26/08/11 - 13:00
Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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Thanks for joining us here on Eurosport for the first two practice sessions from the Belgian Grand Prix, be sure to come back tomorrow for the final session and of course the all important qualifying


Sebastian Vettel had a quiet session as he finished down in 10th but there has been little to suggest any change to the established order of the big three teams taking the top six places


Webber's time of 1:50.321 midway through this session means he is fastest for the day ahead of Alonso, Button and Hamilton


The chequered flag comes out with about half the cars out on track, they will trundle back round to the pits and put an end to the rather anti-climactic end to this session


Very little going on at this stage, there are a few drivers out there but they are going round so cautiously that there is little to see


Webber has had enough for the day now as he returns to the pits and is chatting with his team


Senna with another dodgy corner as he locks up a little and slides off again


Rosberg is out there giving it a go though after a good time earlier in the afternoon


The rain has got heavier again and intermediate tyres may soon not be enough, it looks a bit risky being out there at the moment


Clearly the times of earlier in the afternoon are in no danger of being challenged as the few drivers out there tip-toe their way round the track


Mark Webber is out there again, as is Kobayashi, huge amounts of spray being produced by all out there


Glock spins off but there is a very wide run-off which he takes advantage off so no harm done, clearly conditions are poor though


The rain has eased off but it is still coming down, Virgin are clearly the bravest team this afternoon sending their man out in this


Having said that Timo Glock is out there on intermediate tyres, very cautiouslly heading round


The rain is thought to be hanging around for another 20 minutes according to Ferrari, that would put an end to the session if it is the case


The top six are seperated by less than a second this afternoon with Rosberg and Massa behind the two McLarens


Button and Hamilton chatting away, Lewis is in his car while Jenson looks like he has no intention of returning to the track


Still no movement from the pit lane and Mark Webber's time is in no danger of being beaten this afternoon


Drivers are still in their cockpits, but I can't see them returning to action any time soon


Umbrellas all round amongst the spectators and they may well not have anything to watch for a while


The rain is predicted to stay till the end of the session now and the teams may not even bother going out on intermediate or wet tyres as conditions worsen


Everyone back now as Button and Perez make it back


Steady but not torential rain at the moment, but easily enough to put an end to the slick tyres, everyone back in the pits now returning to intermediates


Kovalainen the first to struggle in the return of the bad weather as he slides off onto the grass, it is time to get back into the pits and swap the tyres


The rain has arrived!!!!!! The prophecy has been realised and that certainly is the end of the quickest laps being set, Webber will hold on to his number one spot for the remainder of the session most likely


Webber improves his time by a tenth of a second, Alonso goes round and can't do the same so stays in second


Everyne but Kovalainen and Petrov are out there now, plenty of traffic around


Webber on a quick lap here and takes the lead as the times inch closer to the 1:50 mark


Di Resta now up to third as the poor weather seems to have been slightly misjudged by the teams, they are still cashing in whilst it's dry


Rosberg shakes up the order at the top by moving from third to first but Alonso then pinches the lead from him


It's a German top three at the minute, with a Mexican in the form of Sergio Perez in his Sauber just behind them


Paul di Resta makes his first appearance in the top ten this afternoon as he moves into eighth place


We are hearing the rain is imminent now, it might be the end of changes at the top of the leaderboard


Vettel goes quickest with a great run round, showing some excellent grip as he passes a corner where Maldonado just slid off but showed no sign of doing it himself.


The latest predictions say rain in about ten minutes, desperate runs round to gain as much data as possible while it stays away


Hamilton pushing hard at the top of the leaderboard now as he moves into second


Schumacher's team mate Nico Rosberg outdoes him for now going below the 1:52 mark


A very quick one indeed as the German produces a 1:52.102 to go to the top of the standings


Plenty of change up and down the leaderboard as for the first time in the day there is a host of cars out there in the dry on the soft tyres, Schumacher on a quick one


Alonso goes quickest for the day as a whole with a 1:53.942


Hamilton out there for one of his few laps of the day and complaining about vibrations in his breaks, pretty common on a Friday session


Alonso's time is not quite as quick as Schumacher's this morning but others will follow his lead with the slicks now and we could see rapid improvement in the times now


The second sector looks the least wet and Alonso has cashed in going nearly three seconds quicker through there, and sets comfortably the quickest time of the afternoon session


The tyres look to have made an immediate impact as the Spaniard goes half a second quicker than the previous fastest in the first sector


Alonso out on the slicks trying to get a meaningful time in before the bad weather arrives


The Australian goes even better, going under 2:01 for the first time this afternoon, it looks like the rain may be arriving though


Webber takes the lead knocking over a second off Button's time, and Rosberg joins him ahead of the Brit as teams look to cash in whilst the rain holds off


Kovalainen doesn't take advantage of the improving conditions there as he spins off, no one is in the vacinity though so no harm done


Barrichello with a decent lap there sends him up to eighth place


There is no spray at all being kicked up now, but there is rain forecast in about 20 minutes, so expect some very serious times to be set soon


Button heads back into the pits after a really good run out


Michael Schumacher is looking good as he moves into second place, some way behind Button's time though


Alonso back into the pits after a few good quality laps


Having said that he sorts himself out on the next lap and rips 1.7 seconds off Alonso's time


Jenson Button is out there now, but not really troubling the top of the leaderboard at this stage


Out of nowhere Sebastien Buemi takes the lead and then is blown out of the water by Fernando Alonso who goes sub-2.04 and it looks like the track is getting dryer quicker than anticipated


Vettel shaves further time off his quickest, while Alguersuari moves into second behind him


Heikki Kovalainen complaining of poor conditions making breaking difficult, I'm afraid he will just ahve to deal with that


World champ Sebastian Vettel is out on track now and immediately goes quickest ahead of Senna and Webber is blown back to third in no time at all


Bruno Senna is making up for his crash this morning by moving into second place, hoping to prove he deserves a place in the team


Webber is clearly making it his mission to drag the times down as he goes 0.7 seconds quicker again.


The track is still pretty greasy but the sun is out and the cars are continually heading round so hopefully we will be looking at around the two minute mark in an hours time.


Alonso is sitting in second place and is still out there trying to improve on that, he is a way behind Webber though, around 1.7 seconds


Webber goes quicker again on the first sector, and makes it count as he shaves another 1.4 seconds off his leading time.


Both McLarens yet to set times yet, they weren't up to much this morning either, happy to bide their time in the pits


Intermediate tyres are still the order of the day with a few damp patches still around, teams will be hoping to be on the slicks before too long though


Webber improves his time at the top of the leaderboard, a lot of cars are out there and the positions behind him are changing rapidly


Conditions are nowhere near as bad as they were when the rain came down in the first practice session and if the drizzle stays away then we could be set for some decent times by the end of this session


A few times are being set early on but they are still not getting anywhere near the dry times set first thing this morning, Webber leads the way so far


There are a few drivers out on the circuit as soon as the session begins, but conditions are still poor with spray marring the practice for the second time today.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the second free practice session from the stunning Spa-Francorchamps circuit.