08/07/11 - 13:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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Join us tomorrow at 11.00 for the third free practice session, hopefully in some better weather than we've had here today


The lack of information the teams have gathered will be very frustrating for them but could produce a very entertaining race for everyone else with the chance of some of the lesser lights finding themselves up the grid.


The times are obviously pretty irrelevant at this stage as a lot of the big names didn't do many laps at all and weren't pushing themselves too hard out there


Button and Hamilton seemed to time their runs out pretty well as they finish fifth and fourth respectively


Massa returns to go sub 1.50, the first man to do so this afternoon


Like in the morning session there's a massive shake-up in the top five right at the end as the lead changes at least five times in a minute.


It's not a stellar first lap from Button but it's slightly quicker than Hamilton's best so far


Final moments now and Button is setting his first time of the afternoon


Massa was looking good out there but he returns to the pits


Hamilton locks up badly going round the final corner and can't improve on his 11th place.


Vettel has had enough for the day and is out of his car in the pits


The top of the leaderboard taking a more familiar look as two Ferraris get into the top four


Barrichello re-emerges for a few more minutes


The track has definitely dried up a huge amount, Hamilton kicking up a tiny amount of spray compared to what was being produced twenty minutes ago


Hamilton with an early wobble round turn 17, but catches it well


Vitantonio Liuzzi the only man not to have a run out yet


Hamilton finally making his way onto the track for the first time this afternoon


Button allowing traffic past him and clearly isn't fussed about setting a competitive time


Webber back to the top of the leaderboard, impressive on the intermediate tyres


Button is out there to have a short blast at the end of the session


A contest at the top of the charts has broken out as Schumacher takes the lead and Webber stays out there


Sergio Perez struggling a little and slides off twice in the same lap


Vettel hits the track now, the McLaren boys still not showing their faces though


Webber doesn't take long to go to the head of the leaderboard


Alonso is on intermediate tyres and as a result has to be very careful most of the way round


Webber straight into the top five as the track continues to dry out


Webber is out there now as is Alonso


Still only twelve drivers have recorded times with just twenty minutes left now


Heidfeld and Petrov come out for a run around now in their Renaults


It's a force India, Torro Rosso one-two at the moment, I know it doesn't count but it's nice to see something different occassionally


The Ferraris haven't ventured out of the pits yet either, only twenty-five minutes left now


Sutil dives back into the pits after a few laps have left him in fourth place


No McLarens or Red Bulls have emerged yet


The Spaniard immediately shaves a second off that time though and is back to the top, within eight seconds of Webber's time from this morning now


Schumacher takes the lead now from Alguersuari


The cars themselves are drying the track out a little now and things are improving, not sure we will get an improvement on this morning's times though


Schumacher braving the weather now, although it's possible he will prefer things wet after his performance in Canada


Rosberg manages to regsiter the fourth fastest time despite that near slip-up


Rosberg is out there now though but very nearly comes to an early demise as he aquaplanes badly, but he does very well to catch it just in time and remain on track


Perez and Kobayashi record some times, the big boys not risking anything just yet


The trail of spray behind the cars gives them the look of aeroplanes leaving a trail behind them in the sky, the track really is sodden


Sutil records his first timed lap, as does Buemi and we have a fledgling leaderboard being produced, Perez is out there now too


No chances that Alguersuari will be troubling Webber's time from this morning, but by default his time of 2.04.096 is the best of the afternoon's session


He doesn't have it to himself for long as Buemi and Sutil venture out


The Spaniard starts a timed lap now whilst he has the track to himself


Unsurprisingly a huge amount of spray being produced by the Torro Rosso out there


Here comes Jaime Alguersuari for another run and the first of anyone for a long while


Timo Glock, Jerome d'Ambrosio, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Daniel Ricciardo are the four favourites to retire first on Sunday. Vettel, Webber and Button are the long-shots


Vettel is in his cockpit, but without helmet ufortunately


There is a distinct patch of blue sky not too far away and I'm confident the drivers will get back out on to the track within the next few minutes


If Michael Schumacher manages to win the race on Sunday he will be level with Nigel Mansell on four wins at the British Grand Prix, just one behind joint record holders Jim Clark and Alain Prost


What will be encouraging the following pack is the fact Vettel fluffed his lines in Canada and there are likely to be similar situations here


The challengers for Sebastian's World Title must get a positive result this weekend to have any hope of catching him. Have a look at the driver's standings here:


The last six winners of the British Grand Prix have all been of different nationality - Australian, German, British, Finnish, Spanish and Colombian


Still no racing being done, there's just not enough useful information to be taken from trundling round in these conditions and the rain isn't letting up


Red Bull as a team did make it two in a row last year though as Sebasitan Vettel won it the previous year.


If Mark Webber wins this year he will be the first man to win two British Grand Prixs in a row since David Coulthard in 1999 & 2000.


Six of the drivers in this year's race have won the British Grand Prix before - Webber, Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher and Barrichello


Alguersauri looks to have fallen asleep in his Torro Rosso cockpit as he waits for play to resume, the Spaniard clearly recharging his batteries


The rain is fairly light now but the track is obviously still incredibly wet and no one is giving it a go yet.


Not a lot to tell you right now I'm afraid, although the weathermen are adamant the rain will be gone in the not too distant future, and many drivers are sat, helmets on ready to go


The track is empty now, but there is a little bit of sunshine to give everyone some hope


Kobayashi back to the pits to have a look at how the car held up


Sauber have done a miraculous job to get Kobayashi back out there in such a short space of time, he looked to have done a lot of damage to his car with that smash this morning


Kobayashi of all people is back out there, the only one on the track. He will be a lot more careful than he was this morning though I expect


It looks a pretty miserable scene for the spectators as they sit it out in the wet with little action to see


Very little action now as it is as wet as it gets out there, not a lot of useful data will be gleaned in these conditions


The rain is in full flow again and is it set to continue for twenty minutes or so


The Spaniard thinks better of it and heads back to the pits


Jaime Alguersuari starts a timed lap, don't expect it to be a quick one though


The Torro Rosso is very twitchy on some corners as it struggles with the wet conditions


Jaime Alguersuari braving the conditions now in the Torro Rosso


Glock is demonstrating well just how wet the track is with an enormous amount of water spraying behind him as he speeds round, unsurprisingly he heads back to the pits


News of the only man to crash this morning is that Kamui Kobayashi will be out for practice in the not too distant future


Timo Glock seems the bravest of them all as he sets off for the first lap of the afternoon


The green light is there, but no one is that keen to accept its invitation to begin the practice whilst the rain continues


As soon as I say that the rain seems to be easing off just a little, there's no doubt the track will be very damp though


It's incredibly wet out there and not a single spectator can be seen under the sea of umbrellas


Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the second free practice session from Silverstone ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix