The six-time world champion looked to be on course for a routine victory having led from the start, with Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas set to finish second, but late tyre trouble saw Hamilton only just hold Max Verstappen at bay, while the Finn finished out of the points after going wide.
Hamilton’s victory sees him extend his lead at the top of the drivers championship lead, but the outcome could have been very different had Red Bull not pitted the Dutchman to go for the fastest lap.
Charles Leclerc also made the podium, while Daniel Ricciardo claimed fourth place and Land Norris fifth after Carlos Sainz also suffered tyre problems, making a late dash to the pits on three wheels. It was a disappointing afternoon for Sebastian Vettel, who only just managed to score a point in 10th.
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DRIVER OF THE DAY - Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Until the last lap, this award might have gone to Charles Leclerc, who made the podium in a Ferrari that just isn’t doing the job for his teammate, Vettel, but the manner of that last lap means Hamilton deserves recognition. The six-time world champion was barely able to get his car round the final few corners such was the damage to his tyre and front left wheel. A lesser driver wouldn’t have been able to handle that.


Hulkenberg out! So disappointing for Hulkenberg. Having rushed to Silverstone from Germany in the space of just 24 hours, Racing Point have had issues with Hulkenberg's car and he won't be racing today.
2/52 - Magnussen out! The Haas was going around the outside of Albion, with the Red Bull taking a whack. It's Magnussen who has ended up in the gravel and that will be the end of the race for him.
13/52 - Wow! That's a big one at Maggots! Kvyat has gone into the barriers and his car is in a bad way. Let's hope he's okay. That was a big collision. The rest of the drivers are taking this opportunity to shift on to new tyres in this pit window. Kvyat now looks to be out of his car and is walking. That is good news. His car is in a bad way.
50/52 - Disaster for Bottas! Drama in the final two laps! Bottas has gone wide and looks to have picked up a puncture! That has allowed Verstappen to pass the Finn and now Mercedes will be concerned with Hamilton's tyres as well! This race still has some drama to provide us with! Bottas is into the pits! He has some damage.
52/52 - WHAT IS GOING ON?! We're into the final lap, but Hamilton has a puncture! HE IS DRIVING WITHOUT A FRONT LEFT TYRE! WHAT IS GOING ON?! Sainz has no tyres! I have no idea where anyone is, but about four different teams and drivers are having SERIOUS tyre problem!
Hamilton wins the British GP! Incredible drama! Wow! That was a slow burn of a race, but my goodness, it came to life in the last two laps! Hamilton claims the win with barely a tyre on his wheel! Verstappen finished second. Leclerc in P3. Ricciardo finished fourth and Norris in fifth. Could Verstappen have won that had he not pitted in an effort to get the fastest lap?!


“Ah f***** sake, f***!” Verstappen shouted into the Red Bull team radio after it became clear that had he not pitted in an effort to claim the fastest lap he might have won the race. “He’s a lucky boy, he’s a lucky boy,” came the response from the Red Bull pit wall, referencing Hamilton’s final lap struggles.


There wasn’t much overtaking at Silverstone for the majority of the race, but Sainz was able to pass Romain Grosjean despite the Haas ducking and diving into the direction of the McLaren in a move he was shown a black and white flag for by the stewards.
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