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Brazilian Grand Prix
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Brazilian Grand Prix - 17 November 2019

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Race classification - 1) Verstappen 2) Gasly 3) Hamilton 4) Sainz 5) Raikkonen 6) Giovinazzi 7) Ricciardo 8) Norris 9) Perez 10) Kvyat 11) Magnussen 12) Hulkenberg 13) Russell 14) Grosjean 15) Albon 16) Kubica DNF - Vettel, Stroll, Leclerc, Bottas


That was absolute chaos. One of the most entertaining races of the year, but in the end it was actually a dominant display by Verstappen! He was the main man. It was just behind him that all the chaos unfolded.


VERSTAPPEN WINS THE BRAZILIAN GP! The Red Bull driver crosses the line and claims the race victory! Gasly and Hamilton go to the line, but it's the Toro Rosso who claims second place! Hamilton gets a podium finish, but what will the stewards say about his clash with Albon?


ALBON SPINS! Hamilton dives down the inside of the rookie Red Bull driver, they touch and Albon spins! That's a disaster for Albon! His race has been destroyed! Hamilton is up to P3, but will the stewards look at that?


The safety car is in! We're going to have two laps of chaos! Hamilton is down in P4, but he's on fresh tyres! There's a real chance for Albon to snatch this race victory as well! How will this go?


Hamilton pitted! So in the chaos of the Ferrari clash Hamilton dived into the pits... but why? This race looks likely to end under the safety car and Mercedes might just have pitted Hamilton off the podium!


FERRARI DISASTER! The two Ferraris have collided and both have picked up punctures! Double DNFs! Wow! Who was at fault there? Leclerc was trying to go down the inside, but it all went so wrong!


Verstappen now has a 3.8-second lead on Hamilton and it's starting to feel that the Dutchman has this one wrapped one. The real drama is in the battle for second and third place!


This is really the first time we have seen Albon up with the big boys at the front of the pack and he is making a good impression. However, he still has work to do to secure that podium finish.


Albion is less than a second behind Hamilton and then there's Vettel and Leclerc behind him as well. Vettel attempted to get past Albon, but the rookie gets his elbows out and keeps P3!


Verstappen has now built up an advantage of 2.5 seconds ahead of Hamilton and this is starting to look very good for the Red Bull driver. And it's also looking good for his teammate Albon as well!


Now this is interesting. It was crucial that Hamilton stayed ahead of Verstappen for as long as possible. That didn't happen and now he will be under real pressure from Albon behind him!


VERSTAPPEN IS THROUGH ON THE RESTART! That was magnificent from the Dutchman! He made the move on Hamilton into Turn 1! Albon also got ahead of the two Ferraris and is up into P3! Wow!


THE SAFETY CAR IS IN! We are racing again and we have 10 laps of a finale to end this race! Pretty much everything is up for grabs! Hamilton, Verstappen, Vettel, Albion and Leclerc will all want a big finish!


Because it's such a short lap they don't want the pack all closing up and then interfering with the leaders in a few laps time. They are allowing the bottom feeders to overtake the safety car.


"The safety car needs to speed up, man. Jeez!" Safe to say that Hamilton is itching to get racing again here. He has Verstappen in his sights, although Vettel, Albon and Leclerc are all in play too!


We're still behind the safety car for the time being while they deal with Bottas' car. This could be what Leclerc in particular needed in his duel with Vettel for a podium place.


Mass pit stops! So many drivers are making the most of the safety car to switch on to fresh tyres. Verstappen is in, Leclerc is in, Grosjean is in... did Mercedes bring Hamilton in?


Full safety car! This could make things interesting. The pack will now tighten up and this could produce a real finale until the end of the race. This is what Hamilton needed to catch Verstappen.


BOTTAS' RACE IS OVER! Oh dear. Bottas has suffered a power unit problem and has had to park the car at the side of the track. That had been coming. Smoke coming out of the back of the Mercedes.


