09/07/11 - 10:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Free Practice 3

Free Practice 3

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A strange session, but it leaves plenty open for qualifying later. Will the weather hold? Will Christian Horner explode? Will McLaren find some pace? So many questions - join us at 13:00 UK time for qualifying!


Top ten: Vettel, Alonso, Webber, Massa, Maldonado, Button, Kobayashi, Rosberg, Perez, Di Resta.


But nobody is going to catch Vettel! He's done it so many times this season - pop up late and find a way to top the tables. And all this despite Red Bull's heated argument with race director Charlie Whiting.


SESSION OVER! Drivers can complete the laps they are still on...


Vettel lost a bit of time. But he's still ahead...


Alonso cannot improve on his best time, while Vettel chugs effortlessly around Silverstone. He's a touch quicker through the first sector.


Schumacher 2.5 seconds off the pace, but he had to fight through a mass of traffic.


Webber improves into the 1:31.8s, while Vettel comes in six-hundredths of a second ahead of Alonso!


Webber goes second with a time in the low 1:32s. Red Bull may not have everything their own way, but they'll still be quick this weekend.


Light rain drops return, but at least the clouds lift just a little for Schumacher and Webber - both drivers have had their cars repaired in time to post another lap before the end of the session.


A frustrated Hamilton is well off the pace again on his second lap.


Button third, Hamilton 11th, but Fernando Alonso sets a belting time - 1:31.464. That's a second quicker than anything else we've seen!


Maldonado clocks a new best! 1:32.496 - but expect that to come down further...


McLaren duo and Alonso out on the soft tyre. Just enough time to see some flying laps...


Cameras focused on Christian Horner as he takes his place in the Red Bull garage. He looks livid.


Problems for Webber, whose car is under repair - he may not be back out before qualifying.


Red Bull are sitting sixth and 11th in the session so far - neither car has put on the option tyres yet.


Reports that Schumacher's problem was the gearbox - it's been resolved and he should have time to get back on track before the session ends.


Ted Kravitz of the BBC sees Christian Horner walk out with Adrian Newey from the meeting - no comments all round - but the Red Bull masterminds look far from happy. A storm brewing...


Kobayashi separates Alonso and Rosberg with a flying lap. A good effort.


"Need some time in the middle sector, we're also poor in the first sector" - work to be done then, says Lewis Hamilton's race engineer. Hamilton currently 15th on timesheets.


Meanwhile the Horner/Whiting discussions apparently continue. A clutch of journalists are waiting outside for news, and as soon as there is some we'll bring you it.


Alonso quickest! 1:32.843 shaves a couple of tenths off Rosberg's leading time.


The clouds still very dark indeed, but Alonso is out on the track and taking advantage of the dry to test the option tyres.


Di Resta news - the Scot has slotted into fourth place on his quick run - and it's a touch quicker than his team-mate's time.


Schumacher not out because the engineers are taking a look at his car. Frustrating moments as Rosberg's run suggests the Mercedes has a bit of pace.


Good lap from Perez to tuck in behind Rosberg. The two Ferraris in third and fourth, but I don't think they're running the soft tyre, so they have room for improvement.


Most drivers on the track now. Webber, Kobayashi and Michael Schumacher notable absentees.


Buemi was trying to post a quick lap on soft tyres - but D'Ambrosio completely scuppered it. Hence the frustration.


Altercation! Buemi has a few choice arm gestures for D'Ambrosio in the Virgin as the Belgian fails to check his mirrors for Toro Rossos...


Rosberg, also on soft tyres, smashes Alguersuari's mark - 1:33.044. That's a bit closer to what we'd expect.


Jaime Alguersuari reclaims the fastest lap time - 1:34.544 on soft tyres.


Kobayashi laps in the 1:36s on a hard compound tyre - it's good enough for second place. That ought to encourage the others. Alonso and Rosberg are the highest-profile names to get out on track.


Not many out to join Kobyashi yet - Hedifeld and Buemi two of the exceptions.


Kobayashi flies out on slick tyres - he'll be an interesting benchmark for the others.


Is the rain easing? Looks like some respite for the teams.


What's Heidfeld doing? He's out on option tyres in the Renault. Why? Unsurprisingly he doesn't complete the lap.


Hamilton virtually alone on slick tyres as the rest of the field go in. Brave from Hamilton - it's getting progressively more slippery.


Worth mentioning that new boy Ricciardo is outpacing HRT team-mate Liuzzi for the moment. If he could do that in qualifying and in the race as well it would be some achievement.


Liuzzi told that the rain intensity should not increase by his engineers. As they say it, it appears that it is. What is it with poor weather reports?


Most drivers now have posted a lap - Massa in fourth, Button fifth, Alonso seventh. Nobody testing for pace at the moment - it's a case of setting up for longer race-style stints.


Mark Webber goes fastest - 1:34.699. To give you some frame of reference on the time, Vettel was quickest a year ago in the same session with a 1:30.958.


Except for Schumacher, that is - he's hoping for a wet weekend, believing that the rain will be a great leveller.


Button doesn't improve as the spots of rain keep falling. It's still dry enough for slick tyres at the moment and the drivers are desperate for those conditions.


The BBC's Ted Kravitz reports that Christian Horner, Red Bull principal, is having some heated words with Charlie Whiting. This may well be a story to follow throughout the day.


Schumacher spins as he continues his next lap! He keeps the car on track and continues, but there's just a few drops of rain. Button into 5th on first lap, but his next one looks set to be quicker.


Alguersuari quickest, but overhauled by Perez - and Schumacher quicker still 1:36.228 is the benchmark.


Are those spots of rain I see? Alguersuari is on track to set the first timed lap.


For now though expect some much-improved lap times from the drivers compared to yesterday, where Massa fared best in extreme wet.


It's not getting any less cloudy overhead...


Not too many team principals in sight - word has it that discussions are taking place over the rule changes which come into force in Silverstone. McLaren boss Malcolm Whitmarsh was one of the bosses to express his frustration.


Installation laps aplenty - Rosberg runs a two-lap installation test, Schumacher sets out after him.


The bigger names are out now - here comes Petrov in the Renault, followed by Button.


Ricciardo, out on debut, takes his HRT out of the garage.


Installation laps to start off with - the minnows are out. Liuzzi has a wobble in his HRT immediately.


One crucial piece of news - it's DRY! After a wet session yesterday the teams have a chance to prepare in different conditions - BUT... there are very dark clouds overhead.


The session begins!


Morning all and welcome to Eurosport-Yahoo!'s live updates from final practice ahead of the British GP.