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Brazilian Grand Prix
Autódromo José Carlos Pace • Race


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And Sebastian Vettel is world champion for the third time as Jenson Button wins the Brazilian Grand Prix behind the safety car. What a race and what a season! Thanks for joining us and congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.


ONE LAP REMAINING! Kobayashi has spun and drops a couple of places. Button is on his way to victory and Alonso is second from Massa and Webber. Hulkenberg fifth from the soon to be three time world champion. Di Resta has crashed in the final sector!


Three laps to go. All the pit stops out of the way and Vettel has a clear track. Alonso still second and has driven his heart out. He needs some reliability issues from Button to help him out.


Vettel being urged to ‘keep it on the black stuff’ by his pit crew.


You couldn’t have wished for a closer end to this amazing season. Vettel could win the title by a single point. Amazing stuff.


FIVE LAPS REMAINING! Vettel looks set to win his third consecutive title. He is sixth. Button leads from Alonso, Massa, Webber and Hulkenberg.


Schumacher pulls over and allows Vettel through to sixth! The only way Alonso can win is to win the race and hope that something happens to Vettel. Vettel three points clear as we stand.


As is stands, Vettel would win the title by just one point! He is urged just to keep the car on the track. If he does that, he is champion again.


Button has reported back that he is happy on the intermediates despite the increasing rain. Alonso is allowed past Massa for second but Vettel is still seventh, which is enough.


The rain is really coming down now and full wets may be required. My word, Brazil never ceases to throw up drama. Memories of 2008 literally flooding back. Hamilton gets a round of applause and he really should have won this race but for that misfortune.


Ten laps to go so here is how it stands. Button leads from Hulkenberg and Massa. Alonso is fourth and Vettel seventh. Vettel would win the title as it stands but more rain is expected. Anything could still happen.


Alonso is now third and Vettel is ninth. As it stands, that’s enough for Vettel. Just!


The rain is coming down much heavier now. Now Button comes in for intermediates.


Now Alonso is in for intermediates! So much to talk about here. Hulkenberg is still running but has a drive through penalty.


It’s started raining again and Vettel got it wrong. He’s had to pit again for intermediates. Alonso must pit as well though so it could be okay.


Hamilton and Hulkenberg have collided in the battle for first into turn one and Hamilton is out! Oh that’s a shame for Lewis. That was Hulkenberg’s fault as he slid out into Hamilton. Button leads.


Looks like Raikkonen has made a mistake and spun. He rejoins near the back.


Vettel in for soft compound for soft slick tyres! A big gamble there. If it rains again, he could be cooked!


Twenty laps until the title is decided. Vettel still fine in seventh.


Just to add to the drama, Sebastian Vettel has lost contact with his team as his radio has malfunctioned! Rosberg in for intermediates.


Hamilton leads from Hulkenberg, Button, Alonso and Massa. Vettel still sitting pretty in seventh.


Very difficult to predict what will happen next. Some cars need to stop again for new tyres but will it be slicks or intermediates?


Lewis Hamilton takes Hulkenberg for the lead as the German goes sideways into turn 6.


Vettel is in good shape for his third consecutive title and Webber is behind him.


We’re expecting cars to pit again soon for the final time, if it stays dry!


RACE POSITIONS: Hulkenberg. Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Massa, Kobayashi, Vettel.


Hulkenberg probably needs to stop again so Hamilton is looking good. Button close behind Hamilton but he has only stopped once.


Hulkenberg is struggling with his downshifts. He still leads from Hamilton by 1.503 seconds.


The Brazilian Grand Prix never disappoints. This could go down to the wire, as it famously did in 2008. Alonso is fourth, Vettel seventh. Vettel would win by seven points as it stands.


Hamilton only 1.9 seconds behind Hulkenberg. More rain on the way.


RACE POSITIONS: Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Massa, Kobayashi, Vettel.


We are coming up for another round of pit stops.


We have four retirements. Grosjean, Maldonado, Senna and Perez. Hamilton sets a new fastest lap. My money is on Hamilton winning his final race in McLaren overalls.


For you Schumacher fans, he is down in tenth after starting 13th.


Hamilton has dialled in a new fastest lap as there are reports of rain again down at turn 9.


Just over half distance and Hulkenberg leads from Hamilton, Button, Alonso, Kobayashi, Massa and Vettel.


Remember, Alonso needs to be in the top three and he’s not close enough to Hamilton.


Massa sweeps past Vettel, dropping the German to seventh. It’s still okay for Vettel as Alonso is fourth.


Alonso gets back past Kobayashi. All happening and the weather has made for a great race here.


Kobayashi also takes Alonso for fourth! Not good for the Spaniard. Massa dives past Di Resta.


Hamilton passes Button for second! Hulkenberg still leads. Alonso fourth from Kobnayashi and Vettel. Still good enough for Vettel.


The safety car is in. Webber runs wide to avoid contact with Vettel and Kobayashi also challenged for fifth. And Kobayashi did get past Vettel!