Albon comes in for his second stop of the race and he's on to the soft compound tyres to take him through to the end. The young Red Bull driver is just about still in the picture for a podium place.


Bottas just can't get through! He clearly has the straightline speed, and DRS, on Leclerc, but the youngster isn't about to give up fifth position easily. He's just about keeping ahead!


As things stand... 1) Vettel 2) Verstappen 3) Hamilton 4) Albon 5) Leclerc 6) Bottas


Bottas is all over the tail of Leclerc, but the Finn isn't being bold enough to get past the Ferrari. That has always been the criticism of Bottas, that he doesn't take enough risks. A good and a bad thing.


Very quick pit stop from Verstappen! That was excellent from Red Bull. They got their man out in 1.9 seconds and they have got Verstappen out in front of Hamilton, although the gap has been cut.


Hamilton into the pits! "What are you waiting for?" Hamilton complained on the team radio the lap before he was brought in. Is he driving the Mercedes team radio? He's out in P3.


PICTURE: Verstappen is still leading this race.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

Hamilton still isn't enjoying these tyres. It looks like Mercedes might be about to bring him in... wait, no! It's actually Bottas who is being switched on to the medium compound tyres.


A lot of the drivers are complaining about the wind around this Interlagos circuit. Verstappen has just been on the team radio and is reassured that everyone is having the same problem.


So while there are concerns over Hamilton's tyres Verstappen hasn't built up enough of a lead to be sure that he will come out in front of Bottas when he does pit again in about 10 laps' time.


The first phase of the race saw so much movement and so many storylines to follow, but it just feels like everyone is taking a breather until the next phase. A bit of a stalemate right now.


So what do Mercedes do here? Should they pull in Hamilton earlier than planned to move him on to the hard tyres? It seems that they might not have another choice. Interesting.


Uh oh. Hamilton's tyres don't seem to be lasting as long as he would have hoped for. He was right. Mercedes really should have moved on to the hard compounds. Verstappen is disappearing over the horizon.


PICTURE: Vettel will fancy his chances. He's running well.

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) - GP of Brazil 2019

Time penalty! Kubica has been handed a five-second time penalty for his role in the incident between the Williams and Verstappen in the pit lane. The Pole has got off quite light there.


Leclerc into the pits! Interestingly, Ferrari have put their young driver on the hard tyres with Vettel on the medium. Are they on different strategies? Will the hard tyres last until the end of the race?


"We've gone to the run tyre. We should have gone to the medium." He might have a point. Vettel has just gone on to the medium compound tyres and he's just set the fastest lap.


"It's very hard to keep up with him right now," Hamilton is complaining on the team radio. Indeed, Verstappen is finding great pace and has built up an advantage of two seconds in P1.


As things stand... 1) Verstappen 2) Hamilton 3) Vettel 4) Leclerc 5) Bottas 6) Albon 7) Norris 8) Sainz 9) Gasly 10) Stroll


Bottas into the pits! I don't think we have mentioned the Finn so far, but he's certainly in play for a podium finish. He's into the pits and Verstappen and Hamilton are released through again.


This was the drama that occurred in the pit lane!


HAMILTON BACK AHEAD OF VERSTAPPEN! WAIT... NO! This is the duel that we've been waiting for since Hungary! Hamilton gets down the inside of Verstappen, but just as it looks like the Mercedes has made it past the Red Bull the Dutchman closes the door!


Verstappen past Hamilton! The Dutchman has made amends for what happened in the pit lane and passes Hamilton in fantastic fashion! What a duel this is turning into and we're only 25 laps into this!


Pit lane drama! Wow! That could be a big moment in this race! It was a pit stop of under two seconds for Verstappen, but Williams released Kubica right into his path and that has held up the Red Bull! Hamilton has got through!


So what do Red Bull do now? Do they keep Verstappen out for a while longer after Hamilton's pit stop? Or do they bring in the race leader now to respond to the strategy from Mercedes?


