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Bahrain Grand Prix
Bahrain International Circuit • Race

Bahrain Grand Prix - 19 April 2015

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Well, a decent race, that. Good to see the Ferraris up there - and the Manors both getting round! Join me again next time. Thanks for your company today.


'God Save the Queen' blares out, and there'll be no champagne on the podium this time, at least.


Ricciardo's car disappeared in a puff of smoke as he crossed the line. Not good.


Toto Wolff confirms the problem with Hamilton's car - if the race had been a lap longer, it would have been Raikkonen's victory.


And that's a win for Lewis Hamilton!


Hamilton has four seconds over Raikkonen and Rosberg isn't making any headway into the Ferrari now.


"Caution on the brakes - one lap remaining," coems the advice.


Hamilton leads the pack into the final lap, then, and seems to be reporting a brake problem over his radio. Can he hold out?


The Ferrari team are whooping, and the Merc strategy team literally have their heads in their hands.


He's going to be chasing that, but Raikkonen is going to do his darnedest to hold on for the next lap and a bit!


Rosberg runs too wide at Turn 1 and Raikkonen leaps on that mistake!


Massa is overtaken by Kvyat - the Williams hasn't had a great day so he'll probably be happy with tenth, comparatively.


Raikkonen has got that down to a second now! Is he going to snatch second?


Not sure that Ricciardo is going to manage to claw back 12 seconds as he chases the back of Vettel.


Raikkonen is putting Rosberg under some real pressure now - less than a second and a half behind him.


Raikkonen's team did tell him the plan was for third, but he's still cutting into Rosberg's advantage. Meanwhile, his Ferrari team-mate has lured Bottas into locking up a touch, and Daniel Ricciardo's team suggest he could take advantage.


Vettel is working so hard but he cannot move the immovable.


No blue flags being waved, incidentally, that's probably what's annoyed Raikkonen. He's just gone past Alonso.


Bottas is still holding off Vettel well in fourth place.


Sounds like Raikkonen is having a whinge about the traffic as well.


He's made his way past the traffic, but lost his advantage in the process.


"Don't tell me the gap any more!" wails Nico Rosberg as his team tell him the margin to Raikkonen.


Raikkonen is taking chunks out of his times at the moment, closing in on Rosberg.


Seb Vettel cannot get past Valtteri Bottas. He's pushing so hard but getting nowhere.


"The leaders are in blue. Let's make hay," says Raikkonen's team. Unsure whether that's an idiom that translates into Finnish.


Raikkonen is reassured that his team have the entire blue flag saga under control.


Rosberg also fretting about traffic now. His team tell him to call for blue flags. Maybe he could sing, like Seb Vettel did a couple of weeks ago.


Nope, Maldonado isn't squashed that easily. He's back on the track.


Maldonado comes into the pits - and there's huge amounts of smoke coming out of his brakes. He's looking like he'll be out of the race.


Hamilton is fretting about the oncoming traffic that he'll have to manoeuvre his way past.


Vettel's down in fifth - two seconds behind Valtteri Bottas. And Maldonado and Grosjean are sitting happily in the points.


Raikkonen moves into the pits for his final stop, allowing Rosberg to get comfortable in second place.


And Hamilton makes his move past Raikkonen, although some of the backmarkers are getting in their way.


Raikkonen seems to have a problem with his radio, so his team clarify once more that the plan is to be on option tyres and take third place.


Raikkonen leads by two seconds from Hamilton at the moment.


He comes into the pits again and the car's nose is replaced. That'll give Rosberg a nice little cushion.


Vettel plays extremely innocent and says he thinks he has some damage on the wing, but he's not sure why. Probably because you drove off the track, Seb?


Oh, and now Max Verstappen is forced to retire as well. Both Toro Rossos out.


Vettel drifts wide, throwing up a load of dust, and that makes it easier for Rosberg to move back into third.


Vettel pits early once more, looking for the undercut and forcing Rosberg to try an overtake again.


With this latest round of pits, Maldonado is up into eighth, with Perez one place in front of him.


And Hamilton is called in to move on to primes.


Brusque exchanges between Raikkonen and his team over the radio - he's happy with his tyres and doesn't want to switch.


And Sainz reports a problem with his wheel - presumably not on properly - as he pulls up at the side of the track.


Sainz stops in the pit, and has a problem pulling away.


And Hulkenberg moves past Fernando Alonso - ready to face the obstacle that is Pastor Maldonado.


Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull, incidentally, is tucked in sixth position. Not likely to overtake, not likely to be overtaken.


Rosberg's team tell him, "Wind strength is dropping."


