30/06/13 - 13:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Race


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Toby Keel

It's a second win of the season for Rosberg, and a first failure to finish since the 2012 European Grand Prix for Sebastian Vettel. The championship leader has seen his advantage slashed right back, and the season will surely hot up from here. Thanks for joining us, and we'll see you next week for the German Grand Prix!


Raikkonen finishes up fifth in the end having dropped four places in the last seven laps, with Massa sixth.


Ross Brawn immediately confirms over the radio that Hamilton's car was badly damaged, making the Brit's drive all the more impressive.


Webber second, Alonso third with Hamilton fourth despite the tyre blow-out which robbed him of first place early on.


NICO ROSBERG WINS THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX! He crosses the line 0.7 seconds clear of Mark Webber, who has almost pulled off an amazing victory despite falling back to 15th after a catastrophic start to his race!


Lewis Hamilton right in on Alonso as well - half a chance of a podium for Lewis despite that blowout which put him back in last place!


Final lap! Webber within half a second of Rosberg, and he might yet get a chance after all... Or is it too much to ask?


Hamilton blasts past Raikkonen! He's up to fourth!


1.2 seconds now between Rosberg and Webber - the German is doing enough, and will surely win the British Grand Prix now!


ALONSO BLASTS PAST RAIKKONEN! The Spaniard is up to third, and Hamilton is also charging up behind Raikkonen - his tyres must be in bits.


Rosberg has turned the speed on and posts a quicker lap than Webber in that one, and is 1.35 seconds clear of the Red Bull. Not far behind Alonso is all over Raikkonen's tail... AND HE MAKES A MOVE!


Alonso is on a charge too, reeling in third-placed Raikkonen. Alonso could yet earn a podium that would be a massive boost to his title hopes!


Hamilton on a charge too, and he's up to fifth as he storms past Sutil - Webber too far back to get DRS on Rosberg this lap, he needs half a second before we come round again...


WEBBER TAKES RAIKKONEN! From nowhere the Australian rips past the Finn, and is closing fast on Rosberg! Where did this pace come from?


Hamilton and Alonso have both also piled past Ricciardo to, into the top six!


Perez forced to retire from the race - losing a tyre damaged his car badly, just like it did in practice.


Mark Webber has managed to get past Ricciardo and Sutil, but it's not quite clear if the yellow flags were still out or not... Seems like he just timed it perfectly.


IT'S ANOTHER BLOW-OUT! AND IT'S SERGIO PEREZ ONCE MORE! The McLaren star has a tyre blow for the second time this weekend, and we'll almost certainly have another safety car out.


Not quite sure how all those pit stops got Ricciardo into fourth place, but Webber is all over him like a pack of wild dogs on an all-meat Ocado delivery.


Mark Webber in fifth place overheard on the radio telling his team that he'll go bananas trying to get onto the podium - Ricciardo and Sutil ahead of him standing in his way.


The safety car should come in at the end of this lap - there will be a seven-lap dash for the finish line.


Rosberg is back out at the head of the field, with Kimi Raikkonen in second place now. If Raikkonen can get past then he can close right up to within a victory of Vettel in the drivers' championship.


Worth nothing that there was an enormous cheer when Vettel's car slowed to a halt right across from the biggest grandstand on the circuit - the world champ might be a legend in the making, but he doesn't seem too popular in Northamptonshire.


That's a dream twist for Rosberg: he gets to come into the pits to get some new tyres rather than having to make them last til the end.


The safety car comes out now because Vettel's in a bad place - his car will need towing away, it's in a dangerous spot there.


SEBASTIAN VETTEL IS OUT OF THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX! The Red Bull's gear box appears to have gone completely on the start-finish straight, actually within a few yards of the line.


Mistake by Rosberg in the final sector of the last lap, and the gap is back over two seconds. But WHAT'S UP WITH VETTEL?


Hamilton is flying now - he's reeled in Grosjean and gone past him.


Webber has gone past Sutil and Alonso and is looking the quickest man on the track right now - he's just a second behind Raikkonen.


Rosberg has been trimming the lead at the front, taking as much as half a second a lap off Vettel - and he's brought it back to 1.7 seconds. Is Vettel struggling with the higher pressure tyres?


Hamilton settles down into 11th place now, but he's got a way to go if he's to go any further: he's three seconds behind Grosjean in 10th.


