16/03/13 - 04:00
Australian Grand Prix
Albert Park • Free Practice 3

Free Practice 3

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So Grosjean is quickest this session, but there was little to be learnt. Thrills and spills are guaranteed during qualifying though! Join us again for that later.


Adrian Sutil is facing FIA sanctions after he opened up his Force India's DRS in these soggy conditions.


The chequered flag comes out and this damp session is brought to a close.


Vergne is the quickest on intermediates so far after he clocked 1m38.083.


Vettel is questioned by a pitlane reporter about the Red Bull's problem. His answer reveals nothing. Red Bull are being very secretive this weekend.


Van der Garde cuts across the grass at Turn 1 - not for the first time this weekend.


Vettel returns to the Red Bull garage to report the RB9's problem.


Not too much learned from this session.


Red Bull team radio informed Vettel of a hydraulic issue and not to shift gears.


Yellow flags are out as Vettel pulls over and jumps out of his car. Not sure what the problem is yet.


Vettel has, bizarrely, changed helmets midway through the session. He was in a white number, now it's blue. The German loves switching headgear, but not usually in the middle of a session!


On come the intermediate tyres, as Rosberg, Vettel and Hamilton pit.


The worst of the weather has now passed which means this session will only get better. The bad news is that it's set to return later on in the day. Around the time of qualifying.


All 22 drivers have posted times now.


The rain has eased and teams are able to gather more valuable information.


Massa has another slip which he does well to control. Bianchi, also out there, follows suit with a little slide.


With the rain easing off slightly, more and more drivers venture out onto the drenched circuit.


Ferrari team radio says: "Be careful on corner eight. And 12." OK then.


Massa's car is followed by a huge wall of spray. It makes for quite a spectacle.


Hang on, Massa is heading out, most likely for just one lap. He has a full wet tyre on his Ferrari.


There is quite a lot of debris - twigs and leaves - on the track now, due to the strong winds. If and when the driver take to the track again, they will have to be wary of that.


No-one's out there because assuming this weather remains for qualifying, all four sets of intermediate tyres will be needed then.


This pattern of showers is set to last until after qualifying...


Nothing happening at the moment. The rain really has scuppered this session.


Hamilton, Bottas, Chilton and Maldonado are the only drivers yet to clock a time before the rain came.


Roman Grosjean tops the timesheets at the moment, followed by the Ferraris of Alonso and Massa.


It' not just the rain, it's windy out there too. The spectators look pretty bedraggled already!


So, 20 minutes into the session and nothing's happening. Hamilton, like many drivers, remains in his car, helmet on, waiting for the shower to pass.


And with that the track goes quiet as all drivers head back to the pits.


Webber is told the rain is arriving. Out come the rain jackets in the crowd, up go the umbrellas and it has indeed arrived!


Grosjean now leaps into the lead after laying down a 1m26.929!


Grosjean and Ricciardo jump into third and fourth respectively with McLaren pair Button and Perez propping up the timesheets in 15th and 16th.


Fourteen cars have registered times now. Make that 15 as Vettel slots into 11th.


Massa now bests his Ferrari team-mate to take over at the top. 1m27.407 is the time to beat now.


Di Resta now goes top but his stay there is brief as Alonso betters him with a benchmark 1m27.537.


The answer is, unfortunately, yes. It's started spitting on the track as Alonso makes his way around.


You can see rain in the distance, out over the bay. Question is, is it coming this way?


Sutil, Hamilton and Di Resta are out. Vergne and Ricciardo too.


Perez adds a time to go fifth - a 1m33.539.


Webber goes top of the early timesheets with a 1m31.171. Van der Garde, Button, Perez and Pic have also registered times.


It's busy out there as several cars complete their installation laps.


A radar screen shows that rain is on its way. As Ricciardo says, it's going to make things interesting!


Toro Rosso driver Daniel Ricciardo: "So there's a chance of rain today. Could make qualifying interesting. I ain't complaining with that."


Gutierrez is the first man out on the track. Quickly followed by more cars as teams get their drivers out before the rain.


Here we go then! The noise of engines fills the air and the lights go green! An hour of practice to come!


The weather in Melbourne is slightly different to yesterday - apparently there is a 50 per cent chance of rain during today's session and at the moment it's cloudy with no sunshine on-track.


Hello and welcome to another day of Formula One action from Melbourne, with the third and final practice session ahead of Sunday's Australian Grand Prix about to start.