14/07/19 - 14:10
British Grand Prix
Silverstone • Race


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The final top 10... 1) Hamilton 2) Bottas 3) Leclerc 4) Gasly 5) Verstappen 6) Sainz 7) Ricciardo 8) Raikkonen 9) Kyvat 10) Hulkenberg


HAMILTON WINS THE BRITISH GP! It's another race win for Hamilton at Silverstone! The Brit wins his sixth British Grand Prix with a fastest lap on the last lap! What a way to do it! Bottas finishes second, Leclerc on the podium for the fourth straight race.


Hamilton is into the final lap and is cruising to yet another British Grand Prix win in front of his home supporters at Silverstone. The safety car came at a fortuitous time for him, but he made the most of that luck.


"Where's Lewis?" Leclerc asks on the team radio. Not sure why he would want to know that when he's third, 26 seconds behind the race leader with his just two laps remaining.


Hamilton's pit crew are out on the pit lane again. Is the race leader about to pit? There's a lot of confusion about the strategy here. Bottas has just set a new fastest lap. Interesting...


PICTURE: It looks like being another Mercedes 1/2.

Bottas, Hamilton

Bottas is in the pits! We're still not entirely sure what happened with Hamilton's phantom pit stop. Anyway, his teammate is in and has come back out into second place.


This was the collision between Verstappen and Vettel...


That's strange. The instruction of 'Box, box, box, box' comes over the team radio for Hamilton, but he goes past the pit lane with his pit crew waiting for him. What happened there?


Time penalty! As expected, Vettel has been handed a punishment by the race stewards. He has been given a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision with Verstappen.


The race stewards are indeed looking at the incident between Verstappen and Vettel. Surely the Ferrari will receive some sort of punishment. He has harmed Verstappen's chances of a podium place.


There has been a lot of drama between Leclerc, Verstappen and Vettel and even Gasly this afternoon, but the two Mercedes are seeing out this race fuss free. Hamilton still leads.


Vettel is into the pits to get some damage repaired after that collision. The German was to blame for that incident. Will he face some punishment from the stewards? He has a new front wing.


COLLISION! Wow! A real clash between Verstappen and Vettel! Verstappen overtook the Ferrari but then Vettel drove right into the back of the Red Bull and they spin off the track!


Leclerc past Gasly! That was fantastic racing from Leclerc! The Ferrari got round the outside of the Red Bull. He was in full control of the manoeuvre and is up into fifth position.


Verstappen on the radio: "I heard something strange on Turn Seven." Does the Red Bull have a problem? Verstappen had his sights set on Vettel, but could this throw a spanner in the works?



The scrap between Verstappen and Leclerc has cooled off in the last few laps, but the Ferrari is within DRS distance of the Red Bull. It could be about to heat up again.


Norris is on his team radio to complain of being "screwed over by the strategy." The reply comes back from the team that the safety car was poorly timed. He still has to pit.


Hamilton has just set a new lap record of 1.29.190 as he begins to stretch his lead over Bottas behind him. Bottas still has to pit before the end of the race!


Can we just keep the cameras on Verstappen and Leclerc? These two drivers have picked up where they left off at the Austrian Grand Prix a couple weeks ago. Fantastic drama.


PICTURE: Your race leaders.

Valtteri Bottas und Lewis Hamilton

Incredible! Verstappen and Leclerc are at each other again, with the two racers essentially off the track they were going so wide! But Verstappen manages to stay ahead.


Front wing gone! Perez has damaged his car as he attempted to get past Hulkenberg after being released from behind the safety car. He will need to come into the pits.


We are racing again! Hamilton has come out of that safety car period with the lead. Through no fault of his own Bottas has been knocked down to P2 and the top six are now tight together again.


So Hamilton, Verstappen and Leclerc have all taken this chance to enter the pits when behind this safety car. This has shaken up the race particularly for Bottas/Hamilton and Leclerc.


Verstappen has also dived into the pits. That's the second time and he has changed on to the hard compound tyres. This safety car has opened up all kinds of strategical options.