Hamilton takes Di Resta back - but the Force India now comes through again. Di Resta not overawed at all, and looks superb... but then Hamilton takes him back again and gets onto the DRS to blast clear down the Hangar straight.


Hamilton comes out of the pits straight into a tussle with Paul Di Resta - and Di Resta goes through!


Hamilton comes into the pits now, while over the radio Vettel is told that he has very high tyre pressures on what will be his final set of boots "to protect against punctures".


Lewis Hamilton has yet to make his second stop incidentally and is currently sixth.


Vettel now comes into the pits too - Rosberg has the pedal down on that lap, and manages to close the gap a bit. The winner of the race still not decided - how these cars do on their potential final sets of rubber will be crucial.


Nico Rosberg comes into the pits and goes onto the hard tyre - it's a 50/50 call about whether or not he'll need to come in again. That could yet be his last pit stop.


The two Force Indias both come in and have excellent stops - Sutil and Di Resta both look on course to score points today.


Jenson Button comes into the pits now and Hamilton finds himself 8th, behind Alonso and ahead of Webber.


Hamilton has nicked another few places courtesy of a couple of tyre changes by others and is ninth - and he's huge in the wingmirrors of compatriot Paul Di Resta in a battle for eighth place.


Adrian Sutil is now almost 11 seconds behind Rosberg.


Pit crews pour out to get ready for drivers all along the lane - seems like those who are on the medium tyre are all switching to the hard compound with their next change.


Gutierrez comes in for a new nose cone, while at the front of the race Vettel's lead is now over three seconds.


Cameras didn't quite catch what happened to Gutierrez, but it sure was messy.


Yet more yellow flags - looks like Gutierrez ploughed into a sign at the side of the track for some reason and there's rubbish all over the place once more.


Fernando Alonso has now closed right up on Sutil after slipping back a little, and he is trying to get oast - but Sutil is doing a fine job of shutting the door.


Here's a pic of Lewis Hamilton's tyre before it went KABOOM!


Vettel pulling away by a few tenths a lap from Rosberg - the Mercedes is nowhere near matching the Red Bull race pace.


The race is settling down now - seems quiet now that people's tyres aren't exploding left, right and centre.


Vettel and Rosberg are now pulling out a huge lead over the field, with Vettel storming away at the front from his team-mate.


Vettel is two seconds clear of Rosberg already, with Sutil three seconds further back. Down the field, Lewis Hamilton is now up to 13th.


DRS has now been reactivated after being suspended following the rolling restart.


Telling an F1 driver not to clip the apexes of the corners is clearly not hitting home - they're ploughing over the kerbs like a bunch of Yummy Mummies doing the school run in Range Rovers!


Alonso looking to make a move on Sutil now - and needless to say, as all these drivers try to overtake each other, they're driving all over the kerbs exactly the same as they were before! They just won't be told!


Sergio Perez overtakes Mark Webber at the end of the start-finish straight, but Webber takes him back a few corners later.


The safety car pulls into the pits, and the race is back under way with the field packed close together!


The safety car is about to come back in, and it'll be game on once more. Will be fascinating to see if any more tyres go between now and the end of the race...


They've got two road-sweeping vans going up and down the areas where the tyre debris is worst - bizarre to see the kind of vehicle that normally cleans gutters in a city centre being overtaken by an F1 car!


The teams are reportedly looking at the tyre pressures possibly being too low - low pressures help add grip, but make the tyres less stable as well.


Vettel now on the radio, urged to stay away from the kerbs at all costs. He's also being told off about his fuel consumption.


TV producers now showing endless slow-motion replays of the tyre explosions. They do look awfully pretty when they explode!


Rosberg is now warned over the radio to avoid the kerbs, particularly on the high speed corners at turns two and four.


With the various stops and so on, Hamilton has found himself back up to 14th place. Vettel-Rosberg-Sutil the 1-2-3 at the moment.


It's now almost impossible to predict what will happen in the rest of this race - safety car still out with stewards desperately trying to clean the straight where Vergne's tyre went. That was the worst of the explosions so far.


Webber is told over the pit radio that he must be careful because Vettel's tyres had several cuts in them when they examined them after the pit stop.


Pirelli workers are frantically trying to collect bits of rubber to see what's happened. They insisted yesterday that Perez's blowout was caused by a cut to the tyre, but given what we've now seen in the race that seems frankly unlikely...


Vettel is warned over the pit radio that his rear left tyre is now damaged and that he must keep off the kerbs at all costs or suffer the same fate as Hamilton, Massa and Vergne.


