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Australian Grand Prix
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Toby Keel

Many thanks for joining us - and we'll be back in a fortnight for the Malaysian Grand Prix. See you then!


Ricciardo and Magnussen are warmly congratulated by their teams on the radio - and rightly so, two massive performances from two of the brightest new stars in F1.


"Fantastic! What a car you've given me! What a car!" screams Rosberg down the radio. Lovely stuff!


Magnussen comes third - the first Danish driver to score a podium place in F1.


That's as comfortable a win as you could possibly see for Rosberg - and Ricciardo claims an excellent second to the delight of his home crowd.




FINAL LAP! There will be no drama though as none of the cars in the top six are close enough to duel.


Ricciardo has this second place in the bag now - he's keeping Magnussen at bay comfortably.


Magnussen now officially told to let rip and risk running out of fuel - but with the gap at two seconds and just three laps left, the McLaren has surely left it too late to make a difference.


Magnussen still saving a little bit of of fuel - Ricciardo is advised of that on the radio and told to build up a big gap....


Magnussen is told to go for it with a 'yellow G6' - in other words, largely ignore saving fuel and stick the hamer down to try and nab second place. Button has slipped off the pace and is more than five seconds distant in fourth now.


Bottas takes Hulkenberg at the end of the start-finish straight - the Williams driver will score more points today than his team took in the whole of 2013.


Magnussen seems to have slipped off Ricciardo's pace in that last lap - the Aussie Red Bull driver pulls out 1.5s and looks comfortable again.


Ricciardo doing a good job of keeping Magnussen at bay - Rosberg now almost 24 seconds clear at the front.


Alonso is now advised on the radio to step up his pace as Ricciardo is there for the taking - "he's slowing everybody down" the Ferrari garage says. Alonso is four seconds off Button though - seems far-fetched to think he'll join this scrap in the next seven laps...


Button being advised that Ricciardo up ahead is "struggling" - he and Magnussen are coming right up on the Red Bull. We'll have a potential three-way scrap at the end on low fuel and worn tyres. Could be thrilling...


Hulkenberg warned over the radio that the raging bull that is Vallteri Bottas will be up on his backside any minute now. Two seconds separate the duo.


Vergne almost loses it! Coming round the final turn into the start-finish straight he overdoes it, and Bottas is there ready to pounce - yellow flags not in force on this part of the lap, and he's now up to 7th.


There's a yellow flag out while the Lotus is cleared off the track - Magnussen is warned via radio to save his rear tyres as he may be duelling Button by the end.


Bad news for Lotus: Grosjean pulls up with mechanical failure.


Bottas continually losing out on straight line speed to Vergne's Toro Rosso - he'll need to time his DRS boost to perfection to get a decent run at the Ferrari-engined car ahead.


Bottas all over the back of Vergne now - while up ahead, Magnussen is all over Ricciardo. Two great duels going on in the top eight.


Rosberg remains untouchable at the front - his advantage over 15 seconds now.


This latest set of tyres is working brilliantly for Magnussen - he's closed right up on the Red Bull of Ricciardo, and the debutant is putting in a stunning drive today.


Bottas isn't quite on the same pace as he was earlier, but he's still trimming the gap on Vergne and Hulkenberg up ahead of him. The star of the race so far will provide us with a few more highlights yet.


Button is right up behind Magnussen now - and the two McLarens are told over the radio that they can race each other for third place.


Next time round and Rosberg comes into the pits this time - and he's out comfortably ahead of the field. A little bit of the carbon fibre on Rosberg's wheel pops off as the new tyre is fitted - that'll unbalance his wheels a little, but shouldn't be too important.


Kevin Magnussen about to come in to the pits - and after all those pit stops, it looks like Button will claim third place. No! Lightning quick stop from Magnussen, and he's back out in third place. Ricciardo regains second place, Button fourth.


Bottas and Raikkonen both come into the pits - and Bottas just about makes it back out in front.


Ricciardo comes into the pits from second place; up ahead, Rosberg is told on the radio once more that he should continue his stint.


