25/08/13 - 13:00
Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps • Race


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Toby Keel

Many thanks for joining us - it's not been the rain-soaked thriller we'd hoped for, but it's hard to argue anything other than that the best team won today. We'll be back in two weeks time for the Italian Grand Prix from Monza - see you then!


Alonso is second, 17 seconds back, with Lewis Hamilton third a further ten seconds back.


SEBASTIAN VETTEL WINS THE BELGIAN GRAND PRIX! An immaculate display both from the driver and the car, and he stretches his lead to 46 points.


The final lap begins, and nothing can now stop Vettel getting his fifth win of the season, and his third in five races.


Vettel's gap at the front an amazing 17 seconds now...


"Make sure you stay within the car and within yourself" Red Bull tell Vettel after he posts the fastest lap of the race. 14 seconds clear an with three laps to go, that's good advice...


A few spots of rain confidently predicted by the end of the race now, but nothing heavy enough to change the result today.


Massa nips past Felipe Grosjean to rise to seventh place - Grosjean had been hanging on well, but his one-stop strategy meant that he just didn't have the tyres to hang on indefinitely.


Vettel now 12 seconds clear of Alonso, Alonso 12 seconds clear of Hamilton, Hamilton 2.5 seconds clear of Rosberg. Increasingly hard to see that changing now.


Still no sign of rain as Hamilton, Rosberg and Webber come through in that battle for third place, but the gaps between all three drivers is expanding rather than contracting right now. Webber's tyres seem to be dying on him and he's struggling for pace now - perhaps pushing too hard earlier has caught up on him.


Maldonado is given a 10-second stop-go penalty for taking out Di Resta earlier on - not that it'll make much difference considering he's already down in 16th.


Hamilton just a couple of seconds in front of Rosberg - if Webber can get past, he has a real chance of a podium finish.


Webber right up behind Rosberg up the Kemmel Straight, but he's not close enough and can't quite make it past. He slips back after the failed attempt, and Rosberg gains a bit of good breathing space.


Back down the field, Hulkenberg and Vergne are having a great battle, both men running the other slightly off the track round Les Combes.


Jenson Button comes into the pits! There's no rain yet, so we're not sure what's going on there - Button seemed to be lapping perfectly okay on those tyres, and surely he's blown any chance of that podium spot by going in before he had to.


Webber is chewing huge chunks of time out of fifth placed Nico Rosberg - over a second a lap right now, and he's a few corners from getting into attack formation...


It would also be McLaren's first podium of the season. Last time they went a year without a podium was 1980!


Button is told that he can 'go back to plan A', despite his tyres starting to look pretty bad now. Not sure if that means new tyres or not, but it could well mean staying out until the rain comes... And if that plan comes off, with a 2.5s advantage over Hamilton in fourth, Button is now looking pretty good for his first podium of the season.


Vettel gets a clear message on the radio: push your tyres as hard as you like to increase your lead, the rain is coming!


Jenson Button still clinging to third and still looking good on those hard tyres. He doesn't have to come in since he's had both types of tyres on, but it's a big ask to stay ahead of guys behind him considering that his tyres have 15 of these 4.2 mile laps on them already.


Alonso has just posted the fastest lap of the race so far, but he's still nearly six seconds clear at the front. Not out of the question for the Ferrari man to make a race of it...


Vettel comes into the pits - it's another flawless stop, and he'll now be on the harder, prime tyre til the end of the race, barring a downpour.


Mark Webber comes into the pits once again and he rejoins in sixth place.


It was Pastor Maldonado who clobbered Paul Di Resta's right rear wheel, but only after he came together with Sutil first. Big old mess...


Alonso has come in for his second tyre change, and comes back out five seconds ahead of Hamilton.


THERE'S A HUGE CRASH ON THE WAY ROUND THE BUS STOP! Paul Di Resta absolutely smashed by Sutil as he comes round in a four-way battle for 12th - a huge scrap that goes horribly wrong and sees disaster for the Scot.


Only a crash / safety car / mechanical problem can stop Vettel now., surely...


Lewis Hamilton comes in for what he hopes is his final set of tyres - let's hope they work better for him than the last lot. Mercedes also fiddle with his front wing to try and solve the handling troubles he's had during the race so far.


Raikkonen had finished 38 straight races in F1 before this retirement - a bitter blow for a driver with three wins at this circuit.


Raikkonen's smoking front brakes appear to have failed completely there, and he has to double back onto the track... but goes straight into the pits, and KIMI RAIKKONEN IS OUT OF THE BELGIAN GRAND PRIX!


Raikkonen changes tack by saving up his KERS to have a go at the end of lap 25 - and he goes through at the Bus Stop - but then keeps on going straight through the corner!


Massa still holding Raikkonen off pretty easily - Massa will have to make a mistake if he's to give up his 7th spot. It's the only duel on the track right now.


Raikkonen has a look at Massa up the hill, but Massa's amazing straight-line speed on the straight in that Ferrari means that the Brazilian holds his rival off with ease.


Raikkonen is right up behind Massa, fighting for 7th place as they come round La Source after the start-finish line.


"I'm trying to get everything I can out of this car," Lewis Hamilton says bleakly on his pit radio - now losing a second a lap, his tyres are a disaster, and the team tell him to hang on until he can get on to the hard tyre for his final stint.


Skies still very dark grey, but no precipitation as yet.... This race could definitely do with some rain.


Webber had been lapping almost a second a lap faster than Rosberg, trying to catch the young German for fourth place. With Hamilton losing 0.6 per lap on Alonso and Vettel right now, Webber will fancy climbing onto the podium.


Quickly becoming a procession for Alonso at the moment, while further back Button has just overtaken Massa at the Bus Stop to jump from 8th to 7th.


