first time in a while and Quintero looks to offload to Cuadrado ... but as he does, Gueye rushes him, leaving stud on toe. Free-kick Colombia, 35 yards out, right of centre...


Sabaly is having a good tournament and he gets forward again before finding Mane. In the box are Balde and Niang, but his cross is nonsense, flying behind, and Ospina thunks the clearance downfield.


Senegal are quicker than Colombia in midfield and that is dictating this game at the moment - the balance has changed again. Basically, Colombia are waiting for a moment.


Senegal win a free-kick - on the left again, but a bit nearer to goal. But the same thing happens, Niang - not Balde - bending the ball directly into Ospina's soft, nurturing grasp.


NO PENALTY TO SENEGAL! Well done Davinson Sanchez, who still affects indignation at the injustice of it all. He got a good solid heel on the ball, which changed direction - the ref ought really to have noticed.


The ref is called to the screen...


PENALTY TO SENEGAL! BUT I'M NOT SO SURE! A lovely move from Senegal, Balde into Mane who bousts into the box ... but Sanchez slides in with a brilliant challenge!


Sabaly doesn't muck about, and lands one on Cuadrado for no apparent reason. He makes a face of anguish, but is quickly up and about once more.


As I say that, Sabaly breaks down the left, plays inside to Balde and nashes after the return ... which has too much on it.


The balance of play has changed these last few minutes - Colombia are now looking the more likely, having most of the ball and doing most of the probing.


Quintero goes low around the wall, keeper's side, hoping N'Diaye gambles and shifts away from it. He doesn't, diving to shovel around the post, and the corner comes to nowt.


Quintero finds James and he lifts a ball over the top for Falcao. Koulibaly has things under control, til along comes Sabaly diving over the top to form a sarnie, thus conceding a free-kick 25 yards out, left of the D. Quintero fancies it...


Nice from Colombia - for the first time. Quintero finds Uribe out on the left, and his cross is collected by N'Diaye.


Sabaly makes ground down the left and floats over a cross looking for Balde, but again it's easy for Ospina.


...and he puts it straight into Ospina's arms.


Strangely, Senegal have had most of the ball so far, such that Arias loses his patience and slides in on Niang just away from the left touchline. The free-kick is 40 yards out, but Balde is going to put it in the box...


Uribe takes the ball in midfield and has a look - which is all Niang needs to snake him and make off in the opposite direction. He gets nowhere, but that vignette describes the game so far: it's fast.


Colombia get the ball down and look to start passing, but Senegal press from the front - not on the edge of the box, but once the ball is midway between it and centre-circle.


Things have yet to settle.


Danny Murphy has been asked about the psychology of just needing a point. I guess he's as expert in that as much of the other things about which he opines.


Mane is playing more central than before, at least on first look. Balde seems to be on the left, and Ismaila on the right.


Senegal kick-off!


One of the mascots has some phenomenal multicoloured hair, sort of like a rainbow marble. Respect.


Anthem time. Colombia's has been a highlight of the tournament, and here they go again,


I've had a thought. What if both sides throw the game to avoid playing England in the next round?


Here they come!


The players are in the tunnel....


Forewarned is forearmed: there is no football tomorrow. I'm sorry.


Something I enjoyed earlier...


Gosh, apparently poor old Carlos Sanchez had to field death threats in the aftermath of his red card against Japan. I said this at the time, but I didn't grasp why he needed to be sent-off there - a penalty was punishment enough.


I mentioned Juan Quintero earlier - he's currently on his third loan from Porto, at River. I wonder if he's just playing well at the best moment, or is realising ability at the best moment.


On BBC, Phil Neville is saying ... actually, you don't want to know do you?


Has this group been the best? Obviously it hasn't yet ended with the hilarity of Germany's elimination, but in terms of entertainment, it's been the most consistent, I'd say.


Obligatory England mention: they play one of the two qualifiers from this group in the last 16.


One chap who can consider himself fortunate to be here is Khadim N'Diaye, Senegal goalie. He has not looked safe in Russia, and his behaviour on Sunday, as Japan were equalising, were most peculiar.


As far as the group goes, Poland are done and Japan need a draw against them to go through. A draw here will also be enough for Senegal, while Colombia almost definitely need to win - a draw will only sort them out if Poland beat Japan by three goals, or if Poland beat Japan by two goals and this game is a 2-2 draw or higher. But if Poland beat Japan 1-0 and Colombia beat Senegal 1-0, the teams would have identical records. So it would then go to disciplinary records, and currently Japan have two fewer yellow cards, but if that is equalised we're drawing lots at Luzhniki. Just call me Calculus.


I am pleased to tell you that I've not the slightest clue what's going to happen in this game. Well, I'm pretty sure we're getting goals but I've no idea who's going to win. Colombia have James, the best player on either side, and also Quintero who's been excellent so far. But are their full-backs going to get any help, and are their back four good enough to cope with what Senegal are going to chuck at them? I'm not sure.


Ch ch ch changes: Senegal make three following their foolish draw with Japan - in come Gassama, Kouyate and Balde, all starting for the first time this World Cup, and out go Wague, Alfred Ndiaye and Papa Ndiaye. They also look to be playing a 4-4-2 now, not a 4-3-3, so are looking to get this won.

Colombia, meanwhile, make two changes: out go the two holding midfielders, Barrios and Aguilar, and in come Carlos Sanchez, sent-off against Japan, and Uribe.


Or if you prefer...


Teams, yo.


Afternoon all, and welcome to another thriller!

Yes, I know most stuff in life disappoints, but performing for our delectation here we have two teams committed to attack, whose strengths force them to commit to attack, who need a result.

This is going to be intense.