10/07/11 - 13:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Race


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The final standings: Alonso, Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Massa, Rosberg, Perez, Heidfeld, Schumacher, Alguersuari, Sutil, Petrov, Barrichello, Maldonado, Di Resta, Glock, D'Ambrosio, Liuzzi, Ricciardo. Retired: Button, Buemi, Kobayashi, Trulli, Kovalainen.


ALONSO WINS THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX! Ferrari are jubilant as the Spaniard races home to cap a comfortable and mightily impressive victory at Silverstone! Vettel holds on for second ahead of his Red Bull team-mate Webber, while Hamilton pips Massa for fourth on the final corner. What a race!


Webber scraps away furiously for second spot, looking to nip past Vettel desperately but he is unable to do so for now. Massa is on the back of Hamilton, and there is more to come!


Massa takes another three seconds out of Hamilton as he closes rapidly on the McLaren driver, and this is going down to the wire for fourth spot! Alonso is well out in front, and closes on the win...


Hamilton, who continues to be very frustrated in fuel-saving mode, is a full 2.6 seconds slower than Massa behind him now - can he hold on to fourth spot?


Elsewhere on the track, Schumacher, Heidfeld and Alguersuari jostle furiously for eighth, ninth and 10th places as the three drivers battle away once more.


Vettel and Webber occupy second and third places respectively for Red Bull, and they have each recovered well from sluggish phases in this race.


Alonso leads by a staggering 17 seconds, and it is effectively wrapped up for the Spaniard now as he simply consolidates his lead and refuses to take any undue risks.


Webber passes Hamilton into third! That is effectively the end of Hamilton's challenge, and that was all too easy for the Australian. "Do what you can, Lewis" - it's not encouraging.


Hamilton fends off Webber repeatedly, but surely the Australian will pass his rival very shortly... It's desperate stuff from the Brit now...


Hamilton locks up heavily as he loses further ground, while Webber is closing in quickly! Alonso looks very composed and continues to consolidate his position.


Webber takes 1.4 seconds from Hamilton, who is having to compromise on his natural attacking instincts due to his team instructions. Alonso appears to be in complete control now!


1:34.908 - that is the new fastest lap set by Fernando Alonso, who is now romping away at the front of this Grand Prix! Hamilton is told to keep things in check.


Recap: Button is out of the race! Retirements: Button, Buemi, Kobayashi, Trulli, Kovalainen. Such a shame for the Brit, in particular.


Button also pits now - his front right wing was not on the car! He's out of it. Alonso has pitted to cover, and this is utterly enthralling stuff!


Hamiltno comes out about 1.5 seconds behind Vettel, while Button is forced to pit in an attempt to leapfrog in front of Webber, who pits...


Webber has Button within 1.2 seconds as Hamilton pits too - can he get out in front of Vettel? It's very frenetic out there and Alonso can smell victory!


Vettel pits! This time the stop is very slick, and he emerges in just 3.4 seconds. He had clearly damaged his tyres badly, and now Alonso establishes an 11 second lead!


Hamilton holds his ground superbly in feisty fashion as he stays in front of Vettel, and the Red Bull is forced to back off and take stock.


Alonso's lead is now up to 8.3 seconds as the Spaniard pulls away impressively, while way back Schumacher makes a very fine move on the inside of Alguersuari into Stowe.


Hamilton is being tested with his powers of defence coming in very handy right now! Button jostles with Webber, but the Australian is protecting his and Vettel's places effectively.


Vettel is putting Hamilton under immense pressure from third spot, but the McLaren driver holds firm and refuses to relinquish his position through turn three. Webber is struggling for grip.


Hamilton uses his DRS to lap Di Resta, but this is playing in to Alonso's hands beautifully. He has a lead of over 6.5 seconds now...


Alonso establishes a two second lead as he posts a new fastest lap and is 0.9 seconds quicker than Vettel and Webber there. Buemi has retired!


Vettel is desperate to pass Hamilton, but the Brit is holding firm and fending him off for now... Webber is lodged in behind his team-mate and cannot pass.


Hamilton is close in behind Alonso, just a second separating the two right now. Vettel sets the fastest first sector, and he has work to do!


This is a disaster for Red Bull - they had to rejack Vettel's car! Buemi has a puncture after brushing past Di Resta, who has a damaged front wing.


ALONSO LEADS! Vettel has a painfully slow pit stop, and that enables Alonso to assume top spot with Hamilton forcing his way through too. What a race!


Alonso is still out there, and Webber is forced to pit, paving the way! Button and Massa both pit, and Alonso takes a second out of Vettel - it's thrilling stuff!


Kobayashi has been forced to retire with a smoking engine! Meanwhile, Hamilton puts on another set of soft tyres - his first set lastest a full 11 laps!


Alonso is really picking up the pace now, and he roars past Hamilton back into third spot as the Brit falters slightly and cannot respond to the move! Hamilton has to concede.


Now Alonso sets the fastest lap as all the drivers appear to be settling into the conditions and improving as a result. Hamilton takes another half a second out of Webber.