The safety car is out! We were just thinking that any more of these tyres blowing and they'd have to seriously think about calling the race off. Charlie Whiting calls out the safety car, probably to get the track cleaned properly and discuss with the teams what to do.


Track temperature is 32 degrees - not crazily high by F1 standards, but it's the combination of a very high speed circuit with heavy early-race fuel loads.


Yellow flags out once again - but there's rubber all over most of the track now.


ANOTHER TYRE BLOWS! IT'S VERGNE! A high-speed tyre explosion as he hammers down the straight at 190mph on the way in to Stowe corner.


Drivers also being warned to try and keep off the curves if they can...


Now Vettel comes into the pits too, and comes back out into the lead with Rosberg back to 3.2 seconds behind.


Rosberg comes in to the pits, and Vettel's lead is up over 18 seconds. He's already almost 40 points clear in the championship - looks like it'll be more than that by the end of the day.


Various drivers being warned over the radio about the punctures - turns four and six are the culprits, around the Arena complex.


For what it's worth Vettel is leading by 3.77 from Rosberg now - though it sort of looks like it'll be a game of exploding tyres more than a normal race.


Alonso's car looks much worse than Hamilton's, wobbling all over the place - much worse for things to happen on a corner than a straight...


Insanity - with the yellow flags out, Webber comes in for a new nose cone, while Fernando Alonso pits as a precaution.


MASSA'S TYRE BLOWS OUT TOO! It's just before the sector where Hamilton's went so can't be debris - it went as he went round a left hander.


The race is yellow flagged, and a string of cars come into the pits. Hamilton now 22nd...!


Hamilton gets back to the pits and gets his tyre changed - the car actually doesn't seem too bad apart from having lost its tyre. Will he get back into the race?


Now, when Sergio Perez's tyre did the same yesterday the session was red flagged because of all the debris. Looks like they won't do that now though....


LEWIS HAMILTON HAS HAD A BLOW OUT! His left rear tyre is in shreds, and Hamilton is limping around to the pits from half-way around the lap. God knows what damage he will do to his car getting it home...


Vettel has trimmed Hamilton's lead to 1.8 seconds - are Hamilton's tyres going off already?


Jenson Button gets a radio question about his tyres, and wearily tells his team that all four tyres feel like they are overheating already. Considering his team-mate Sergio Perez had a blow out in FP3 yesterday that probably won't build his confidence.


Hamilton now 2.3 in he lead, Rosberg 1.5s behind Vettel, Sutil three seconds distant.


Ha! Vettel obviously told off by his team - he's dropped half a second from Hamilton in that lap. Meanwhile Alonso is up to eighth and is part of that long line of cars from 4th starting with Sutil.


Vettel obviously ignoring the radio message to let Hamilton go if he wants - the German closes the gap by a tenth on that lap.


Hamilton now 1.9 seconds ahead - but Vettel is being told to save his tyres and bide his time. Sutil is dropping right off the pace in fourth now, and Massa and a whole line of other cars are closing up on him.


Vettel got an absolute flier of a start and stopped Rosberg coming across onto the racing line. As for Webber, looks like he just completely fluffed it and got collected by Grosjean as cars poured around him.


The cars come around once more and Hamilton leads by over a second now having pulled away by four tenths from Vettel - but Vettel has an even bigger gap to Vettel, with Sutil sitting in fourth a further two seconds back.


Webber maybe needs to come in for a new front wing - 'same as Canada' he's told over the pit radio.


End of lap one and Hamilton has pulled out a handy lead already... while Alonso fails to get past Grosjean here.


Alonso overtakes Button and is up to ninth - drama already...!


Disaster start for Webber - Massa by contrast up to 5th, which is insane!


Massa makes a great start, Webber seems to have hit someone and slipped back - he's down to 15th!


They line up... AND THEY'RE OFF! Blistering start by Hamilton, but Rosberg loses second place to Vettel!


Hamilton being warned over the radio to back the grid up so as not to be sat at the front of the grid for two long...


Parade lap gets under way, and it really is hot and sunny today. Should be a great race in store...


Mercedes pledge on the grid to race at their own pace and let the chips fall as they may - we think that's code for 'try to build a huge lead to get an extra tyre change in'.


It's hot and sunny in Northamptonshire today, and Mercedes are rightly fearful that they're going to struggle to make an amazing qualifying session pay off for them.


Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.