28/06/13 - 10:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Free Practice 1

Free Practice 1

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Alex Chick

We're back at 2pm for the second practice session, in which we hope for less rain and more cars. Until then...


Big slide for Daniel Ricciardo, who manages to control his car and that's a potential crash averted. And the chequered flag is out at the end of one of Formula One's less diverting practice sessions.


Here's how they stand, for what it's worth: 1-Hamilton, 2-Hulkenberg, 3-Bottas, 4-Ricciardo, 5-Van der Garde, 6-Gutierrez, 7-Maldonado, 8-Bianchi, 9-Chilton, 10-Massa.


Crunch! Charles Pic runs off the circuit. His Caterham doesn't seem to badly damaged though it has lost its front wing.


We have a late glut of timed laps, with Lewis Hamilton fastest for Mercedes with a 1:55.458.


Nico Rosberg comes on to the track, and now Felipe Massa exits his garage.


Round comes Ricciardo again and he improves his time to 1:57.992.


Exciting! Daniel Ricciardo sets a timed lap of 2:00.029! It's not fast but hey, it's a lap.


The good news is that thwe weather is expected to improve over the weekend - which explains why the teams are not particularly interested in perfecting their wet setup.


We get a look at the weather radar and it's not a pretty sight - a big blue splodge of rain centred over Silverstone.


Indeed, Vettel comes straight back into the pits and that's the end of that fun.


Sebastian Vettel is out on the track on wet tyres. I can't imagine he's going to bother with a timed lap but it's nice to see him all the same.


Esteban Gutierrez takes his Sauber out - it's really soaking out there. Meanwhile Nico Rosberg tells Sky he doesn't expect to do any running in this session.


Vergne does an installation lap, splashing his way through the standing water on the Silverstone track.


Everybody has done an installation lap bar Jean-Eric Vergne and Kimi Raikkonen. No timed laps yet.


Daniel Ricciardo come out in his Toro Rosso - on wets, logically enough.


There are stirrings in the pits, and we may soon have some cars to watch. Hurrah!


Jenson Button is interviewed in the pits and does not look much like a man about to get in a car and drive it very very fast.


The rain continues to fall and the track is still empty. We'll let you know if anything happens... In the meantime, read up on Mark Webber's decision to leave F1 for sports cars. It'll cheer you up. Unless you like Mark Webber, of course. In which case it'll make you sad.


There's a good crowd out at Silverstone, but unfortunately they have so far been treated to zero action. The showers are expected to continue, and Williams say over their pit radio that they are "not expecting to run any time soon".


Nobody has set a lap time and there is nobody on the track. There's not really any way we can paint this as interesting, I'm afraid.


A few more drivers are out now, including McLaren's Sergio Perez.


Our man Will Gray is reporting from the Caterham garage this weekend as part of a special series on F1 technology, so look out for his updates over the weekend.


Off we go, and with the rain coming down, most of the teams are in no hurry to get their drivers out on the track. Valtteri Bottas of Williams is the only man to exit them pits and he has the circuit to himself.


It's Britain - it's summer - and therefore it's wet. Just light rain at present but expect the session to start on wet tyres.


Hello and welcome to live text commentary from FP1 of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.