06/07/12 - 14:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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SHUNT FOR ALONSO! Lost grip at the rear on his in-lap, and lost his front wing at Stowe. Whoops - looks like a bit of extra work for Alonso's engineers tonight.


SESSION OVER! Top 10: Hamilton, Kobayashi, Schumacher, Rosberg, Perez, Button, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Alonso


The end about to come on this soggy day of racing.


Alonso improves to 10th - he got up to a 1:59.015, about three seconds off the pace on the intermediates.


A little more rainfall looks to have dissuaded Hamilton from trying intermediates quickly at the death of the session.


Hamilton back in the pits and likely to have posted the best time of the session.


Vettel out on the intermediate tyres, but going very gingerly. He looks far from comfortable, and is several seconds down on the leading times.


Light rain predicted for the last five minutes of the session.


Alonso up to 13th - if the rain held off for another half an hour, the inters would be the right call - but it still looks a bit too wet out there for now.


Morning pace-setter, Romain Grosjean, is yet to post a time in the afternoon session.


It's been particularly difficult for teams to get a grasp of strategy and balance today - they'll hope for kinder weather tomorrow, but there are no guarantees.


Schumacher asks to change his rear pressure and he comes in for a quick stop before resuming his run.


Rosberg very quick in the opening part of the lap, but struggling to maintain that speed in the latter stages. For now he remains third.


Maldonado jumps from the foot of the timesheet up to eighth, while Vettel and Button have seen enough and dive back into the pits.


Kobayashi heads into the pits after a decent outing. His rivals pounding around the track and they are beginning to clear some of the standing water. But this is still some way from a dry line.


Top 10 with a quarter of an our remaining: Hamilton, Kobayashi, Rosberg, Perez, Schumacher, Button, Di Resta, Vettel, Massa, Hulkenberg


Hamilton sweeps into the top time with a 1:56.345. Kobayashi improves to within a tenth of that.


Rosberg and Schumacher leap up the standings into second and third respectively.


Alonso posts a 2:03.380 to get round on intermediates, but it's several seconds off the pace. The track perhaps not really ready for the inters.


Kobayashi down to 1:57.613. Vettel up to fifth, while Rosberg slots in 10th.


Kobayashi inside his own best time by almost a second at the first split. Meanwhile, the two Mercedes, di Resta and the Toro Rosso duo hit the track.


The teams all have one set of practice-only intermediate tyres, so unless they put the car into the walll, they lose nothing by using them.


Alonso has again tried going out on the intermediate tyres. Will he be able to get round on them this time?


The rain has stopped, and somewhat predictably Kobayashi is the first man out.


Still just nine drivers have posted a time in this session. For now - Kobayashi leads from Perez in a Sauber one-two.


The session will restart officially in two minutes.


Sure enough, the red flag restrictions have now been lifted.


Senna's Williams is getting the JCB treatment, hoiked up into the air and cleared from the track. His session surely over, but for the other drivers we are set for some running shortly.


Apparently the rain will be limited to just a few drops in the next half an hour.


So having finally got close to some serious running, this is an unfortunate delay in proceedings.


No drivers can head out on track at the moment - but the time is still ticking down.


As the Brazilian gets out of the car, we see replays of Schumacher almost losing the back end of his Mercedes moments earlier.


Senna is fine - but the session has been red-flagged for now.


SENNA CRASHES! He lost it at Chapel and hurtled towards the barriers, hitting them with the rear of the car first.


Wobble for Perez, who runs off into the grass at Brooklands.


Senna moves up to third, as 10 drivers tour the track.


Some home interest for the Silverstone faithful - here's Jenson Button in the McLaren.


Senna next out, as is Vitaly Petrov. Perez and Kobayashi trade lap times, and the best is creeping down.


Hulkenberg out for the first time today. Bianchi stepped into his car in the morning, but given he didn't get a chance to post a full lap time, it wasn't much of an outing in the Force India.


Kobayashi dips under the two-minute barrier. The rain has eased off, though it doesn't appear to have fully stopped. Expect more drivers out soon.


2:00.395 from Perez is the new time to beat. The Ferrari's are back out on track after a bit of launch practice.


Perez looks set to shave more than a couple of seconds off Kobayashi's fastest time. We're still around eight seconds behind the best time from this morning.


Alonso went gingerly round that lap, and dived straight back into the pits.


The benchmark time is 2:04.198, set by Kobayashi. Interestingly - or should I say bravely? - Alonso is out on intermediate tyres.


Kobayashi's lead being followed here - Alonso, Perez and Massa are all out.


Kobyashi looks set to post a timed lap - he approaches the end of sector two five seconds faster than Senna managed it.


Charles Pic is also on the circuit. It's almost too much to keep up with them both.


Thank you, Kamui Kobayashi! He was the busiest driver in the morning session, and he's out again now.


But the wait is over - there's a SAUBER on the track!


