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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Yas Marina Circuit • Race


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Raikkonen is the eighth different winner of a Grand Prix this season, and he wins on his return to Formula One. Button finishes fourth, Maldonado fifth, Kobayashi sixth.


HE'S DONE IT! Kimi Raikkonen clinches his 19th Grand Prix victory and Lotus’ first of the season at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, and he screams "Yeeeehaaaa!!!" as he comes through the line! Alonso takes second place, with Vettel remarkably coming from the pitlane to finish on the podium. "Never stop believing - I told you," says Vettel.


Alonso is 1.0s off Raikkonen now after another fastest lap, and he needs to at least keep his position with Vettel flying in third. Can Raikkonen take this home and clinch Lotus' first Grand Prix win of the season?


The gap is consolidated up front as Raikkonen now finds himself clear by 1.4s, and Vettel is taking on a 4.3s gap to Alonso - this is very tense for Lotus!


The gap at the front is now 1.7s with four laps remaining, and Raikkonen is still looking okay up front as Vettel now eyes up Alonso from third - this is very finely poised for the final laps.


What a move from Vettel, who somehow manages to squeeze past Button and move into third place - the Red Bull team applaud, and that was superb!


Button is 3.1s off Alonso now and Vettel is 0.8s behind him still, with Alonso catching Raikkonen very gradually - the gap is down to 2.2s.


Alonso sets another fastest lap and is now 2.8s behind Raikkonen, who is barely listening to his team as he continues to focus on the task ahead. Vettel is pushing very hard to try to pass Button.


Button is 1.6s off Alonso and 0.8s clear of Vettel. It's very congested up front, and Raikkonen continues to lead this hugely entertaining race in Abu Dhabi.


Webber is shown walking back to the paddock very despondently, while his team-mate Vettel is unable to pass Button with the McLaren driver defending desperately.


Raikkonen is three seconds ahead of Alonso, and the Ferrari, Button and Vettel have less than a second between them. Perez has now served his stop and go, while Vettel errs going through turn 11.


Button has increased the gap to Vettel on this lap, and Alonso is reported to be "extremely quick in a straight line" by the McLaren driver to the pitwall. This should be very interesting!


The race restarts and Raikkonen keeps his lead - 1.9s now - from Alonso, Button and Vettel. Senna is pushing Massa very hard.


"Yes, yes, yes - I'm doing all the tactics!" Raikkonen again reacts impatiently as he shuts up his team again over the radio. The safety car continues to take the cars around, and Schumacher pits from eighth.


Perez comes into the pits for a once over, but Grosjean and Webber are out of the race! Perez than ran wide in turn 13, Grosjean then hit him in the next corner and Webber joined the accident.


Vettel is on fresher tyres and is now in fourth with the safety car out. He could well manage a victory from the pit lane if things continue to play into his hands.


What drama! The safety car comes out as Perez is smashed by Grosjean from behind, with Webber caught up in the chaos at turn 13! This plays very nicely into Vettel's hands in fourth.


Button is told to use his "overtake button" to help pass Alonso with higher revs, DRS and KERS. Vettel is now about to pit - where will this leave him?


If you are just joining us, Lewis Hamilton was comfortably leading until he encountered a sudden electrical problem which saw his race ended abruptly. Raikkonen leads by 4.1s from Vettel. Vettel is 4.7s ahead of Alonso, who has Button 0.8s behind him.


Button is really closing on Alonso now, and Raikkonen is leading by four seconds for Lotus - who have yet to win a race so far this season!


Raikkonen adds another 0.7s to his lead, while Vettel is managing to at least maintain his lead over Alonso, which currently stands at 5.5s. Webber drops to ninth.


Grosjean is up to fifth and 10.8s off Button, while Alonso is 5.9s off Vettel with Button behind both. It's very crowded, and there is a lot going on right now!


Senna pits from fifth, while Perez continues to hold up Webber in his Sauber. Button is behind Alonso in fourth for McLaren, and he's producing some very good middle sector times.


To confirm, Raikkonen is now on fresh mediums with Vettel on 20-lap old softs, and he is going to attempt to go fully 42 laps on those - this would be a remarkable performance.


Raikkonen comes out in front of Vettel, and he continues to lead in spite of the stop. Vettel was 22.3s behind Raikkonen, but now the gap is significantly reduced.


Lotus prepare frantically as Raikkonen comes in for his pit stop, and Vettel is looking very strong through the middle sector from second place.


Medium tyres go on at a clean stop for Alonso, and he's away once more. Webber is told not to "fight" Vettel, and instead he heads into the pits.


Alonso is about to pit now from second place, with Vettel closing from seventh in very ominous fashion. Webber is his next target, with 2.9s the gap.


NEWS: The stewards will take "no further action" regarding Webber's crash with Maldonado. It was overly ambitious, but nothing more. Raikkonen is now 7.2s clear.


Raikkonen continues to be very curt with his team as he gets further instructions, and he just wants to be left alone to race in front during this race. "Got that?!"


Kobayashi pits now, while Button is told to push harder as he is five seconds off Alonso. Vettel is now up to eighth and has Webber and Massa ahead of him.


NEWS: The stewards are investigating that Maldonado, Webber clash. Raikkonen leads by 6.7s now but we will be expecting pit stops soon. Webber is undeterred as he chases Massa aggressively.


Webber attacks Maldonado, who appears to be struggling with his tyres, but the Australian spins off the track as he looks to sneak through on the outside of the Williams! He loses three places.


