28/08/11 - 13:00
Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps • Race


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Fabulous stuff in Belgium today - many thanks for joining us this afternoon, and we'll be back in two weeks' time as F1 moves to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix.


Michael Schumacher completes an amazing drive to finish fifth after starting from the back of the grid, ahead of team-mate Rosberg. That's a stunning result for the F1 legend given the flak he's taken in recent weeks.


Webber comes in second, Button an incredible third from 13th on the grid, with Fernando Alonso coming in fourth.




The last lap is under way - and Sebastian Vettel is going to end his barren spell, while Red Bull are certain to make get a one-two!


Webber has been told to pick his pace up in case Button does something amazing - but there's a good 3.5 seconds between them, only a shocking error would rob Webber of a great second place.


On the penultimate lap Webber has found a bit of traffic - but Button is probably too far back to have a crack at second place.


Just moments after Button goes third Schumacher takes team-mate Rosberg to pinch fifth on the same stretch of track.


Button nails it through Eau Rouge - and he takes Alonso up the hill! Such a shame for the Ferrari man who has driven well - but the car just isn't getting the most out of the tyres today.


Button is all over Alonso now!


Schumacher and Rosberg are now having a decent tussle for fifth place, with Rosberg warned to conserve fuel in the heat of battle!


Webber now four seconds clear of Alonso, and six seconds behind Vettel. The top two spots look set in stone now.


What a battle this will be! Alonso is well off Button's pace, McLaren could end up stealing Ferrari's podium spot!


Button is eight tenths a laop faster than Alonso - now the gap is just 2 seconds.


Button is now just 3.8 behind Alonso... this is going right to the wire, and Button has been told by his pit team to put his foot down a bit more!


Webber is not catching his team-mate at all - he's merely keeping far enough ahead of Alonso to guarantee a Red Bull one-two.


Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher are fighting it out for fifth place - and Schumi has cut the gap to less than 0.75 seconds


Button is five seconds down on Alonso, and with the Ferrari star struggling on his last set of tyres he could end up missing the podium unless he finds some pace from somewhere.


Massive cheers in the Red Bull garage - but there could be some intra-team needle by the end if the flying Webber catches Vettel.


Webber looked too far back - but he nails Eau Rouge and goes through up the hill! Mark Webber goes into second place, 8.3 seconds behind Vettel.


Webber just a little too far off as the cars approach the final bend, it won't happen this time.


Webber half a second behind Alonso - he'll likely have a chance to attack at the end of this lap.


Vettel is seemingly easing off a little trying to make those tyres last as he looks to break his streak of races without a victory.


Webber looking stronger all the time now - he's inside two seconds of Alonso and second place looks in his grasp... while Button is just 6.6 seconds off this race for second place.


Vettel now seven seconds clear of Alonso, but Webber in third is reeling Alonso in at a fearsome rate.


Ten laps to go, and Mark Webber is hanging in their well in third place - while Michael Schumacher takes Sutil to go into sixth place.


Vettel's latest set of tyres, almost unbelievably, seem to be blistering already...


Felipe Massa has just made a third pit stop, and is flying on his new rubber.


Button has soft tyres on for his final stint - an all or nothing gamble. 12 laps would be a miravle on those...


Button is coming in! Coming in for one more set is his only chance, and he needs to hope that Vettel must stop once again. But Alonso is on the harder tyre and may well go to the end on this set.


Fernando Alonso has just set a fastest lap - but Vettel is flying as well, and he's up behind Button... and he takes him! Out of Eau Rouge, up the hill and Vettel's DRS makes it look as if Button missed a gear....


Button's pace still seems to be good - and Ferrari are now telling Alonso that they believe the McLaren driver could make it all the way to the end of the race on his set of tyres!


Massa and Rosberg have both now pitted as well. Everything depends on Button, Vettel and Alonso's tyre management over the final stages of the race...


VETTEL COMES OUT BEHIND JENSON BUTTON! The McLaren star leads the race - but how much longer can he keep going on these tyres?


Now Vettel comes into the pits! This is a crucial stop!


