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Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps • Race


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And Daniel Ricciardo takes the chequered flag to win a dramatic Belgian Grand Prix! Rosberg is a superb second given the circumstances ahead of Bottas, Raikkonen, Vettel, Magnussen and Button. It means Rosberg extends his championship lead to 29 points over Lewis Hamilton.


FINAL LAP: looking like Ricciardo has done enough to hold onto his third victory of the season. His lead is 4.5 seconds. Magnussen passes Alonso for fifth!


Great scrap between Button, Magnussen and Alonso, who eventually wins the scrap for fifth! Great racing. The gap at the front is 6.2 seconds. Looks like Rosberg hasn't done enough...


@MercedesAMGF1 That's it for @LewisHamilton - he's soldiered on valiantly but that's the race run. A disappointing end to such a strong weekend. #F1 #Spa


Rosberg told that any tenth will make a difference and that he should catch and pass Ricciardo. Nervous faces on the Red Bull pit wall...


Bottas takes Raikkonen for third! He sweeps past the former champ and into a podium place. Changing of the guard?


Hamilton retires. It’s been a miserable afternoon and we surely have not heard the last of this one!


Rosberg being told that he should be right on Ricciardo by the final lap. What an exciting finish we have in prospect here. Bottas also right up behind Raikkonen in the battle of the Finns. F1 is back with a bang folks!


Well Ricciardo’s tyres are going off! Rosberg is taking out three seconds a lap now. Wow this will be a close finish!


If Ricciardo’s prime tyre falls off a cliff, he’s in trouble but he can afford to lose a couple of seconds a lap.


Rosberg quickly gets back past Bottas and Raikkonen and sets about Ricciardo. Does Ricciardo need to stop again? he is 20 seconds ahead...


Rosberg pits! So those tyres were not good enough to get him to the end so the race win is in doubt. Vettel also in. Bottas takes Rosberg for third!


TEN LAPS REMAINING: Ricciardo extended his lead on the last lap so Rosberg has not made up the ground he wanted to.


Hamilton told to box for the prime tyre but it all seems academic now. Well out of the points.


Ricciardo’s gap is still at around three seconds. This race far from over. Bottas now setting about Raikkonen in third.


Great move from Bottas to overtake Vettel for fourth around the outside!


Rosberg being told his P2 is secure but knowing the German, he’ll be gunning for the win to rub salt into Hamilton’s would.


Bottas pits from second. This will be a fight between Ricciardo and Rosberg for the race win.


Ricciardo in! He rejoins behind Bottas after a 2.8 second stop. He’s only three seconds ahead of Rosberg. Game on!


Rosberg told to push as hard as possible to force Ricciardo to pit. Hamilton pootling around in 16th and seems to have given up the ghost.


Rosberg still 25 seconds behind Ricciardo but Ricciardo yet to pit. He could wind up around 6 seconds behind the Aussie so amazingly, Rosberg could still win this race! That wouldn’t go down well with Lewis... Alonso makes his second stop and emerges ninth.


Ricciardo now looks in excellent shape to win his third race of the season as Rosberg gets back past Button for fourth. The top four still to make their final stops for the harder prime tyre. Raikkonen passes Button for fifth and Rosberg sweeps past Alonso and into a podium position.


Vettel in for his second stop. Going onto the harder compound and should see out the race on these. Button passes Rosberg and Raikkonen is now on his tail. Problem for Rosberg?


@Mercedes AMGF1: Mediums for @nico_rosberg too - vibrations after the lock up should now be resolved. He's back out to hunt down some bull... #F1 #BelgianGP


Raikkonen pits from second as Alonso has a go at Magnussen for fifth.


Rosberg back down in ninth now, his chances of a podium seem to be shot. He should still extend his title lead over Hamilton though! Ricciardo still leads from Raikkonen and Vettel.


Rosberg pits again for another set of prime tyres. Seems to have problems on the option but a strange decision. Hamilton changed another set of soft options.


Ricciardo leading Raikkonen by 6.3 seconds. Looking very good for the Australian, having a fine season. Vettel still defending from Bottas as Rosberg reporting vibrations...


The stewards have investigated the incident between Hamilton and Rosberg and have decided to take no action. Will go down as a racing incident.


Rosberg now losing more ground. Perhaps his tyres suffered during that big lock-up. Hamilton down in 16th. Bottas in the DRS zone behind Vettel. Could get past soon. The Finn having a fine race. Hamilton pits for fresh rubber.


Rosberg locks up hard trying to take Vettel through Blanchimont and almost loses his place to Bottas! That didn’t work out. Indeed Bottas does take Rosberg for fourth!


Ricciardo still leads Raikkonen by just over three seconds, Vettel third ahead of Rosberg. Rosberg must take Vettel on the medium compound if he is to have a chance of winning this race.