Raikkonen leads by 5.7s from Alonso. Lotus inform their man of this news, and he simply replies: "Leave me alone. I know!" What a character he is.


Vettel is now up to 11th with Ricciardo next in his sights, while McLaren give Hamilton a grovelling apology as he trudges away. Raikkonen leads by 4.6s over Maldonado.


McLaren says: "Ok Lewis, we've lost all power!" This is an absolute disaster for Lewis Hamilton, and he is on the side of the track on the entry to turn 15.


HAMILTON IS OUT OF THE RACE! Quite astonishing... he was flying with a lead of 3.4s, but suddenly he parks up and McLaren report a "loss of power"!


Hamilton sets another fastest lap and is 3.0s clear again. Raikkonen still has a 2.9s lead over Maldonado, with Alonso still 1.0s off the Williams.


Hamilton leads by 2.6s now as he pulls away from Raikkonen, who in turn has a 2.9s lead over Maldonado. Alonso is putting the Williams under real pressure.


Vettel was told to give that position back to Grosjean after he drifted off track to line up the Lotus, but he is now up to 15th. Hamilton is storming away now as he rebuilds a commanding lead.


Hamilton's lead is back to 1.6s after the safety car, and he has really suffered as a result of the hold up. Webber is all over Alonso as the pair fight for fourth spot!


Hamilton is still concerned about the debris. "It's a high-speed corner so a puncture there would be bad." Raikkonen is second behind Hamilton with Maldonado in third with the safety car finally out of the picture.


Vettel pits! He has a new front wing and soft tyres fitted. He rejoins at the back of the pack, but will now try to run until the end of the race. This will be absolutely intriguing!


The communication over the radios continues to be very interesting, and Red Bull tells Vettel they are not worried about the front wing damage. Adrian Newey is inspecting a Red Bull front wing to see what could occur.


There's plenty of debris to be cleared so the safety car is still out there, and Hamilton expresses his concerns to his team about the chances of a puncture going through turn 15.


This is a convenient point in the race to get your opinions on what we have seen so far. What position to you predict Vettel will end up in? Will Hamilton win this Grand Prix?


Rosberg had been trying to come back from his early pit stop, but he is now out. He smashed the back of the HRT and flew over the top of Karthikeyan's car! The safety car guides the drivers around.


The safety car is out as Rosberg has a huge crash with Karthikeyan, and it's a bad one. Both drivers chat away and seem amiable despite the collision at turn 15. Vettel is told to stay out on the track, meanwhile.


Vettel is past Kovalainen for 13th place, while Senna is finally getting back on track as he moves into 15th place. Hamilton's lead is now a comfortable 3.5s.


Button is urged to use the DRS to attack Webber, but he rather curtly replies that he is not close enough to take advantage of it! Hamilton adds another 0.5s to his lead.


Senna slips down to 16th now as he is really struggling early on. Hamilton is looking much more comfortable now with his tyres finally up to temperature. He has a 2.5s gap back to Raikkonen.


Hamilton increases his lead to 2.3s now, and Vettel is making steady progress as he moves up to 14th with Kovalainen ahead of him and pushing very hard. Grosjean is back after an early puncture.


Fernando Alonso is the fastest man on the track right now, while Vettel is down in 18th as he is told "It's up to you" in regards to a potential early pit. The drama continues! Hamilton now leads by 1.9s.


Vettel reports to his team that he has slight damage to his front wing, and that could be a real issue for his Red Bull. Meanwhile, Hulkenberg's Force India is towed away. Vettel may be about to pit, and his crew are ready!


Kimi Raikkonen is putting Hamilton under all sorts of pressure, and the leader is really struggling now as he reports problems in warming up at the start of this race. He fends off Raikkonen for the time being.


Alonso gets past Webber after beating Button into fifth, and he makes a very fine start. Senna and Hulkenberg have caused the yellow flag to come out, and it's a dramatic start.


Hamilton gets away cleanly and into the first turn, and he's away comfortably. There is contact between Senna and Hulkenberg at the start, while Alonso and Webber tussle away furiously.


Vettel, Schumacher and Senna are all on medium tyres, while De la Rosa's car stalls on the grid. Here we go...


Okay, we are just moments from the start of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina circuit. Get in touch with your views and predictions throughout the race via


Fernando Alonso in in sixth for Ferrari, of course, and he needs to capitalise on Vettel's misfortune this weekend. A podium is a must, and he is ready to attack.


Red Bull are not pointing fingers at individuals but Christian Horner said Renault are responsible for the amount of fuel that goes in the car and it was Renault that told Red Bull to stop the car. So there you have it.


Vettel said this morning: "I think it is pretty simple. We start last and the chance is there to still have a very good race, and that is what we are going for. We have good pace in the race and hopefully can use that to make up some places, have fun overtaking some guys and then see where we finish."


Hamilton won in the oil-rich Emirate last year, with his mother in attendance on her birthday, and this time had his cousins present in the paddock as well as his father and stepmother. "Those extra three tenths came from my family," said Hamilton, who qualified with a best time of one minute 40.630 seconds.


Vettel will start from the pit lane after a fuel irregularity that could blow the Formula One title battle wide open. Stewards stripped the 25-year-old of third place on the grid after post-qualifying checks on Saturday showed there was an insufficient quantity of fuel in the car for sampling purposes.


Good afternoon and welcome to live text coverage of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! McLaren's Lewis Hamilton starts on pole with Championship leader Sebastian Vettel starting from the pit lane.