By my rough reckoning, it's now been half an hour since any driver has done any driving.


Hamilton still strolling around under his umbrella in the pit lane. Perhaps at some stage he will do what he wants and get some running in.


Fernando Alonso has a waterproof jacket on, which is probably unnecessary while nestled in the garage.


Silverstone looks very dark overhead, but the belief remains that the rain will stop soon.


Senna and Glock the only men to post times, while Alonso and Raikkonen did at least get out and check out the conditions.


Romain Grosjean equally comfortable waiting for the weather to improve.


Hamilton also says he would like some more tyres. He's got a point there - the teams are static because they have to work within their tyre limits. That's usually manageable in the dry, but that doesn't quite work on a wet weekend.


Lewis Hamilton tells the BBC that this is 'a bit boring'. His words, not ours.


Those cars don't look very comfortable to sit in, mind. Would you be there if you were just relaxing? At least the seats are contoured to your body.


Vettel is spotted sat in the car. No helmet on, and no sign he'll be dashing out any minute, but it's a start...


The Lotus radar estimates that the rain will stop in 20 minutes. Hang on, I thought that was the prediction 10 minutes ago?


So after a third of the session - the top two (yes, that's all) - looks like this: Senna, Glock


It's going to be a muddy weekend for the fans. Silverstone have made contingency plans, and they'll be hoping that the logistics at least run smoothly.


Pastor Maldonado is wearing a helmet. By my reckoning, that makes him the fastest man on the circuit at present.


The cameras pan to men in Union Jack face paint doing their best to pretend the weather isn't horrendous.


Elsewhere in inaction: Paul di Resta is looking carefully around the outside of his Force India.


Hamilton now playing with his phone, which doesn't smack of a man abu to go for a drive.


Petrov has been told he will run at least twice, later in the session - so if you think the teams don't have a plan, you're wrong. I'd guess it's very flexible, however...


Kamui Kobayashi, who did well to run 19 laps in the morning, is absolutely nowhere near his car at the moment. Watching the action (or lack thereof) as it unfolds on the monitors.


According to the radar, the rain is due to ease off in 10 to 20 minutes - there'll still be drizzle after that, mind...


Still just two times on the board in this session - from Senna and Glock.


AUTOSPORT report that Hamilton's Valencia engine will go back to Woking for analysis before (all being well) being used again later in the year.


"We were re-running Lewis’s Valencia engine just to check it out, McLaren's Paddy Lowe told AUTOSPORT. "The engine gets sealed with an exhaust plate and because he had a punctured radiator in the shunt [with Maldonado] in Valencia and we lost pressure, we needed to get some mileage on that engine and check it was okay and still a prime race engine, though not for this race weekend. It was always the plan to run that in P1 and put back his normal Friday engine for P2. So we just did that."


McLaren have changed Hamilton's engine in this session - they ran the Valencia engine in FP1.


It's just 16C out on track at the moment, and the rain still falling.


A reminder of how things panned out this morning.


When it's dry, this is what Silverstone looks like.


Glock has returned to the track after a quick stop in the Marussia pits.


Glock and Senna are back in the pits after their tours. There's still a lot of standing water, and with a bit of rain still falling, it's not exactly a dream ticket for driving fast.


The cameras zoom in on Narain Karthikeyan looking very closely at his steering wheel, as if it's come down from space and landed in his car.


Glock the only other man to have posted a time, and he's a few tenths back.


Senna tells his pits: "There's no point in driving in these conditions." You don't say, Bruno...


Senna through in a 2:10.425. That's the mark to beat. Goodness me, there's a bit of room for improvement.


Senna is out on track early and looks as if he may post a timed lap. He sat out FP1 so Williams could run with test driver Bottas.


Raikkonen is on his way to posting a time, but he's running considerably slower than some of the times we saw this morning, and it's no surprise when he turns in for the pits.


A Lotus - that of Kimi Raikkonen - has also ventured out.


Alonso, even by the limited running standards of the previous session, did not get much done in FP1. He emerged just 15 minutes from the end, and did not post a timed lap.


A car on track! Vamos Fernando Alonso!


Lewis Hamilton is filmed playing with his helmet (he's got a new design for this weekend).


"It could ease off," Vitaly Petrov is told. So no rush for now.


Our video images show a clutch of high profile drivers sat around chatting, absolutely nowhere near getting out for a drive.


SESSION BEGINS! Normally there's a flurry of activity and installation laps. Not today.


The situation for the drivers is complicated in some ways, simple in others. They don't want to be out in the wet for too long, and they have limited numbers of wet tyres. But on the other hand, this is set to be the weather for most if not all of the weekend, so they need to prepare for a wet race.


It was wretched weather in the first session this morning, and the fact that there were three red flag incidents in half an hour of the last GP2 practice session which finished not long ago tells you much of what you need to know about the weather now.


Hello and welcome to the second free practice session ahead of the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.