Alonso pits, and Bottas now up to fourth - Alonso rejoins with Hulkenberg right on his tail, and has the devil's own job trying to keep him at bay.


Bottas, up to 6th after those pit stops ahead of him, has finally closed that gap to Raikkonen - and he goes through! Raikkonen blundered by locking up his tyres into turn 10, but this remains a brilliant, brilliant drive from Bottas.


Jenson Button has just put in the fastest middle sector of the race - that's despite (or perhaps because of?) the fact that he lost a piece off his car's nosecone at his last tyre stop.


Hulkenberg now comes into the pits - surprising that Magnussen isn't in yet, considering his tyre issues right now.


Jenson Button pops into the pits for new tyres, and he'll slip back to 10th as he rejoins.


Rosberg is still cruising at the front of the pack - and his crew tell him over the radio to carry on for now, extending his stint on these tyres.


Magnussen really slipping off the pace in those last couple of laps - he's lost two seconds or so on Ricciardo as his tyres start going off the boil.


Just as we praise Maldonado for going solidly, his car grind to a halt on his out lap from the pits. What are the chances? We'll have a yellow flag while his car is cleared.


Maldonado and Grosjean both come in on their one-stop strategy - going well, but at the back of the field and you get the impression Lotus are using this race as a two-hour testing session.


The promised spots of rain don't seem to have materialised as yet - still cloudy and gloomy though.


Rosberg almost 10 seconds clear at the head of the field right now - and Ricciardo in second is seven seconds clear of Magnussen in third.


Rosberg being told he will take the prime tyre for his next change of boots.


You can add Bottas to that tussle as well - he's just taken three seconds out of Raikkonen in the last two laps!


Ricciardo and Magnussen are safe in second and third - the big tussle for later in the race looks like being 4th-8th, with Hulkenberg, Alonso, Button, Vergne and Raikkonen all in something of a conga line right now.


Bottas is up to 10th as he crosses the line - and now he's into ninth as he goes past Kvyat. He's got five seconds to catch Raikkonen in 8th. And the way he's going he's every chance of closing that gap.


Another lap and Rosberg eats yet another second into the field - eight seconds clear, and he's pacing this race by a second a lap right now. Outstanding effort from both man and machine right now.


Rosberg still steaming ahead - a fraction under 7 seconds clear at the front as he crosses the line.


Raikkonen still stuck behind Jean-Eric Vergne in 8th place; Button just ahead of Vergne, with Alonso just ahead of Button.


Rosberg stretches his lead to over five seconds with yet another quick one. He earnt 0.8s over Ricciardo in that last lap. Looking easy right now... assuming that everything carries on working.


"You do not need to save fuel," Ricciardo is told over the radio - and he does need to hit the gas, as he's already slipped almost five seconds off Rosberg's stunning pace.


Raikkonen fell back to 8th during the safety car - he was forced to wait in the pits for Alonso to get his fresh tyres on.


Rosberg setting a string of quickest laps at the moment - he's got plenty of fuel and fresh tyres, and is pushing hard.


Bottas is scything through the field once more, back up to 12th already since the restart.


"I was driving on five cylinders - it's a bit unfortunate, but that's racing... We have great pace, Nico's doing a great job out there so I hope at least one of our cars still makes it... It's just a hiccup. There's a long way to go... I'm not concerned about anything." That's Lewis Hamilton's verdict on his retirement.


We're back in action with the field bunched up once more - and Rosberg is still our leader, getting away at the front of the pack. Ricciardo second, Magnussen third and Hulkenberg fourth. Bottas down to 16th after the accident that was the source of all those troubles.


"We lost power. We didn't understand why - cars kept passing me... At one stage I thought there was a slight improvement but then it was clear there was a big problem with the engine," says Vettel.


Weather gurus now predicting a few spots of rain - but nothing more. "We expect mainly dry conditions to prevail," is the official word. And weather forecasts are never wrong.... right?


No idea what's taking this safety car so long - the tyre was cleared very quickly, and the only other worry was a bit of wheel trim that surely must have been collected by now.


