24/11/12 - 13:00
Brazilian Grand Prix
Autódromo José Carlos Pace • Free Practice 3

Free Practice 3

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That is the end of the final free practice session for the Brazil GP - Button was quickest in the end with Vettel's late burst putting him second. Webber was third, Hamilton fourth and Grosjean and Di Resta shunted down after the big guns improved late on. Alonso back in eighth after an unhappy spell on the mediums. We'll be back at 4pm for qualifying!


Vettel snuck out for a final lap and well done to the Red Bull man - he moves second, a tenth or so off Button.


Hamilton's final lap is quick but not quick enough - he left it a bit late in the end and has to settle for fourth, 0.2s off Button.


Hamilton's second lap on the mediums is all right, 0.34 off Button and in fifth. Webber is second from Button, with Grosjean and Di Resta third and fourth entering what should be the final lap.


Alonso now pits as he seems to admit defeat in this late run on the mediums. He's seventh!


Vettel is stuck in the garage. Will he come back out or does he know all he needs to know?


Hamilton's first go on the mediums is slowish but he's just getting himself ready, he has three more shots at least. Vettel follows suit with a conservative opener.


Webber does move second with 1:13.385 but Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel should better that.


Yup Button posts a 1:13.192 with Grosjean tucking in behind... Webber going well now, he could sneak into second...


So Hulkenberg now tops the timesheets after doing a 1:13.623, with Di Resta edging ahead soon after. Button and co will smash that though.


Pretty much everyone is out now, less a qual simulation, more racey given the traffic.


Button and Alonso are out - Hamilton and Vettel to follow soon. Expect them to be there or thereabouts.


Starting off with the qualifying simulation runs - the top six are waiting a touch before hitting the track.


Everyone is getting the medium tyres on for what should be an entertaining burst of pace to close this session.


The weathermen announce there will be no rain at all this session, despite the clouds. Whoop.


Still just Rosberg and Shumi for Mercedes using the medium tyres, and doing well off them. Vettel and Webber return to the pits though, could see a change from the hards.


Vergne is having issues with his front suspension. He's back in 17th now, a good 1.5s off the pace.


The upper end of the timesheets is being jostled for the first time in a while as Rosberg uses the medium-softs to good effect in moving fifth ahead of Alonso and Webber.


Senna had gone a touch wide after coming uphill round the corner, fortunate there was no contact. Schumi improved again and is now eighth.


Senna has a bit of a spin wih Schumacher in close attendance. Hairy.


Schumacher has changed tyres and has quickened a touch - still mid-table though.


Vettel again loses some time uphill, but only a tenth this time. He makes no overall impact on the timesheets there, .29s behind Button in the end.


Almost the full compliment of riders out now as Vettel starts a timed lap under something close to race conditions.


Vettel is back out again on his hard tyres, following Webber who returned about half a lap earlier.


Button-Vettel-Hamilton-Massa-Webber-Alonso. No surprises there then.


Di Resta is ticking along nicely, in eighth right now as he completes his latest pit-stop to re-enter the action.


Massa and Alonso are egging each other on now as the former moves fourth, the latter sixth.


Alonso is around half a second off Button's lead time, and he appears to be working closely with Massa on race tactics.


Vettel is still having some work done, while Alonso progressively moves up the timesheets as he purrs into action. Massa is working with him too.


Most of the action is mid-table, as it were, as Schumacher and Rosberg trade places. Massa, meanwhile, moves to sixth.


As more of the drivers get into the pits, Alonso posts a 1:14.863 to move ninth.


Vettel is back in the pits as his team no doubt look for a solution to that 0.2s loss 2/3 through each lap.


Webber shows that Red Bull's overall speed is good but finding a 1:14.263 to move into fourth, but like Vettel he loses time uphill.


Maldonado, meanwhile, has moved ahead of Grosjean into fourh with 1:14.387. Now Alonso enters the play, very late for him.


It appears that Red Bull are losing two tenths on McLaren up the hill.


Vettel now moves ahead of Hamilton but just behind Button after slowing up the hill - he had been fastest in the early sectors. McLaren is enjoying the hill it seems.


Bit of a lock-up for Button but he's still comfortably the quickest so far.


Button shaves another tenth off his best time, as Webber moves up to sixth with a 1:14.6


Button has dipped under 1:14 by a tenth as he and team-mate Hamilton show their speed early on. Grosjean is a second behind in third.


Raikkonen's session is over, it is confirmed. Hopefully they'll sort that problem out for qualification at 4pm.


Vettel is back out from the pits after his tetchy installation phase. Should be posting some competitive times now.


Schumi, meanwhile, is getting his spluttery engine seen to in the pits. Hulkenberg's first timed lap is well off the pace, about 5s shy.


Hamilton is out and has posted the quickest time so far, dipping into the 1:14's, but then so does Button as I type.


Schumi locks up into turn one and he coughs up some smoke. Seems fine though.


Raikkonen was making all kinds of noises the replay shows. Doubt he'll be back out this session, they'll need a full engine swap for qual.


Lots of smoke billowing from Raikkonen's car early in this session. Possible engine trouble it seems.


Perez is out now. Still no sign of Hamilton, not sure what Button and Alonso are up to either.


Kobayashi has now posted a 1:15.527. The soon-to-be-ex Sauber driver is looking to raise funds for next season, so has set up a website.


Mercedes so far the only outfit to have posted times, Schumi and Rosberg taking it down to the 1:15's, everyone else checking their data.


No rain for half an hour according to the weathermen. Vettel, meanwhile, is back into the garage and doesn't look particularly happy.


Rosberg posts a 1m:20.153, with Schumacher about 2s behind. That's the first competitive time posted.


Vettel chucks something at the Red Bull garage as he drives past. I'm sure we'll hear more on that later.


Not much time in the pitlane for Vettel, who's straight back out. No messing about, with some of the big guns - including Webber - on their second tours.


Vettel is back in the pits after one lap with Schumacher now out too. Really cloudy now, almost no sun.


Apparently Glock came out the pits over the exit line, so he could be in line for a chat with the stewards.


Most of the cars are out early today, with reports of bad weather impending.


The final free practice session is underway.


The full timesheets of the second free practice session are below. Not all users can click through, alas.


Lewis Hamilton has found some of his best career form in the latter stages of his time at McLaren, and he again impressed in free practice at Sao Paulo.


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