Hamilton into the pits! The soft tyres go on the Mercedes and this is the attempt at the undercut! "Don't miss this shot," Hamilton said on the team radio just before he dived into the pit lane.


PICTURE: Hamilton is catching Verstappen in P1.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - Großer Preis von Brasilien

"These tyres are gonna go," says Verstappen and there is a growing sense that this race is starting to turn in Hamilton's favour. The Mercedes tyres seem to be holding up a bit better.


It seems that Hamilton might have been encouraged by the vibration Verstappen felt on the front left a few laps ago. He really wants to apply the pressure on the race leader now.


After moving through seven places in about eight laps, Leclerc is now finding it more difficult to close the difference on Albon ahead of him. The Red Bull is still 2.5 seconds ahead.


Time penalty! The stewards have looked at the incident between Magnussen and Ricciardo and as a result the Renault driver has been handed a five-second penalty. Not a great afternoon for Ricciardo so far.


Early on it seemed that Verstappen was attempting to really push it at the front of the pack, but now it's possible that the Red Bull is trying to save the car. Is this a one or two-stop race?


PICTURE: Verstappen leads the race after 14 laps.

Geht von der Pole aus an den Start: Max Verstappen

Verstappen is on the team radio saying that he picked up some rubber on his front left tyre. It doesn't seem to be a massive problem, but something that the Dutch driver has noted.


Ricciardo has been in and out of the pits and the Australian has re-emerged out into P18. He isn't happy with Magnussen, but the Haas driver seemed to give him enough space!


Damage! You could see that one coming! Magnussen didn't yield to Ricciardo as he tried to get past the Haas, but the two cars collided and there's damage to the Renault's front wing.


The thing about Leclerc's qualification was that he seemed to have good pace, it was just one mistake and an engine change that cost him. That pace has carried over into the race.


Verstappen is setting quick the pace. He seems especially quick through the middle section of the lap. Meanwhile, Albon is gaining on Bottas and Leclerc is up to P7 as he passes Raikkonen.


Wow! What an incredible start by Leclerc. The young Ferrari driver is getting stuck in. He started P14 on the grid and is already up to P8 as he moves very quickly through the pack.


Very nice move from Raikkonen into Turn 1, moving up to P7 after a solid start to the race. This could be one of his best showings of the season if he can sustain this.


Hamilton has been on the team radio to say that he thinks Verstappen is pushing hard early on. He has just set the fastest lap and that hints at a two-stop strategy from the Red Bull.


There's a great battle between Leclerc, Norris and Ricciardo. Leclerc is up to P11 while Norris and Ricciardo are switching positions in the scrap for 12th. Great racing between the two.


LIGHTS OUT! Hamilton got off to a good start, getting around the outside of Vettel into Turn 1. However, Hamilton is now defending against Vettel and that has allowed Verstappen to get away at the front of the pack.


Formation lap! Not long until lights out at Interlagos. This promises to be a compelling race.


Vettel will be looking to steal a match on Verstappen into Turn 1. However, his Ferrari teammate will have to do well to get close to the podium. Leclerc had a nightmare Saturday and is down in 14th on the grid.


I'm Graham Ruthven and you can catch me on Twitter ahead of the race to let me know your thoughts. Do you expect Verstappen to get the job done and make up for what happened here last year? Tweet me!


Of course, the driver and constructor championships have already been sewn up and so these final two races of the season are about preparing for 2020. Can anyone prove that they can close the gap on Hamilton and the Mercedes?


The Grid... 1) Verstappen 2) Vettel 3) Hamilton 4) Bottas 5) Albon 6) Gasly 7) Grosjean 8) Raikkonen 9) Magnussen 10) Norris 11) Ricciardo 12) Giovinazzi 13) Hulkenberg 14) Leclerc 15) Perez 16) Kvyat 17) Stroll 18) Russell 19) Kubica 20) Sainz


Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix. We'll bring you all the action from Interlagos. Verstappen is on pole. Can he convert that into a race victory? Lights out at 17:10 GMT.