Raikkonen is driving really well, cutting in to Vettel all the time.


Awful pit stop for Marcus Ericsson - the technicians just couldn't get the tyre done. he's way back down the field now in 17th.


What on earth is happening at the top of that pit lane? Maldonado, Massa and Nasr are practically racing there as the Lotus comes out in front, taking 14th place.


Right, so now everybody has stopped once, and we'll start to see what strategies people are actually pursuing now.


Felipe Massa has a bit of damage, apparently...from a knock with Maldonado. No, really.


Hulkenberg, in ninth at the moment, is complaining about understeer. Worth keeping an eye on him.


Those leading cars are separated by a very small margin at the moment. This is a race.


Quick update on the Manors, seeing as some people would rather they didn't exist - Stevens leads Merhi at the back of the field and they're tootling on nicely.


Rosberg's team keep telling him to keep a watch on his brakes. Unclear whether he's ignoring them or they're just reiterating that it's still necessary.


Bottas and his team are tempted to attack by Raikkonen's change on to primes - but he's currently lapping faster than the three in front of him.


Alonso is snapping at the tyres of Dany Kvyat in 14th. If you missed it earlier, he's the only McLaren in the race because Button's car wouldn't start.


Hamilton's pit stop was not good, and his team apologise.


Raikkonen makes his stop as well, and Rosberg is told that he'll have to do his stint "plus ten".


Fastest lap from Rosberg now!


Hamilton stops, meaning Raikkonen is in the lead. Rosberg and Vettel are coming up behind Hamilton as he emerges from the pit lane - and Rosberg attacks once more to take third.


To be fair, he'd probably already thought of that.


Rosberg's team reassure him, and tell him to attack again on his fresh tyres.


Rosberg gets undercut by Vettel now as he makes his stop.


Bottas reports problems with his tyres as Vettel pulls in for his first stop.


Ferrari report no problems with Vettel or his car - the Mercs are just faster. Fair enough, one supposes.


So the first round of pit stops are continuing as the field fans out a touch.


Ominous words from Manor on Twitter: "Lap 11/57 | We are racing Maldonado! ;-)"


Vettel is certainly slipping back into Raikkonen's sights.


Kimi Raikkonen tells his team that he will be attempting to overtake his teammate forthwith.


Rosberg is told to look after his tyres - they're extending his run on this set.


Jenson Button, with nothing else to do, has taken to Twitter: "Kimi is the man to watch, looking after his tyres well."


And Rosberg forces Vettel wide, and cuts past him. He's now five and a half seconds behind Hamilton.


Massa's team congratulate him for his great driving so far - and encourage him to keep pushing.


Oh, and there's Rosberg looking to get past Vettel - not quite there yet.


And Verstappen has a lengthy pit stop to fix that Maldonado-induced damage.


Massa is now past Fernando Alonso and up into 13th.


Maldonado gets a time penalty for not starting in the right position on the grid.


The Merc team tell Hamilton he can afford to stretch himself out a little bit more.


Carlos Sainz is having a bit of a battle with Perez for tenth at the moment - the other whippersnapper is back in 16th.


Rosberg is preparing to attack Vettel, and his team recommend a bit of brake management before he does so.


Bottas is pushing Raikkonen but Ricciardo and Grosjean are not too far behind.


Rosberg darts past Raikkonen, locking up as he heads into Turn 1, and though the Ferrari tries to get straight back at him, he can't.


Meanwhile, Maldonado is under investigation for being out of position on the grid.


Those sparks on the track are very strange. Not keen.


Verstappen reports some damage to his car courtesy of your friend and mine, Pastor Maldonado.


Massa's team tell him they can still get some points - and have some fun. He's already moving through the field smoothly.


Hamilton gets away well, and the two Ferraris combine to shunt Rosberg down into fourth.




And Sainz is going to have a time penalty for going too fast in his reconnaissance laps.


The cars are in position and ready for their formation lap in the dusk...oh, except Felipe Massa, who's just stuck on the grid.


McLaren note on Twitter: "Sadly we are not able to ready Jenson’s car. During fire-up, data indicated an issue originating from his earlier electrical problems."


Time for the drivers to line up on the red carpet for the pleasantries.


Poor Jenson Button. Hideous weekend for him - he didn't record a time in qualifying and thus it was up to the stewards what was going to happen in the race. Well, he's not going to be in it.


Lewis Hamilton starts in pole, but Sebastian Vettel is next to him on the grid. Nico Rosberg - a rather disgruntled chap at the moment - begins third.


Good afternoon, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Bahrain Grand Prix.