28/06/13 - 14:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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Alex Chick

We're back at 10am tomorrow for the final free practice from Silverstone, followed by qualifying at 1pm. Join us then...


Out comes the chequered flag, and this session comes to a close with Nico Rosberg on top.


Alonso uses a bit too much track and runs wide... no dramas but that was a slight error from the Spaniard.


There doesn't seem much chance of a major shake-up in the last few minutes - most cars lapping several seconds slower than in the early part of the session.


And Hamilton is now on lap 12 of his current outing. He's lapping in the 1:38-1:39 region, as is Nico Rosberg.


Vettel comes into the pits after a nine-lap stint. He is still P3 behind Rosberg and Mark Webber.


An indication of the lost track time for Massa - he did seven laps before his crash - most of the other drivers have done at least 20 laps with jean-Eric Vergne leading the way on 30 laps.


Both Mercedes cars are on long runs with a high fuel load. Hamilton is on lap seven of his current stint on hard tyres.


Sky have a link to Ross Brawn on the Mercedes pit wall. Brawn is being unsurisingly coy about his team's tyre wear - this is something they have struggled with this season.


Lots of teams honing their longer stints right now. Not too many stellar performances but plenty of cars ciruclating on hard tyres.


Plenty of laps being logged on the drying track (that rain seems to have held off) - everyone bar Massa has completed at least 13 laps.


P2 for Mark Webber - the news of his impeding departure from F1 does not seem to have taken the edge off his pace.


Webber is back on the track and improving quickly. This is good driving from the Australian.


Kimi Raikkonen finally comes out of the pits on hard tyres... he's way down the order at the moment.


Red Bull are working on Mark Webber's car and he has lost some track time today.


Medium tyres seem to be the consensus choice and they are whittling away at those lap times - Nico Rosberg now leads the way with a 1:32.248.


Max Chilton runs wide in his Marussia and uses the escape route.


And it's started to rain again! Just light drizzle at the moment but the sky doesn't look too clever.


Ricciardo tops the timesheets with a 1:33.550 - but the Mercedes of Rosberg and Hamilton are both within a tenth of a second.


Away go the yellow flags and we are ready to go racing again.


Ferrari are getting Massa's broken car back to the pits, but that will take some repairing. Yellow flags are waving and will be out for another five minutes, prompting most drivers to return to the pits.


That's three race weekends in a row that Massa has crashed, and the Ferrari mechanics do not look happy at all.


CRASH! Felipe Massa loses it comeing out of Stowe and slams into the barriers. He's fine but he's made a mess of his Ferrari. Oh dear.


Ooohhh... Kimi Raikkonen has a big moment, nearly losing the car at speed, but he makes a fine save. It hardly needs saying, but he's a good driver, that Raikkonen..


The other Toro Rosso of Ricciardo is also on slicks, but he's a good deal slower than his team-mate.


Jean-Eric Vergne goes a massive 4.8 seconds faster than anyone else with a thunderingly brisk 1:37.102... he's on slick tyres.


A super-slomo replay gives us a great look at Jenson Button's intermediate tyres breaking up under lateral load as he slides through a right-hander.


P1 for Williams's Valtteri Bottas, who clocks a 1:43.811.


Timed lap for Vettel - 1:44.038. That's 10 seconds faster than anything we saw this morning. Those lap times will continue to drop as the track dries out. Webber a quarter of a second back.


Mark Webber also comes out on to the track, as does Kimi Raikkonen.


Green light, and Sebastian Vettel is the first man out of the pit lane for Red Bull. He's using intermediate tyres.


The good news is that the rain has stopped and although the track is still damp we should see a lot more action this morning, when just a handful of laps were completed in the 90-minute session.


Welcome to live coverage of free practice 2 from Silverstone ahead of Sunday's British Grand Prix.