Vettel is doing okay despite his dodgy tyres - Button is still 15 seconds off the lead.


Alonso is coming in to the pits... and he's back out in 4th place.


Sutil still doing well in 7th, Schumacher 8th, Petrov 9th and Maldonado 10th.


Mark Webber's tyres aren't suffering as badly as Alonso's or Vettel's, however - don't write the Aussie off celebrating his new contract with a victory. Who'd have believed it after his shocker of a start?


Vettel is now 5.3 ahead of Alonso, 8 seconds ahead of Webber and 16 seconds clear of Button... and the way it's looking you'd have to think Button has every chance of pulling off a win.


Button is charging! He fancies this - he's on the radio asking how far ahead the next cars are, and is told that they're eight seconds ahead but suffereing with blistering...


Button almost takes Rosberg at the end of the start-finish straight, but the German's line is impeccable and he hangs on - but Button goes through up the hill, his DRS virtually catapulting him past the Mercedes. Button is fourth!


Fernando Alonso's tyres are just about holding up - he's clearly looking to make one less stop than Vettel, and with the gap just four seconds now that could be a winning strategy.


Button gets right up behind Massa into the chicane - and he goes through! Frome's favourite son is up to fifth, and is inside a second of Rosberg already.


Button is truly flying - he's now closed right up on Felipe Massa in fifth, and is inside half a second. His pace is great, his tyres look in great shape still - could this be another memorable victory to match his amazing win in Canada?


Vettel's third set of tyres are starting to blister. He'll be on a seven-stop strategy at this rate... literally.


Button has gone past Sutil! The Force India locks up his brakes and the former world champions flies straight through into sixth place. That's some effort after starting 13th.


Jenson Button's race pace is superb yet again - and he's right up behind Sutil now.


At the half-way stage of the race now, and things look fairly settled for now until the next round of tyre changes.


Vettel 4.4 seconds clear of Alonso, Webber 2 seconds further back in third...


Perez will face a drive-through over an incident that took Buemi's rear wing.


Button goes past on the final chicane - but Schumacher outbreaks him, and manages to hang on through the section to keep 7th spot!


Button is right up on Schumacher now and we're in for a treat of a tussle.


Alonso's pit crew come on the radio reassuring their man that "it's not a disaster" that Vettel has pulled so far ahead. He's clearly trying to do a long stint, and banking on the German to ruin another set of boots.


Vettel has pulled out almost three seconds on Alonso - remember, his tyres were basically pristine at the restart.


Worth mentioning Michael Schumacher: he's up to seventh after starting from the back of the grid. That's some effort, and he's a second in hand over Jenson Button behind him.


Vettel makes his move up the hill on Alonso - and he's through! It's almost too easy to overtake on that section... The DRS is just an astonoshing tool at times.


Jenson Button takes Perez and Petrov on the first corner to get up to 8th!


Webber third, Rosberg fourth, Massa fifth at the moment - but Vettel is closing on Alonso all the time.


Alonso is away well, but Vettel quickly catches him up and he's inside a second of the Ferrari.


Vettel has made two stops already - he's bound to be into the lead soon after the restart


Looks like we're nearly ready to get going again - the safety car will come in this lap.


One of the issues with the safety car is that Lewis Hamilton completely took out a barrier on the left of the circuit at the top of the hill where most of the overtaking has been happening.


Debris still being cleared from the track. Amazing how fast the Mercedes gullwing safety car looks like it's going, yet the F1 cars behind are swerving around madly trying to keep tyre temperature up!


With the safety car still out and Vettel having pitted, Alonso finds himself in the lead with Vettel right behind, Webber in third and Adrian Sutil in fourth.


The replays suggest that it simply never occurred to Hamilton that Kobayashi would come back at him. Hamilton looks frustrated as anything - he was looking after his tyres brilliantly and obviously thought he had a great chance of victory.


With the safety car out Vettel dives straight into the pits for fresh rubber.