Giovinazzi out! The full safety car has been deployed after the Alfa Romeo runs off into the gravel. Hamilton is taking this chance to dive into the pits. This is a gamble that might just pay off!


Verstappen comes again! This is fantastic drama between Verstappen and Leclerc! The Red Bull was almost on the grass there as the Ferrari made a late defensive move.


Bottas pitted a couple laps ago which means that Hamilton is the leader of the race. McLaren are taking this opportunity to get their man on to different tyres.


Verstappen pulls out behind Leclerc and comes very close to making contact with the Ferrari. You can sense the frustration from the Red Bull! He has the pace.


PICTURE: It's been an exciting start at Silverstone.

Start in Silverstone

All that racing between Gasly, Vettel, Leclerc and Verstappen has seen the Mercedes stretch their leads at the head of the pack. It's a straight fight between the two Silver Arrows.


Leclerc back in front! All the good work done by the Red Bull pit crew was undone by Verstappen as he ran wide as he came out of the pit lane and the Ferrari makes the most of the mistake!


Into the pits! Leclerc and Verstappen are into the pits. They have swapped around in the pits! The Red Bull pit crew did their job and now Verstappen has the lead over Leclerc in P3.


Gasly past Vettel! The Ferrari had been on the tail of the Red Bull for a number of laps, but it's Gasly who gets past Vettel. Gasly has no gone into the pits. He's going on to the hard compound tyres.


Drama! Vettel and Verstappen go wheel-to-wheel, but the Red Bull manages to fend off the Ferrari for the time being. Gasly is also having a look at Vettel! This is all getting very dramatic.


Retirement! Magnussen was forced to retire from the race a couple laps ago. That's a shame for the Haas. The team radio suggests that there was something loose on the car.


Leclerc is frustrating Verstappen, but the Red Bull is closing up to the Ferrari. Remember this? This was the duel at the Austrian Grand Prix just a couple of weeks ago.


Bottas' team are warning him on the radio that Hamilton is getting within DRS range. Vettel is getting the same warning from his team with regards to Gasly in the Red Bull behind him.


Hamilton is just 0.8 seconds behind Bottas. He seems to be cooling his tyres and getting his systems under control again before having another go at his teammate. This is building nicely.


We saw some great drama in Austria two weeks ago and we have had a dramatic start here as well with Bottas and Hamilton vying for the lead. It's all about the Mercedes right now.


This was the start off the grid.


HAMILTON INTO P1! NO! P2 AGAIN! What drama! Hamilton takes the lead ahead of Bottas sparking celebrations from the home crowd, but then Bottas regains the lead from his teammate with the cut back! Wow!


Into the pits! Rear punctures force both Grosjean and Magnussen into the pits in the first couple laps. That's not a great start for the Haas cars.


It was a clean first lap. There was some wheel-to-wheel racing between Ricciardo and Norris and the McLaren managed to get around the Renault and into P7. Great attacking from the Brit.


It's a good start from Bottas as he gets off the grid well. Hamilton thought about going around the outside heading into Turn Three, but the world champion stays behind his teammate.


LIGHTS OUT! We are racing!


Okay, we are ready to go here. Formation lap just about to start.


We are just minutes away from lights out at Silverstone. There was an issue with Verstappen's rear wing just moments ago. Red Bull had to change it at the very last minute!


All British eyes are on Hamilton, naturally, but it's also Norris' first home Grand Prix at Silverstone. This will be a memorable afternoon for the rookie McLaren driver. He is in P8.


The Ferraris have been unexpectedly competitive over this weekend. Leclerc will fancy his chances of having a look at the Mercedes heading into Turn One. Vettel is down in P6.


Just 25 minutes now until lights out at Silverstone. There is a warning that there could be some rain on the horizon. We'll keep an eye on that. The grid is packed as the teams prepare for the race.


Bottas on pole! It's a Mercedes front row with Bottas in P1 and Hamilton alongside him on the grid. Leclerc is in P3. That promises to be quite the spectacle heading into the first turn.


Good afternoon and welcome to Eurosport's LIVE coverage of the British Grand Prix. Lights out is at 2.10pm GMT. We'll bring you all the racing as it happens right here. It promises to be quite the spectacle.