02/11/12 - 13:00
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Yas Marina Circuit • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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Sebastian Vettel tops the timesheets in the second session of free practice at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with a time of 1:41.751, and Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button complete the three fastest. Mark Webber was fourth quickest, but the fuel loads make it all very difficult to assess. Still, Red Bull are very happy with Vettel's time.


We don't know the fuel loads, of course, which renders the times very difficult to gauge, but Alonso is pushing hard, while Hamilton and Button are both on good laps.


Alonso is relatively quick in his Ferrari, and is almost two seconds faster than Hamilton's last lap with the McLaren back out from his reluctant stop.


Vettel, Alonso and Button remain on track on their long runs, while Massa and Button are improving steadily.


Hamilton now complains of a gearbox issue, and he's having problems as he returns to the pits.


As Webber left the pits on this latest lap some water dripped from the underside of his car, and it has been an eventful and troublesome session for him.


Raikkonen is 0.781s off Vettel, whose time of 1:41.751 sees him continue to top the timesheets.


Alonso locks up through turn eight and has to protect his tyres as he comes through the chicane, while Raikkonen sets a new personal best to go sixth fastest.


A Tweet from Renault Sport: "Completely dark now, temps are a lot cooler now so the engine has to respond to this new set of parameters"


All the drivers are now on their soft tyres, and most teams are attempting to get to grips with what they would be doing if this were the race.


The yellow flag makes a fleeting appearance as Karthikeyan spins at turn 17, and that's a corner which many drivers have had trouble with.


Webber's car has some tape on its splitter now, and his Red Bull is having to be patched up frequently today.


Vettel remains fastest and has now gone back out on track after a brief stint in the pits with none of his rivals able to usurp him as things stand.


Petrov spins off the track as he exits turn 11, and there is no damage done, except to halt a promising lap.


Webber's car continues to have a lot of work done to it, and the Red Bull mechanics are working very hard on it.


Kobayashi has terrible understeer through turn one on the softs, and Senna goes the same way as both struggle.


Hamilton loses time in the final sector and is unable to pip Vettel - he's now 0.168s off the Red Bull.


While Button is in the pits after having only completed one lap on the soft tyres, while Hamilton finds extra pace in sector two as he keeps pushing.


Perez is really struggling to control his Sauber right now, while Alonso moves fifth quickest - he's 0.750s off Vettel.


Vettel now goes fastest with a 1:42.052, and he finds that crucial extra time to shave off, while Button returns to the pits.


The Ferraris are now on the softs too, while Grosjean goes third fastest on his soft tyres with a 1:42.500.


Vergne heads back into the pits after running very wide at turn 11 again, and it looks like he does actually have a brake problem.


Webber sets a pretty poor latest lap time, while Hamilton and Button also struggle with their early laps on the softs.


Webber heads back out on the softs after having his car investigated, and Button and Hamilton are also on the softs now.


Perez has gone out on the softs, and now Vergne and Rosberg join him on the softer compound.


Hamilton continues to lead with his 1:42.095, with Vettel in the pits as the second fastest ahead of Button.


Vergne locks up and runs wide at turn 11, and a few drivers have faltered around that bend as they take it too fast.


The Red Bull mechanics are now investigating reports of "something flapping around" on Mark Webber's car, and he's staying in the pits for now.


Hamilton's time is the one to beat, and Vettel, Button, Alonso, Webber and Massa are all back on track now.


Hamilton pits with the fastest time on the board, and Button joins him with Schumacher also heading in for a few changes to be made on his car.


Ferrari updates: they now have new front and rear wings, a new floor and new barge boards.


Hamilton sets a 1:42.096 to go quickest, and his fuel load continues to come down to make his pace is 0.635s faster than Vettel!


The moves to the softs will be ultimately telling, and it is perhaps the gap between the Ferraris and the Red Bulls that is the most intriguing.


Hamilton goes and sets a new fastest time for the first sector, while Alonso is now 0.337s off Vettel.


The gap between Vettel and Hamilton is 0.047s, with Button 0.074s off.


Vettel has now return to the pits, while Hamilton is still out there but on a slow lap - he's plugging away, rather stubbornly.


Hamilton is offered the chance to "come in for a set-up change" by his team, but he rather curtly replies, opting to stay out.


Hamilton just misses out by 0.060s despite setting a blistering pace on the long straights in sector two. The top drivers are already about 0.5s faster than Hamilton in FP1


Button goes second fastest with a 1:42.804, but Vettel improves again for a 1:42.730. Hamilton is looking very good on the first two sectors.


Alonso begins his charge in the Ferrari, and all the cars apart from Raikkonen and Senna are out on track.


Vettel, although it is pretty irrelevant at this stage, tops the timesheets with a lap time of 1:42.779 with Raikkonen second quickest.


Perez is really going for it early on in this session, and he's leaving his team-mate Kobayashi in his wake.


Hamilton heads out of the pits and down the tunnel in this most unusual of starts to the Yas Marina Circuit.


Medium tyres are preferred for the start of the session, but we will no doubt see the softs out in force later on. Vettel, Webber and Button are all out now.


Okay, we are under way in FP2, and Perez and Kobayashi fly out in their Saubers very eagerly.


Earlier on this morning, Ferrari used one of its four curfew exceptions as mechanics arrived at the track early. A report issued by F1 technical delegate Jo Bauer said that staff involved in the operation of the car were within the confines of the track during the curfew time, which started at 4am and finished at 10am.


Lewis Hamilton headed Jenson Button as McLaren dominated the first free practice session this morning. Hamilton set his table-topping 1:43.285s lap with 25 of the 90 minutes remaining, and beat his countryman and team-mate by 0.333s, with title protagonists Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso third and fourth.


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Welcome to live text commentary of the second free practice session at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix's Yas Marina Circuit.