21/06/15 - 13:00
Austrian Grand Prix
Red Bull Ring • Race


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So another Mercedes one-two, another dismal McLaren weekend. Join me next time!


National anthem for Mercedes and for Nico Rosberg.


"Yeah, guys, yes!" shouts Rosberg over the radio.


Nico Rosberg takes the chequered flag, with Lewis Hamilton in second, and Felipe Massa in third.


Maldonado and Verstappen have had a bit of a fight in these closing stages - they're caught between the two Mercs.


Hamilton's lapping faster than a worried Nico Rosberg - probably not fast enough to do anything about winning, though.


"Are you sure there's no reliability concern on the tyre?" demands a panicky Rosberg. "ALL EYES ON THAT."


Vettel's now four-tenths of a second behind Massa!


Mercedes tell Rosberg that they'll "check the metrics". Well, well. Not far to go - will the car last out?


Rosberg is reporting strong vibrations at the right front of his car. Interesting.


Meanwhile, Mercedes are hilariously trying to make it look like there's excitement at the front of the field by saying that Hamilton is now only five seconds behind Rosberg.


Vettel now has the gap down to eight-tenths of a second!


This might be fun - Maldonado's now less than half a second behind Max Verstappen.


There he goes - and then he lets Nasr back in - and then he takes the inside line to get back into tenth!


Right, we're moving into the last ten laps, and Daniel Ricciardo is looking to get past Nasr.


I have to say, if that's right from Alonso (and Raikkonen's mention of wheel spin does indicate that), I must admire how well he's kept his temper.


Vettel is about two seconds behind Massa - he looks like he's cutting into that lead.


Hamilton driving rather raggedly now. Not that it really matters when he's 16 seconds ahead of Massa.


So what interest is left in this race? Vettel's still striving for that podium place, so might be worth Massa just checking behind him.


Yep, the Red Bull is into the pits.


Pastor Maldonado cleanly overtakes Daniel Ricciardo. If that isn't a hint to change tyres, Dan, I don't know what is.


Ricciardo is up into eighth and holding off Maldonado - when is he going to move on to the fresh tyres?


Kvyat pits again - and there's still no stop from Daniel Ricciardo! He must have actual magical powers.


Kimi Raikkonen confirms he's fine after that nasty incident in the opening lap. He doesn't really want to talk about anything else.


Hamilton asks his team what line he touched. They tell him it was the white line at pit exit but they will review. Not sure there's a great deal to discuss there.


Rosberg will appreciate that five-second penalty for his team-mate that'll be added to his race time.


Sainz is out of the race, Grosjean is out of the race, Hamilton gets a five-second penalty. Right. This race is halfway through and we have only 14 runners, but it'll still be a Mercedes one-two at the end.


Hamilton under investigation for crossing the line at the pit lane.


What a hideous pit stop from Ferrari, with the right rear tyre refusing to go on Vettel's car.


Grosjean reports a problem with his gear box. You can hear that it's stuck in a low gear as it whines loudly.


And Hamilton takes his turn in the pits.


After Massa pits, Rosberg's in third and looking to close in on Vettel.


Rosberg's pitted, and is back out in fourth.


Rosberg's about to pit - and Hamilton's ready to pick up the pace.


There's something oddly endearing about Will Stevens immediately going to Twitter to talk about his disappointment in having to retire from the race.


Sainz is reporting trouble with his car - not quite sure what the problem is yet.


The other whippersnapper Verstappen is going after his senior colleague Kvyat, and makes a brilliant move past him.


Five-second time penalty for young Carlos Sainz for speeding in the pit lane.


Bottas is now fitting in eighth, just behind Hulkenberg.


Bottas scythes through the field and then pops into the pits.


Button is sad and reflective, pointing out that they wouldn't have got any useful data if he'd managed to carry on any further because it was Alonso's car which had all the new stuff.


Button: “There was something wrong...They were telling me to do switch changes, and they called me in in the end because they hadn't made a difference.”


Marcus Ericsson suddenly pulls up. His team tell him to embark on the switch-off procedure – he responds that his screens all went black but have now come back on. They change their minds, then, and tell him to carry on if he can.


Pastor Maldonado's team ask him if he's being held up. He says yes, as if he's going to say no.


Hamilton's team are encouraging him to keep closing the gap, but that's evidently the only strategy available to him as Rosberg's got the advantage.


Kvyat's told there's a lot of bodywork damage to his car, and advised to adjust his driving accordingly.


Hamilton's closing the gap on Rosberg, but I suspect Rosberg will edge away from him again.


With Verstappen trying to find clean air to help his overheating brakes, Valtteri Bottas decides to make his move. "Great overtake," say his team.


Vettel's falling behind Hamilton, the Mercs are safe at the front.


Max Verstappen is told that his front brakes are too hot; Romain Grosjean decides to drive across the final corner rather than staying on the track.


Drive-through penalty for Ericsson for a jump start. Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg has recorded another fastest lap.


Sergio Perez is told to hang on for a bit before making his move as his tyres are likely to last longer.


"Box this lap, retire the car," Button is told.


Jenson Button is desperately asking if there's anything he can do to help his poorly car. Think this is all over for him.


Looks like he's heading in again. Poor Jenson Button.


Jenson Button's engine sounds like a cat on tranquillisers.


Some contact between Sainz and Grosjean there, but nothing major and they're still on.


Lovely. Let's race!


Safety car is about to go back in and we can have some racing again.


Hamilton's told by his team to get ready for the restart and to beware of locking.


Button's into the pits, and apparently he's had a few problems going through the debris caused by that crash.


Dany Kvyat damaged his front wing at some point in that opening lap and has already taken the opportunity to pit.


Looks like maybe Alonso clipped Raikkonen from behind. Meanwhile, Will Stevens just pulls up at the side of the track.


Over the radio, a panicked Jenson Button: "Is Fernando OK?" He's reassured that his team-mate is fine.


They walk away from the scene of the crash, both looking back at the mess.


Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso have crashed - they're off the track and they're into the barriers - both men are out of their cars.


Hamilton tried to move over to cover him as they moved away but Rosberg nipped ahead.


Rosberg's taken Hamilton at the start!


Go! Go! Go!


Formation lap. Weather slightly cloudy, possibility of rain.


National anthem!


So yeah, yeah, Lewis Hamilton's on pole, Nico Rosberg starts in second. On the face of it, it doesn't seem that thrilling a prospect. But remember those spins in qualifying - if the weather plays along, there could be some drama.


Good afternoon, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Austrian Grand Prix.