The world champion took to Instagram to post a video in which he walked around the Melbourne paddock.
Attached to the video he wrote the caption “Still nothing's changed in 11 years I've been here. Kids, people, there are so many jobs in this sport in which anybody, no matter their ethnicity or background, can make it and fit in. #diversity #ucandoit.”

Lewis Hamilton Instagram

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In response to Hamilton’s video, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said “I haven't counted the demographics, but Formula One is multi-cultural. Look at the teams and the garages.
“It's a bit of a funny point to make on a Thursday when we can't even see who is at the race.”

Mercedes British driver Lewis Hamilton (L) and Ferrari's German driver Sebastian Vettel (R) attend a press conference at the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne on March 22, 2018, ahead of the Formula One Australian Grand Prix.

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At the press conference, Hamilton said: “I am definitely not tired. This is the 12th season of doing the press conferences so I am not the most excited about this section of the race weekend, but I am looking forward to getting into the car.”
Hamilton had taken a break from social media during the off-season but has returned ahead of the new season.
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