27/08/11 - 10:00
Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps • Free Practice 3

Free Practice 3

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Thanks for joining us here on Eurosport for the final practice session ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, be sure to be back for qualifying this afternoon, it will be very interesting indeed as this bad weather continues


So 2:08.988 is the quickest time this morning, about 18 seconds slower than yesterdays times in the relatively dry conditions.


Hamilton with a late quick run puts him ahead of Alguersuari into second


Alonso is back in the pits and out of his car, he was the only man not to put a time in. He only completed five laps.


The chequered flag is out now and it looks like Mark Webber will be quickest in this session


Coming into the closing stages now and no one is pushing too hard at this stage


Rosberg has made it back out there now with a new front wing looking to improve on his lowly 18th place


The pit lane is still looking very slippy as the cars pull up, dangerous job for the guys down there today


The top of the leaderboard has taken a more familiar look to it, Algueruari the one that has managed to stay up there among the big boys


Vettel looks to be on a quick one now as well, the Red Bulls are conquering the weather now


McLaren let Button decide how long he wants to stay out there, they say if he has learnt everything he wants to then he can head back into the pits


Button and Webber finding some speed now though and the Australian does go fastest


The Torro Rosso's are performing very well in these conditions with both drivers in the top three at the moment


Button out there on used intermediate tyres and goes second behind Alguersuari


Rosberg gets abck to the pits and there has been a bit of damage to the front wing thanks to the puncture, not good news


Nico Rosberg has picked up a puncture in his front right tyre, it isn't clear what he hit, if anything at all


Buemi sets the fastest time on an intermediate tyre, not all the teams agreeing on what is the right one though as Alonso comes out on full wets


Alonso making an appearance shortly and we might just get all the drivers setting times before the end of the session


McLaren are set to come out in a couple of minutes on the intermediate tyres, they didn't want to use their wet ones but the track has dried off enough to get out there on the inters


The German sets a decent time though and goes second, behind Paul di Resta


Maybe it isn't quite ready for the inters as Schumacher has a significant wobble


Schumacher is out on the intermediate tyres showing how conditions have improved a bit


Sutil now goes quickest ahead of Buemi and Alguersuari


The sun is definitely shining out there now, there won't be great odds available on it staying out there


The track is drying out just slightly, the rain has stopped but there are plenty of puddles still around


Nearly all the drivers have set times now, no McLarens out there yet though


Di Resta continues to look shaky as he spins and slides off but luckily there is plenty of tarmac waiting for him


Paul di Resta just loses control briefly through Eau Rouge, bit of a scary moment for the Scot


Visibility is very poor indeed thanks to the spray that lingers in the air for some time after a car passes by


Webber goes fastest now but the times are a full 14 seconds slower than those yesterday thanks to the weather


Some times have been set now, but obviously they are very pedestrian, Buemi quickest round at this stage with a 2:14.172


Bruno Senna has a bit of a wobble at turn five as he continues his difficult weekend after crashing out yesterday


Plenty of cars out there now, Webber is on track, joining his team mate


Vettel able to push it a bit more than Alguersuari and Ricciardo, he might actually go on to set a time here, but it is a bit irrelevant


Obviously all the cars out there are on full wet tryres, the track is absolutely drenched


Both Torro Rosso's are out there now, as is Sebastian Vettel


Jaime Alguersuari the next to give it a go, huge amount of spray being produced as he heads round


The Aussie heads back into the pits after his watery run round, not sure what benefit the HRT team got from that, but it keeps the fans happy


Daniel Ricciardo is the first man to venutre back out for a while, very slowly though


Only three of the men racing this weekend have won the Belgian Grand Prix previously, Lewis Hamilton last year, Felipe Massa back in 2008 and Michael Schumacher has been victorious six times between 1992 and 2002


Radars are showing that the rain is likely to stop during this session, the track will remain soaked though and the rivers that are sloshing around out there will definitely not clear up in the next forty minutes or so


It looks like it is just slightly brightening up and the rain is getting a little lighter, positive thinking.


Button on the team radio reckons that the circuit would be red flagged in this condition and is worse than the situation in Canada earlier in the season


Very little going on out there now as the rain continues to come down heavily, the spectators are getting under as much cover as they can find


The forecast for tomorrow is a lot better than today's which makes it even more frustrating for the teams that it is so damp today, they can't prepare their cars properly in such changeable conditions


Jenson Button the only man out there now, incredibly wet out there


Hamilton suffering from some serious twitches as he heads round, he has as much grip as he can possibly get with those tyres on and it is still too slippy to control, he's aquaplaning all over the place


Vettel straight back into the pits now, Hamilton has been out for a lap on the full wet tyres


An enormous amount of spray being kicked up by all the cars making visibility pretty poor, conditions are very bad indeed


A few more drivers are out on track now, Vettel is out there on the intermediate tyres, it really does look like a day for full wets though


Perez has the full wet tyres on and declares over the team radio that it is very wet, thanks for that Sergio


The local boy Jerome D'Ambrosio is out on intermediate tyres and is having to drive very cautiously indeed


It is very grey indeed at Spa and only D'Ambrosio and Perez have ventured out of the pit lane as yet


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the final practice session ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix at a damp and dreary Spa-Francorchamps