The safety car is out - Hamilton is absolutely fine, but that was amazing. Kobayashi was trying to get back past Hamilton, and the Englishman clearly thought there was no threat and took his normal racing line. Kobayashi's front wheel caught Hamilton's rear and simply sent him spinning off.


LEWIS HAMILTON IS OUT OF THE RACE! The McLaren star thought he was past Kobayashi, but the Japanese driver came back at him and the two come together, sending Hamilton spinning off the circuit!


Hamilton is stuck behind Kobayashi and Petrov - but he now takes the former and is up to fifth. Petrov pits anyway, but now Hamilton takes Kobayashi as well.


With all the cars settling down after most of the opening round of tyre changes, Vettel ends up back in the lead and Alonso second.


Hamilton's engineers warn him that Vettel is struggling with his tyres again - the Red Bull set up is tearing through the rubber this weekend.


Lewis Hamilton takes Vettel up the hill - and the Brit leads the Grand Prix briefly, but comes in on the next lap.


Sebastian Vettel has blistered his second set of tyres, and is grumling on the pit radio.


Brilliant driving from Alonso! By taking Sutil early he then gets a great run at Webber up the hill after Eau Rouge - that DRS yet again helping the Ferrari blast past an opponent.


Webber manages to put Adrian Sutil's Force India between him and Alonso - good move by the Red Bull man, but Alonso takes him coming into turn one...


Alonso puts for new tyres - and Mark Webber takes him as he exits! The Aussie remains 8th, but looks determined to make Alonso fight.


Phew! What a race so far!


Hamilton does it: slipstreaming Rosberg on the exit from Eau Rouge, then using the DRS to go past his former go karting team-mate into second place!


As they cross the line Rosberg looks a marked man - but as he does everything to keep Hamilton off his back, Alonso is pulling away.


Alonso two seconds clear of Rosberg, Hamilton all over Rosberg's rear end trying to get back into second...


Alonso powers past Rosberg and immediately pulls away! The Ferrari superstar started 8th on the grid, this is a stunning performance - and


Alonso is all over Rosberg now - surely he'll come through!


Alonso and Hamilton are catching up on Rosberg, while Bruno Senns has been given a drive-through for causing the mayhem at the first corner.


Vettel is indeed coming into the pits with those damaged tyres, and Nico Rosberg leads once again!


Alonso takes team-mate Massa but runs wide, and as the Ferraris try to keep out of each other's way Lewis Hamilton charges up and manages to take Massa as well! Great stuff!


Vettel on the pit radio says he thinks his tyres are stabilising - but back in the battle for third it's all kicking off!


Sebastian Vettel is pulling away - but he's blistered his tyres and may have to come in to get a new set.


Fernando Alonso has a look at Massa - he was caught up in the opening corner trouble but got away by running well wide.


A replay of the start shows that Mark Webber had an absolute stinker, managing to activate his anti-stall settings. Webber, Bruno Senna, Jenson Button are among those who have been in the pits already for new tyres or front wings following those opening smashes.


Vettel slips past Rosberg! The runaway championship leader slips past the Mercedes man with judicious use of DRS.


Felipe Massa is keeping right up with Vettel and Rosberg, and there's barely a second between the first three cars.


Alonso takes Hamilton! The Spaniard was miles faster than the Brit through Eau Rouge.


Rosberg leads after the opening lap, but back behind Hamilton and Alonso are having a huge battle.


Massa third, Hamilton fourth, Alonso fifth early on, while Michael Schumacher is up to 15th after starting from the back.


Rosberg is pulling away, but there was a big collision at the first corner and yellow flags are out.


44 laps to go - and now Rosberg has overtaken Vettel! What a move from the German!


We're under way - and it's a poor start from Vettel and Hamilton, with Rosberg leaping up to second place!


Rosberg's car is smoking on the grid!


The drivers are finally round this long circuit and back on the grid....


Jenson Button is gambling - as well he should from way down the grid - on the harder tyre, but all of the top 10 are on the soft tyres.


The cars are lining up on the grid, with Sebastian Vettel on pole ahead of Lewis Hamilton - and now they're off on the parade lap.


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