Still they sit behind the safety car. Should only be one more lap. It’s still raining.


Alonso has reported that it’s raining again into turn 4. Button also complaining that the safety car is going too slowly and he is losing tyre temperature.


As it stands, Vettel would win the title by 11 points with 283 points to Alonso’s 272.


The safety car is still out.


Hulkenberg and Button have indeed taken the opportunity to pit for the hard Pirellis that should see them to the finish.


No matter where Alonso finishes, fourth is good enough for Vettel. Safety car still out.


Not great news for Hulkenberg and Button who have lost a huge lead now. They were almost 40 seconds clear.


And we now have a safety car deployed due to debris out on the circuit. Good news for Vettel.


Still Hulkenberg leads by under a second from Button. Hamilton third from Alonso and Vettel.


As it stands Vettel would win the title. Hulkenberg leads from Button, Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.


The circuit is drying out. Vettel is in from fourth! Webber also in.


And Nico Hulkenberg leads the Brazilian Grand Prix after taking Jenson Button! Lewis Hamilton in for new rubber. Alonso in too.


Really interesting now. Hulkenberg right on Button’s tail and Vettel is behind Alonso. Fantastic racing in this final grand prix of the season. Just what we wanted.


The drive of the day though is surely from Sauber bound Nico Hulkenberg. He challenges Button for the lead but Button defends.


Vettel takes Kobayashi for fifth. This is a great drive from the Red Bull star.


So on lap 15 the standings are: Button, Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Massa, Vergne. Hamilton is saying his tyres are going off. Vettel up to eighth so looking good.


A lot of cars have still not pitted and the track is very slippery. You would think Button and Hulkenberg must pit soon.


Hulkenberg is also choosing to stay out. So Button leads from Hulkenberg and Hamilton. Massa is fourth from Alonso. Vettel is tenth. As it stands, Alonso would be champion by two points!


Jenson Button has told his pit crew that it has stopped raining and he’s staying out! This could be a stroke of genius.


And now there is a flood of cars in for intermediates including Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel.


Webber is in for intermediates as is Schumacher.


STANDINGS: Hamilton, Button, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Massa, Kobayashi. Vettel storming up to eighth. Senna-esque drive from 1988!


And Button takes team-mate Hamilton for the lead! Great stuff here. Kobayashi may get a drive through penalty for taking out Webber.


It was Kobayashi that hit Webber. Kimi on intermediates. What a frantic start. Alonso still in the box seat for the tile as the rain comes down a little heavier.


And Webber has now spun off into turn one. It’s all happening here!


The rain has started to fall too so we are expecting cars to stop for intermediates. Raikkonen is in for intermediates!


So as it stands, Hamilton leads from Button, Hulkenberg and Alonso. Vettel up to 18th.


And Alonso has now run wide and he’s down to fourth. Drama already and Massa challenges Webber!


Vettel has been told to stay out. We already have two retirements with Senna and Perez retirement. DRS currently disabled due to conditions.


So Hamilton leads from Button and Alonso but Vettel is coming back through the field. Remember, if Alonso finishes third and Vettel is outside the top ten, Alonso is champion!


A great start from the Ferraris and a disaster for Vettel! He has been his into turn four and is last. He also has damage. Alonso is third behind the McLarens of Hamilton and Button.


Only moments away from lights out. The atmosphere is amazing. Alonso or Vettel? How will Lewis Hamilton fare in his final race for McLaren and where will Michael Schumacher finish in his final race? All those questions will be answered soon. Every car is on slicks with the track still dry enough.


Some conspiracy theorists think Massa may take Vettel out on the opening lap. Could that really happen? Surely it would result in a lengthy ban from the sport and Felipe doesn’t seem like that kind of chap. What do you guys think? Tweet me your thoughts @fmasefield.


Okay guess what folks, it’s starting spitting with rain! This makes things very interesting indeed. Perhaps intermediates is the way to go but many teams are still starting on slicks.


Not only is it Lewis Hamilton’s last race for McLaren, it is of course Michael Schumacher’s last race in Formula One after 21 years! He is now driving around the circuit with a thank you flag. He starts 13th on the grid and the wet weather master has a wet weather set-up. So who knows, maybe he will bow out with one last storming drive.


The current weather forecast is that there is a 50% chance of rain but it is currently overcast but bone dry. It could make things very interesting. To recap, Lewis Hamilton starts on pole from McLaren team-mate Jenson Button in his final race for the team. The Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel line up third and fourth from Felipe Massa, Nico Hulkenberg and Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard has a lot of work to do!


The ramifications are as follows. Vettel needs to finish fourth to win his third successive title. For Alonso to win his third title, he needs to win with Vettel finishing outside the top four or finish second with Vettel outside the top seven or come third with Vettel 10th or lower.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE lap-by-lap coverage of the title deciding Brazilian Grand Prix. Lights out at 16.00 GMT!