World Cup 2018: England got carried away with talk of the final, insists Roy Keane

England got carried away with talk of the final, insists Keane

11/07/2018 at 22:20Updated 11/07/2018 at 23:58

England got carried away with talk of reaching the World Cup final and needed a reality check, according to former Manchester United captain Roy Keane.

The Irishman, speaking as a pundit on ITV, felt that Gareth Southgate, his squad and the country were so caught up with the prospect of winning the tournament that it could have cost them against Croatia in the semi-final defeat.

Keane argued with former England striker Ian Wright and said: "Before the game, the whole talk was about the final. I know England may have thought it was a bit tongue and cheek a few weeks ago, but you’ve got to focus on just one game at a time.

"On about the final, football’s coming home…"

However, he was interrupted by Wright, who insisted: "We wasn’t talking about the final, we were just having a laugh with ya. We were happy, you weren’t happy for us to be happy at that time."

Keane stuck to his original point, though, replying: "I don’t mind you being happy, but you were getting carried away. You were planning the final, where the parades were. You needed a reality check."

"Get excited when they get to the final. This was the semi-final, even at the group stages.

" You take it one game at a time. ‘It was all about the final. You know how hard it is to get to these big finals, or even get to a World Cup."

"You’re talking about the final? You know what I’m talking about, relax yourself."