So with all of the lead group having made their first stops, Ricciardo leads from Raikkonen, Vettel, Rosberg, Bottas and Magnussen. Rosberg will be looking to go longer on his medium tyre.


Great pass from Alonso on Perez at Pouhon. Button pits from the lead. That was short-lived!


So after that series of stops, Bottas leads from Alonso, Vettel, Ricciardo and Magnussen. Hamilton still 19th but going quickly. Alonso and Bottas pit.


Now Ricciardo in for his stop so Bottas now leads the race but he’s yet to stop. There’s a bit of debris on Rosberg’s aerial but he’s ignoring it for the time being.


Vettel, Kvyat and Hulkenberg pits. Vettel comes out behind Raikkonen.


Massa pits for the harder tyre as Rosberg is told he needs to past Raikkonen ASAP!


Rosberg is in for his front wing change and that puts Ricciardo into the lead of the race. Raikkonen also pits. Rosberg changes to the medium compound, Raikkonen stays on the soft.


Remember, every driver bar Adrian Sutil on the soft compound. Expecting stops around lap 20. Hamilton sets a fastest lap so he’s giving it his all. Rosberg leads from Ricciardo, Vettel and Bottas, who takes Alonso for fourth.


Hamilton now reporting he’s sliding so much that his left rear is wearing fast. Not good news. Not good at all. Hamilton told he must do 15 laps before pitting again. Ricciardo passes Vettel for second!


The real beneficiaries are, of course, the Red Bulls. Rosberg still out with that damaged nose. Hamilton will be hoping for rain...


Hamilton also confirming his floor has sustained some damage. He’ll do really well to get something out of this today, currently 18th and a minute behind Rosberg. Rosberg also under threat from Vettel.


So after all this drama, Rosberg leads from Vettel and Ricciardo, who passes Alonso. Lotterer has stopped on the track and Maldonado also out. Button up to eighth.


There also may be damage to the front wing of Nico Rosberg in that incident. Hamilton comes in for new rubber. Fernando Alonso is fourth but faces a five-second penalty for violating 38.5 of the technical regulations at the start.


DRAMA! Rosberg contacts Hamilton as he tries to overtake. He gives Hamilton a puncture and he has to limp back almost a whole lap to the pits. A disaster for Hamilton again and he will be fuming. Definitely looked like Rosberg’s fault.


AND WE’RE RACING IN BELGIUM! Drama at the start as Lewis Hamilton overshoots his box. He reverses then gets away brilliantly to snatch the lead! Vettel up to second, Rosberg third. Brillliant news for the Brit, who defends from Vettel who overshoots and loses his place. What a start!


Fernando Alonso is left stranded on the grid on the formation lap but finally gets away. Looks like a battery problem but he does get going. Should be able to recover his grid position. Most cars starting on the soft compound.


FIVE MINUTES TO LIGHTS OUT: Current weather conditions are overcast with Eric Boullier reporting a shower could be coming. The intermediates and wets may come into play. Stay tuned for what could be an absolute gripper!


TEN MINUTES TO LIGHTS OUT: With changeable conditions a possibility, getting a good start will be crucial as always. Check out our exclusive guide from Will Gray in collaboration with Caterham.


STRATEGY: It’s looking like a two-stop strategy for most teams unless we get a safety car situation. Remember, Pirelli have brought the soft option tyre and the medium prime to Spa this weekend along with the standard intermediate and wets.


WEATHER UPDATE: Currently no rain after a few drops 20 minutes ago. The sun is now out. Typical Spa, you just never know!


Fernando Alonso: "We expected to have Williams quite strong here, but maybe with qualifying being wet it masked their true pace, so maybe tomorrow in dry conditions we can expect them to be very competitive."


Valtteri Bottas: “We usually get good starts so any positions gained at the start will be important. But the race is long so if we don’t gain on the Red Bulls and Ferraris, it’s still a long race.”


With only seven rounds of the championship remaining after Belgium, only 11 points separate leader Rosberg from his Mercedes rival. A 1-2 in Hamilton’s favour would cut that gap to four points but with a chance of rain in spa, anything could happen.


The latest news is exciting for all neutral F1 fans and the drivers starting behind the dominant Mercedes duo. It wasn't forecast until after the race but light rain is starting to fall on some parts of the circuit...


Rosberg beat Hamilton to pole in a wet session on Saturday but it later emerged that Hamilton was yet again hampered by brake problems. Sebastian Vettel starts from third on the grid ahead of Fernando Alonso, Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas. Kevin Magnussen, Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Jenson Button round out the top ten.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Belgian Grand Prix where Nico Rosberg starts on pole position from Lewis Hamilton as the battle for the championship reaches a crucial phase. Lights out 13.00 BST.