Still under the safety car at the moment - and the news has now filtered through that Lewis Hamilton's car had a misfiring cylinder. Still hard to believe that two of the top contenders for the title went out of the opening race so quickly.


Rosberg and Ricciardo among those who have pitted - and Rosberg is back out having still retained the lead. Given this safety car, and the extra formation lap, they'll have saved plenty of fuel by now - should mean that the cars can attack more than expected later on.


SAFETY CAR! Part of Bottas's broken wheel is on the racing line, so the cars are lined up while they clear it away. Cars pouring into the pits to get their early stop out of the way.


Bottas back out on the track - all seems okay with his car, a lucky escaoe considering that his tyre was smashed to bits.


Bottas limps into the pits minus his entire tyre - he'll get back out, and the yellow flag is out too for stewards to get that tyre off the track.


Bottas is now all over the back of Alonso, looking great - but ARGH! He's just busted his right rear tyre as he clipped a wall!


Confirmation that SEBASTIAN VETTEL IS OUT. The champion eventually got back out of his car after pulling into the pits. Not looking happy...


Bottas is having a great run - and he's caught up, and now passed Kimi Raikkonen! Audacious pass up the inside of turn three. Great work... He's up to sixth.


Nico Rosberg running beautifully, and he's told over the radio that he's all in great shape - and needs to pull out a nice gap over Ricciardo. Currently it's +4.5s.


Alonso running fifth, but Raikkonen all over the back of him in the best tussle on the track right now.


Massa was taken out by Kobayashi - it looked like a brake failure for the Japanese - but while Raikkonen was also clipped in that crash, he is carrying on okay and running sixth.


Vettel into the pits now - will he retire? He's been on the radio saying that the car is a little better.


Rosberg is flying out at the front, leading by almost three seconds now.


ALL OVER FOR HAMILTON! The one extra lap fails to clear the problem, and Hamilton's car - that's been sounding more like a milk float than an F1 car - comes into the pits this time, and the 2008 champion gets out in dismay.


Vettel running 16th incidentally - now behind Chilton, who started from the pits. Only the three drivers who pitted after their early crash behind him.


Madness - Hamilton is now staying out, apparently at his own insistence. His car clearly not right and he's down to fifth.


Hamilton ordered to pull into the pits with a problem - "We need to save the engine" - and it was clear he had very little power. But he ignores the team orders!




Perez and Gutierrez came together in the first lap and are also in the pits - Kobayashi is out, in a gravel trap with a wheel hanging off...


Hamilton now gets overtaken by Kevin Magnusson! Nightmare start for the Brit...


Vettel on the radio: "It's still not running smoothly"


Stunning start from Rosberg to jump into the lead, and Ricciardo second - Hamilton loses two places off the start.


Vettel's car has an almost total loss of power from the looks of it...


Lights out - AND THEY'RE AWAY! Great start from Rosberg and Hamilton - while Felipe Massa piles into the gravel at the first corner. AND VETTEL IS AT THE BACK OF THE FIELD!


Romain Grosjean also starting from the pits, as are the Maruissia.s


They're back around onto the grid once more - this extra lap counts towards the race total, by the way.


This is exactly the sort of thing we were warned to expect - the other Marussia, piloted by Jules Bianchi, has now conked out.


OK, they're all lined up... but what's going on? There's a yellow flag! Someone has a problem - and there will be another formation lap.


Chilton back in the garage - he may not start any time soon...


Terrible news for Vettel fans: he's just been on the radio telling his team that he's still got the boost problems that affected his qualifying. The German apparently had a software issue - though that story seems far-fetched considering that Ricciardo must surely be running the same software...


They're off for the parade lap - all except Max Chilton, whose Marussia fails to start on the grid. He'll have to start from the pit lane.


F1 champion Sebastian Vettel is back in 12th on the grid - he qualified 13th, but one of the cars ahead of him took a grid penalty in order to change their gearbox. Humiliatingly, his new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo is on the front row with Hamilton.


Gloomy and cloudy in Melbourne today - and chilly too, at just 19 degrees. Not much warmer than it is in the UK right now,


Good morning and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the opening Grand Prix of the 2014 F1 season!