Stop and go penalties are enforced as the pit lane is now quicker than the final few corners, as Kobayashi gets a 10-second penalty for an unsafe release in the pit lane.


Hamilton sets the fastest lap, 0.4 seconds quicker than both Webber and Vettel as Maldonado pulls a stunning move on Kobayashi into Stowe.


Vettel pulls the lead back out to 3.2 seconds while Heidfeld pips Kobayashi into Brooklands with Alguersuari following him through.


Alonso is now keeping pace with Hamilton in the battle for third as both set new fastest laps, and the pair take 1.4 seconds from Webber.


It's a 10-second stop for Schumacher, while Hamilton is still the fastest man on the track right now. Hamilton gets slightly caught in traffic, but pulls through smartly.


The leader Vettel is suddenly looking pretty slow as Webber makes ground on his team-mate from second spot, and the German endures a scrappy lap.


Vettel leads by 1.2 seconds, and Hamilton is only seven seconds off the lead as he continues to make serious ground on the Red Bull duo, who are flagging slightly.


Hamilton does it again! The McLaren driver roars past Alonso into third spot, and he is confounding his critics out there as he closes on Webber in second...


Brilliant driving from Hamilton, who races round the outside of Massa, then nips in front of the Brazilian - cracking stuff! The Brit is suddenly flying...


Every driver is swapping their tyres for soft tyres at the first opportunity now! Vettel and Massa have yet to pit, but Hamilton will capitalise...


Hamilton passes Massa into Brooklands using DRS, but he runs horribly wide and is unable to hold his place on track with the Brazilian regaining his position.


Vettel sets a new fastest lap! The German is really setting his own pace out there, and no one can match it. Massa is really struggling to find any grip and must surely pit now?!


The tyres of the McLaren pair's cars look in a sorry old state already, but that does not prevent Hamilton from putting further pressure on Massa.


Hamilton is told to 'protect his wets' as he continues to put pressure on Massa from fifth spot. Button is just one place behind his team-mate in sixth.


Alonso is now matching Vettel's pace and he is really putting Webber under pressure now. He's flying in the middle sector and could move into second soon.


Webber has 3.5 seconds over Alonso right now, as Rosberg uses DRS to nip past Maldonado into Brooklands. It's very tight between 3-8 spots...


Wow, Vettel is really flying! He's now half a second a lap quicker than Webber and 4.6s clear. Can anyone stop him from this incredible start?


After the crazy initial spray off the track, it is drying quickly now as the cars race round. Schumacher looks set to switch to slicks pretty soon from ninth, while Rosberg is up to 12th.


Kovalainen has already departed to the garage for Lotus, and that looks very gloomy for him. Hamilton and Massa are putting Alonso under immense pressure...


Vettel has a lead of over a second, Massa is all over Button and passes through turn three and Hamiltno is now up to fifth after making yet more progress!


Hamilton storms up to sixth with some frantic and highly effective jinking around on the track to pass Kobayashi, Di Resta and Maldonado...


The race is underway! Vettel pips Webber from the lights, and what a start we have to the British Grand Prix! The track is absolutely soaked, and the spray coming off it is staggering!


Webber comes down through Stowe, and it is nice and dry again. The top ten are all on intermediate tyres. We're ready for the lights...


Part of the track is fine for slicks, but it could be a big risk on other parts. The other option is for the teams to start on intermediates... What to do? There are some very big calls to be made...


The drivers are saying it is very wet on other parts of the circuit - the pit straight is dry, but Copse and the Becketts section is very wet. Everyone is very concerned about their tyre choices right now!


It's not the best weather at Silverstone this afternoon. Temperatures are around 19 degrees, but it's pretty wet and there may well be showers throughout.


Formula 1 faces continued uncertainty over its exhaust regulations after a meeting of the sport's team bosses and technical chiefs at Silverstone failed to reach an agreement. Following a weekend of controversy over the FIA's clampdown on the practice of off-throttle exhaust blowing and the various allowances made to engine builders on reliability grounds, the governing body said it would call off the rule tweak and revert to the pre-Silverstone situation if the teams agreed unanimously.


Webber denied that there was any extra satisfaction from the result because of the controversy over rule adjustments this weekend. Asked if the result was Red Bull's 'reply' to the rules situation, Webber replied: "No, it is not. We are not looking to reply to anything. What has to be reiterated is that our team has turned up very, very early and left very, very late. Every team works hard but this team works incredibly hard."


Fresh from snaring pole position for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Mark Webber labelled the technical rule row engulfing the sport as "nonsense". Webber outpaced defending champion and Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel in Saturday's qualifying to secure the seventh pole of his career and Red Bull's fourth clean sweep of the front row this season before slamming the latest technical row!


The top 10 as they will start on the grid: Webber, Vettel, Alonso, Massa, Button, Di Resta, Maldonado, Kobayashi, Rosberg, Hamilton


Red Bull's Mark Webber starts on pole for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone ahead of team-mate and Championship leader Sebastian Vettel.