Rosberg is five seconds behind Hamilton, but Webber just second further back and he'll be lining up an attack soon.


Hamilton is nearly two seconds behind Alonso in third place now, and the way the race is going he might be lucky even to finish that high.


Button finally comes in for tyres - and he's going for the hard tyres. Webber is thriving on the hard tyre, so if he's light on this set he may yet get away without stopping again.


Jenson Button still yet to stop - he's five seconds down on Vettel, one second ahead of Alonso. Seems incredible considering everyone else's strategy, but it seems he might be trying for a one-stopper - or at least delaying tyres while hoping for rain.


Great move by Raikkonen to take Di Resta - absolute wheel-to-wheel stuff through the Bus Stop chicane


Button has yet to stop and is overtaken by Vettel, the German going back into the lead. Back in third, Alonso is opening up a lead over Hamilton now.


Huge battle between Alonso and Hamilton here - Alonso overtakes into La Source, the opening hairpin of the lap, but Hamilton is unable to DRS his way back into what is now third place up the Kemmel Straight. Great speed in that Ferrari to hang on to the spot.


A 2.7 second pit stop for Vettel, and he's back out well ahead in real terms.


Alonso comes in now and comes out just 0.7 behind Hamilton, while Vettel now comes in too...


Hamilton goes through after effectively a one-lap delay, and that's another couple of seconds he'll have lost to Vettel.


Alonso and Webber both pull into the pits, Vettel and Button now first and second.


Grosjean obviously not pulling away from Hamilton, who's all over him - but Grosjean is fighting back hard.


Hamilton comes out 8th, overtakes Grosjean who's currently 7th, then quickly loses the place straight back


Lewis Hamilton is in the pits for new tyres - that's an early stop as well.


Stewards hand out a drive-through penalty for Sergio Perez for the overtaking move on Grosjean! Seems a little harsh, Grosjean had no prospect of defending his position.


Latest rain radar suggests that the entire race might not be wet after all.


Di Resta comes in for new tyres and comes out in 16th place.


First put stop from one of the big teams and it's Felipe Massa who comes in, almost getting taken out by Nico Hulkenberg who is in early as well. Two stop strategy calls for new tyres on lap 18 or so, so those are very early stops.


Stewards are investigating Perez's overtaking move on Grosjean, the suggestion is that he drove him off the track...


Raikkonen finally takes Hulkenberg! The championship contender's front left wheel is pouring black dust onto the circuit every time he brakes, but he still overtook the German there.


Grosjean loses two places - Perez overtakes him and he ends up driving through the Les Combes chicane, letting Massa through as well.


Paul Di Resta still hanging on to seventh place, behind him Sauber's Nico Hulkenberg is defending will to stay in 8th ahead of the two Lotuses - but Raikkonen has a brake problem, his brakes are almost catching fire.


Vettel has settled down 4.2 seconds ahead of Hamilton, with Alonso three seconds further back.


ALONSO GOES PAST ROSBERG! The Ferrari is once again so much faster than its rivals through Eau Rouge to close up on Rosberg, and Alonso then flips on the KERS to ease past into third place going up the hill on the Kemmel Straight.


Alonso isn't far off Rosberg - and he'll have a look at him this lap...


Webber has taken Jenson Button to get back up into fifth place., but he's still two down from where he started.


Mark Webber's misery at the starts continued here today - the TV producers show a few replays, and Alonso lined him up in the first corner then pulled away from him through Eau Rouge as if he was driving a 1970s Ford Cortina.


Alonso passes Button! Fine pass by the Spaniard and he's already got Rodberg in his sights.


Felipe Massa, down in 12th, has just told his team over the radio that his KERS system isn't working. Not a good weekend for the Brazilian.


Vettel hasn't pulled away quite like this all season - and he's already being told to save his tyres by his team over the radio.


Raikkonen had a weak start and is back to ninth - but the big news is up the front, where Vettel is absolutely flying and leads Hamilton by 2.8s already.


Alonso has a look at Button on the Kemmel Straight up the hill, but doesn't have enough speed to get past there.


Webber sixth, Di Resta slipped to seventh in that first lap - and futher back, Max Chilton's dream passage to Q2 has evaporated as he's alread down from 16th to 21st.


Hamilton almost a second down already, Button up to fourth behind Rosberg, and Alonso is up to fifth.


VETTEL OVERTAKES HAMILTON ALREADY! He takes the Mercedes driver on the Kemmel Straight, whizzing straight past courtesy of his low-downforce set-up.


And we're away in Belgium! Great start by Hamilton and Vettel, with Rosberg third and Webber having his traditional awful starrt!


The cars line up on the grid, and the lights are on...


Hamilton blasts it round half the parade lap to warm up his rubber, then backs everyone right up in the final few corners.


There'll be a big debate today about tyre choices and one stop v two stop. With rain possibly coming later in the race, it feels like there will be a bit of luck needed for all the players today.


Conditions are so gloomy that the cars all have their rear, flashing red rain lights on right now as the cars begin the parade.


The mechanics are about to take the tyre warmers off, and about to get we're under way for the parade lap.


Fernando Alonso had a poor Q3 on Saturday, more from bad luck with timing than anything else. But he's won here from outside the front three rows of the grid before and will like his chances of at least making the podium and he's seeing some progress at the Scuderia.


Jenson Button on the grid: "I think we've got to watch out for the weather, it says it won't rain for a while but I'm not so sure." And he's dead right: the skies are disgracefully grey and ominous in this corner of south-eastern Belgium.


The protestors apparently parachuted onto the top of the stand to get there in the first place. Bunch of hypocrites, fancy taking an unnecessary flight like that!


There are a group of Greenpeace protestors causing a bit of argy bargy at Spa - they're on the top of the grandstands and look like they're going to try and abseil down into the crowd just before the start. Police have been called.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps.