06/07/14 - 13:00
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Race


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And Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix for the second time to reduce the gap at the top of the drivers’ standings to just four points. Valtteri Bottas is an excellent second from Daniel Ricciardo and Jenson Button. Sebastian Vettel is fifth ahead of Fernando Alonso. Thanks for joining us!


FINAL LAP: Hamilton cruising to victory. Vettel says he can smell something burning. It’s Pastor Maldonado. He retires.


PENULTIMATE LAP: Hamilton cruising to his second victory on home soil. Bottas set for second and Ricciardo third, 4.1 seconds ahead of Button.


Alonso complaining that Vettel was using DRS out of Turns 5 and 9 and he thinks he’s not allowed to do that. Interesting.


Vettel now sets about Button for fourth place. Button has never been on the podium here and Ricciardo still holding firm in third.


Vettel passes Alonso! It’s great wheel-to-wheel driving and the pair almost touch!


Hamilton now 23.8 seconds ahead of Bottas, who’s closed the gap. But should be comfortable. Ricciardo third, Button fourth.


Vettel really challenging Alonso now. Great defensive driving from the Spaniard.


SEVEN LAPS REMAINING: The top three look set but the race is on for fifth between Alonso and Vettel.


@MercedesAMGF1: Second stop for @LewisHamilton! Another set of hard tyres and he's safely on his way. Home stretch now - 11 laps to go... #BreatheIn #F1


Alonso under serious attack from Vettel now. Bottas still ahead of Ricciardo.


HAMILTON IN: He bolts on another set of hards and rejoins comfortably in the lead.


Hamilton’s lead now a comfortable 40 seconds, Ricciardo 11 seconds behind Bottas. Both looking to run to the end.


Adrian Sutil very unhappy in 11th place. “What’s going on with the brakes? How can I race like this?”


@insideFerrari: What a battle between ALO and VET! Che battaglia tra ALO e VET!


Bottas probably going to the end on this set of hard tyres. Great racing between Alonso and Vettel, wheel-to-wheel but Alonso fends him off.


Vettel on fresher tyres closing the gap on Alonso again. Hamilton's lead 41.6 seconds. Dominant.


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff saying they’re playing it safe with Lewis to get him home. No problems as yet.


Great racing now as Alonso streams past Vettel. Magnussen just behind them.


Vettel is in for his second stop but Bottas had already taken him on the circuit. He rejoins ahead of Alonso.


Bottas pits from second but Vettel needs to stop again so still advantage to the Finn.


The crowd is cheering, the flags are waving and all Hamilton surely needs to do is make it to the finish. He’s 24.3 seconds ahead of Bottas.


@MercedesAMGF1: "I'm trying everything - is there anything else I can do?!"


Well this race is now there for Hamilton to win unless he encounters the same kind of problem. It’s happened to both cars before.


ROSBERG OUT! He pulls off the circuit and onto the grass.


HAMILTON LEADS! He streams past Rosberg who definitely has a problem.


Magnussen pits. Both him and Button look to be on a one-stopper. Hamilton takes two seconds out of Rosberg, who has a problem on the upshift.


Hamilton has the bit between his teeth. Surprising the pace he is getting out of those harder compounds. No sign of rain.


Alonso also serves his penalty, Hamilton sets a new fastest lap on the harder prime tyre.


Vettel passes Magnussen for sixth, Hamilton now 6 seconds behind Rosberg. Hamilton tells his pit crew they have to work on the pit stops and to do a good next one. Alonso in for mediums.


HAMILTON IN! He dons a set of hard tyres. So it’ll either be a short stint or a long one. SLOW STOP! He may opt to go the distance.


Is Hamilton attempting a one-stopper? He’s saying the tyres are starting to drop off so perhaps not.


It’s been a mighty drive from Alonso who must still serve that drive-through. Bottas likewise a great drive. Remember they started right at the back.


@MercedesAMGF1: A sea of purple sectors for @LewisHamilton - this is going to be mighty close!! #F1 #BritishGP


Rosberg told that they are investigating his gear issue. Hamilton stays out. Ricciardo passes Hulkenberg for 8th.


Rosberg has a gearbox problem on the downshift! Drama here. Still seems to be lapping quickly though. Hasn't had a DNF this year yet.


So Rosberg bolts on new mediums as Hamilton stays out for another lap. Alonso attacks Button.


@MercedesAMGF1: Another fastest lap from @LewisHamilton! Boy oh boy have we got a race on our hands!! #SilverStunners #F1 #BritishGP


ROSBERG IN! A 2.7 second stop and he’s out in clean air and rejoins second.


Rosberg stays out another lap as Hamilton takes four tenths out of him. Getting close at the front. Must be in next lap.


BOTTAS UP TO THIRD: Great move from Bottas who takes Button around the outside for third!


Mercedes tell Rosberg to stay out for one more lap. We’re expecting him in then. Alonso takes Magnussen through Stowe for fifth.


Bottas takes Magnussen for fourth, so things getting better for Williams. Rosberg leads by 4.3 seconds.


Five second penalty for fernando Alonso.


Incident involving Maldonado and Gutierrez under investigation as Ericsson limps back to the pits.


No sign of a safety car as Vettel pits for the softer compound.


Gutierrez out of the race after damaging his wing on Maldonado’s Lotus. He’s beached in the gravel.


Riccardo gets back past Bottas at Stowe and up to 8th. Great racing behind the lead Mercedes.


Alonso under investigation for being out of grid position on the original start. He takes Hulkenberg for seventh. Rosberg leads from Hamilton, Button, Magnussen, Vettel, Bottas and Alonso.


Hamilton losing ground to Rosberg through Turn 6, he has been told over the radio. Alonso climbing all over the back of Hulkenberg.


Alonso cruises past Kvyat into Woodcote and then goes around the outside of Vettel. Great driving from the Spaniard.


Ricciardo all over the back of Hulkenberg. Hamilton now 5.4 seconds behind Rosberg. The German has responded.


Another place gained from Bottas who takes Hulkenberg for 6th. He’s charging.


HAMILTON TAKES BUTTON! He dives down the inside and now sets about catching his big rival. Now Bottas gets Ricciardo for seventh. Great driving from the Finn.


A great re-start from Rosberg who catches Button napping and has already opened up a decent lead. Bottas takes Kvyat for 8th. Hamilton also takes Magnussen for third!


And we’re racing again! Vettel has changed onto the hard tyre and Ricciardo likewise.


FIVE MINUTES TO RE-START: Underway again and racing shortly folks. Remember, Rosberg will resume in the lead behind the safety car, pursued by Button, Magnussen, Hamilton, Vettel and Hulkenberg.


The race will re-start at 14.05 as the repairs have been made. Hooray!


@kamui_kobayashi: "I saw Kimi make contact, then start coming back across the track. To the right was just debris so i went left but he kept coming and the tarmac started running out so I could only go onto the grass. I was very very close to the barrier and the car was bouncing all over the place, but I just made it through. The main thing is I hope Kimi's ok. Our car is fine to continue so let's get on with it again."


@Marussia_F1Team: After restarting the race from the pit lane, Max will now serve a drive through penalty for entering the pits for a new nose after the flag.


@Lotus_F1Team: Can someone please send a 17mm socket and spanner to @SilverstoneUK ? Make it sharpish


No further action will be taken on Vergne and Perez for their turn one altercation in which Vergne appeared to pitch him into a spin. Meanwhile, Max Chilton has a drive through penalty for entering the pits under a red flag.


@MercedesAMGF1: Good to hear #Kimi is ok. Great respect for his radio call checking on @MassaFelipe19 too, who also appears fit & well. Good news all round.


The medical centre says there are no broken bones but they are concerned about his right ankle, so he’ll have an x-ray.


Max Chilton under investigation for entering the pits under a red flag.


They’re still working on getting that guardrail replaced. Doesn’t look like they’re having much luck! Re-start news when we get it.


@Marussia_F1Team: So a huge crash on the first lap, in which many were very very lucky, including Max who was struck in the mayhem around him.


Felipe Massa confirms that he is out of the race but says he is fine, which is the most important thing.


@pirellimotorsport: Tyres may be changed and cars worked on during a red flag period.


Good thinking from Max Chilton. He wants to run longer on the prime tyre and gamble for rain coming towards the end of the race because of the delay.


There may be a long delay now as the guardrail that Raikkonen crashed into has to be replaced. Maybe longer than 15 minutes.


@MercedesAMGF1: What a start that was from @LewisHamilton - he went off like a rocket! We like that - more of the same please! #F1 #BritishGP


The race will re-start behind the safety car. That’s the first time a race has been red-flagged on the opening lap since 2000!


Positions at the time of the accident: Rosberg, Button, Magnussen, Hamilton, Vettel, Hulkenberg. Massa has been forced to retire.


Thankfully Kimi looks okay and Ferrari have reported he is in the medical car. He left the circuit on the Wellington Straight and then lost control of his Ferrari as he rejoined the track as he bounced over the kerb.


Well that was very strange. Raikkonen just lost control on the Wellington Straight and snapped right into the barrier. It was great reactions from Massa who swerved right at the last minute to avoid a bigger impact.


BIG CRASH! It’s involving Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa on the way down to Becketts and there’s a safety car out. Massa continues but Raikkonen limps away from his stricken Ferrari.


And we’re racing here at Silverstone! Good start from Rosberg and Button is up to second. A poor start from Vettel, who loses out to Hamilton.


There is a 30% chance of rain with the possibility of it falling around 2pm, an hour in. Cars could be stopping at around lap 10. Two-stops look the order of the day…


@andrewbensonf1 Niki Lauda says Hamilton & Rosberg on different tyre strategies. Prob means medium-hard-medium for one (LH?) & med-med-hard for other (NR?)


FIVE MINUTES TO LIGHTS OUT: Niki Lauda has revealed that the Mercedes drivers will be on different strategies with Hamilton possibly on a two-stopper rather than the optimum one. Hamilton’s rear brakes also appeared to be overheating on the way to the grid and he was asking his team about them. It’s going to be fascinating.


It was a disaster for both the Williams and Ferrari drivers, who line up towards the back of the grid having struggled on slick tyres when the rain fell towards the end of Q1. But Marussia timed their change to slick tyres perfectly, resulting in a best ever 12th and 13th on the grid. But Chilton will drop five places for an unscheduled gearbox change on his Marussia.


Ahead of Hamilton on the grid lie Kevin Magnussen, Nico Hulkenberg, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel. For Button, it’s a welcome return to the front end of the grid after a difficult time. Race fans have been showing their support in remembering Button’s late father John by wearing pink over the weekend and Button will race in a special pink helmet.


The forecast was for a dry race but dark clouds are looming and it could all change very quickly. Pirelli have brought the orange-marked hard and white-marked medium compounds for today’s race. Pirelli have tweeted: "30 minutes till the #BritishGP. It is currently 17 deg C outside with the track being at 31 deg C. #F1".


Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the British Grand Prix, the 50th to be held at the historic Silverstone circuit. Lights out 13.00 BST.