03/11/13 - 13:00
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Yas Marina Circuit • Race


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Dan Quarrell

Vettel pulls in and salutes the fans, then finds his parents in the crowd and gives them a hug. What a result for Vettel and he becomes only the second man to clinch seven successive race wins in one season. Webber comes through in second with Nico Rosberg in third for Mercedes. Thanks for joining us.


HE'S DONE IT! Sebastian Vettel wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for his seventh successive victory. He becomes just the second man to do so in one season, and it's a quite brilliant drive from the German with Webber in second for a Red Bull one-two!


It's all about Vettel and Webber now as the Red Bull duo fly through for their final laps. This will be quite an achievement for Vettel as the world champion comes through for yet another victory!


Hamilton not making much of an impression on di Resta right now as Vettel starts his final lap. Perez close behind Sutil for ninth place too.


Vergne pits now as Hamilton continues to pressure di Resta as he looks to pass the Mercedes man through the middle sector to no avail. Grosjean is now just 2.1s behind Rosberg.


Rosberg reduces the gap to Grosjean and looks to have that covered now as he looks to pressure Webber from third position with just four laps remaining.


Di Resta is in sixth and he continues to hold off Hamilton and Massa but Alonso manages to squeeze through into fifth in behind Grosjean.


Vettel does the fastest first sector as he goes searching for the fastest lap once more, and Webber is consolidating his spot just in behind his team-mate.


Alonso's track limits investigation has been postponed until after the flag. Vettel flies through with a fastest lap and he should be very safe now. Sigh.


Hamilton now a second behind di Resta and Alonso similarly close as Perez passes Vergne for 10th place. Plenty of jostling and harrying now.


Grosjean with another fastest lap and he's 3.2s behind Rosberg at the moment with ground to make up from fourth as he looks to force his way into the podium spots.


Alonso is now just 2.5s behind Hamilton and 0.8s per lap quicker on the softs at present. What can he do from seventh in the final 10 laps?


Grosjean took almost a second out of Rosberg ahead of him on that last lap and is now 4.7s back. Vettel is cruising out in front and is followed by Webber and Rosberg.


Alonso rejoins alongside Vergne and very nearly contact as he flies across the kerb and past the Toro Rosso. Massa, meanwhile, runs wide at Turn 5 and drops back as a result.


So the top seven reads: Vettel, Webber, Rosberg, Grosjean, di Resta, Hamilton, Alonso. The Ferrari man pits for a set of softs for the final stint.


Rosberg with the fastest first sector - the top four at this stage are all very evenly matched in terms of lap time. He is now third and Grosjean continues to frustrate Di Resta in fourth.


Hamilton is told: "Di Resta is next, you can get them both." He still has a lot to do from seventh but he's beginning to find some extra pace through the middle sector.


Alonso is still lapping very competitively and with Hamilton and Massa stuck behind di Resta and Vergne he's in good shape is he goes for the one-stop. Can he make a big impact still?


Massa pits while Alonso continues and it's a bit of a slow stop for him as he emerges down in ninth behind Hamilton.


Hamilton is still in ninth, but his progressed has sowed considerably. He is now 4.6s behind Vergne with Bottas 10th and Sutil in 11th spot.


Horner: "I wish he (Vettel) wouldn't keep doing that!" He's urging Vettel to slow down and protect his tyres as he has a healthy lead. It's hard winning, isn't it.


Sutil claims: “Maldonado pushed me off the circuit so I had to cut the chicane.” There's so much jostling now between at least four drivers behind Vettel and Webber.


Massa may be one stopping, as perhaps is di Resta - eight seconds behind them. Hulkenberg comes in for his drive-through while Vettel slows for caution.


Maldonado and Sutil also under investigation for exceeding track limits while there is a drive-through penalty for Hulkenberg.


Webber starting to edge away from Rosberg and many appear to be looking after their tyres before the next round of stops.


Vettel backs off by about 0.3s - and frankly he can afford to at will because he is so much faster than everyone else on the track.


Sutil rejoins from the pits while Perez gets through ahead of Maldonado and it's very bunched up in the midfield in this race while the two Red Bulls are out in front.


Alonso passes Sutil in to Turn 8 and is 2.5s behind Hamilton. Sutil finally pits and Hamilton is now pushing behind Massa from sixth.


Hamilton is finally through on Sutil - the tyres seem to be giving up a bit on the Force India and he couldn't respond. It's been a tough race so far for Hamilton.


Hamilton still yet to clear Sutil and Alonso is right behind him. Vettel leads by 28.8s at the front, and Massa is storming up behind Grosjean in fourth now.


Alonso dives up the inside of Hulkenberg in to the hairpin but the Sauber comes back in to Turn 8 with a good move. It's very tight in the middle sector.


Hamilton cannot find a way past Sutil and Massa compounds his frustration by skipping through to take sixth spot at the expense of the Brit!


Alonso is 3s back and catching the Sauber ahead slowly while Hulkenberg remains stuck behind Massa, who is fighting superbly.


Hamilton and Sutil are locked in a tremendous battle for fifth place with the Mercedes driver pushing very hard in a bid to make the pressure pay.


Vettel has been an average of over a second a lap quicker and the last lap was Webber's best of the race. He has 27.2 seconds on his team-mate which is quite ridiculous.


Bottas is losing pace on those mediums in 10th. He has Perez and Alonso on his tail, with Maldonado catching all of them.


Di Resta comes out after his stop in 13th position, after taking on medium tyres. It's been a very strange start to the race.


Perez spent several laps trapped up behind the yet-to-stop Bottas. Alonso can't afford to wait that long and he passes the Mexican for 10th.


Vettel leads di Resta by 23.6s now and Rosberg and Webber are directly behind the Force India driver. It's cagey stuff in behind the majestic Vettel.


Di Resta suddenly finds himself in second as Massa pits. He started on the mediums and finds himself in behind Vettel who leads comfortably.


Grosjean still stuck behind Sutil while Webber is now 1.8s behind Rosberg. Hamilton is also struggling to pass as Gutierrez holds firm.


Raikkonen jumps in a car and leaves the track. It's been a disaster for him this weekend but he will no doubt still enjoy his evening.


Webber passes Sutil now as he comes out of Turn 8 and Rosberg gets past Vergne at the same corner. It's a rather subdued start to the race.


Gutierrez is doing a sterling job in holding off Hamilton in his Sauber and Massa is moving up gradually as he finds himself in second all of a sudden.


Vettel flies out of the pits after a very swift stop and he looks in tremendous shape for a comfortable win if things continue to go his way. Hamilton does not look right at the moment as he closes on Gutierrez.


Hamilton is told he needs to drop back from Gutierrez and save his tyres if he can't pass and the Brit is in a bit of a quandary. Rosberg rejoins with plenty of room to push.


Vettel's lead is currently 23.3 seconds, which is pretty big it has to be said. Plus, he's still pretty quick on the starting set of softs.


Webber straight past Gutierrez, but Grosjean has lost out a bit here. Hulkenberg pits from third and no one is really challenging Vettel at all.


Vettel's lead is now up at 6.4s while Hamilton comes out of the pits on new medium tyres in 12th place. Grosjean is really struggling for pace.


Rosberg comfortably quicker than Webber and Grosjean while Hamilton pits at the end of the lap. Vettel is cruising already.


Rosberg is already lagging in second place as Vettel laps a second quicker than his compatriot. Webber has yet to gain ground from third.


Vettel continues to stretch his lead in the early stages of this race as the sun sets over the Yas Marina Circuit.


Vettel leads Rosberg by 2.6s and he is already taking control of the race with a fastest lap of 1:46.998. Webber is in third right now ahead of Grosjean and Hamilton.


We're under yellow flags as Raikkonen's car is cleared. He came together with Pic and went off at Turn 3. What a disastrous start for the Finn!


Early indications are that most have chosen softs for the start, with Button, Bottas, Gutierrez, Sutil and Raikkonen on the medium compound. Button has front wing damage while Vettel leads.


We're underway and there is massive drama early on as Kimi Raikkonen crashes and is out already! He was starting from the back and that's his race done!


Okay, we're minutes away from the start of this Grand Prix now. Hamilton says over his radio: "Guys, I just want to thank you all so much for getting the car ready. Also this morning, I really appreciate it."


Since qualifying, Kimi Raikkonen has been sent to the back of the grid after his Lotus failed a post-qualifying inspection. Stewards said in a statement that the Finn, who had qualified fifth at Yas Marina and is third in a championship already won by Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, was excluded from the results after failing a front floor deflection test.


Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, currently second overall and fighting to lift his team ahead of Mercedes and back to second in the constructors' championship, had a miserable evening and will start 11th. It was the first time this season the Spaniard has failed to qualify in the top 10 but it came as no surprise after Ferrari appeared to be struggling in practice.


Mercedes filled the second row at the Yas Marina circuit, with Germany's Nico Rosberg qualifying third and Britain's 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton fourth despite spinning off on his final lap. Only Vettel and Hamilton, when he was with McLaren, had previously qualified on pole in the four races to date in the Emirate.


Mark Webber seized pole position on Saturday with Red Bull team-mate and quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel making a rare error and having to settle for second best. The pole, with Webber approaching the end of his Formula One career this month, was the Australian's 13th in 12 years and second in three races.


Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit.