10/06/11 - 19:00
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Free Practice 2

Free Practice 2

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We'll be back tomorrow for more - there's an hour of free practice three at 15:00 UK time, followed by qualifying at 18:00 UK time. Plenty to talk about, and we hope you'll join us for it!


So practice ends with Alonso on top - 0.369 seconds ahead of Vettel. Massa in third, so a good session for Ferrari. McLarens in fourth and fifth, while di Resta ends a creditable sixth.


Looks as if Vettel had a little more fuel on board than it first appeared. De la Rosa is the only driver to improve in that final session - he finishes 18th - a creditable effort.


SESSION OVER! Finish your final laps, gentlemen...


Vettel describes 'vibrations' as he pushes on the super softs. Looks like Alonso will end up on top unless someone pulls out something inspired.


Schumacher hasn't improved - Rosberg has only done so marginally. They are 20th and 18th respectively, and they've not gone for broke in this session once.


Di Resta canters past the Williams of Maldonado but doesn't improve on his own best - what drama remains in the last moments of the session?


These last moments have the feel of the final moments of qualifying, but there are actually perhaps too many cars on track - hard for drivers to find the room they need to push for a best time.


More cutting of the final chicane - first Heidfeld, then de la Rosa. Almost every driver has slipped up there at least once today.


Still no sign of the Mercedes duo upping the ante. Hamilton also appears to be running a heavier fuel load in the McLaren.


Alonso quickest in the first sector, but loses that time advantage all of a sudden. De la Rosa wins a little battle - he's managed to find enough pace in the Sauber to nip ahead of D'Ambrosio for P23.


Alonso improves his personal best and the leading time in the session 1:15.107. Meanwhile Paul di Resta has jumped up to sixth about a second behind Alonso's best. Sutil will have to watch on in frustration.


Vettel instructed to overtake in order to free some space. His team keen to know what the tyres are capable of.


Looks like Lewis Hamilton will be able to go out again - the car has been patched up, the tyres taped.


De la Rosa puts down a time - 1:21.873 - a full 6.6 seconds off the front. Given it's his very first lap in the car, it's not a huge surprise. He's got a lot to do just to make sure he's within 107% of the qualifying time.


Vettel will be one to watch - the defending champion is out on super soft tyres.


Right - away we go again. A flurry of cars back out on track, all looking for enough space to put a quick lap or two down without hitting traffic.


The floor of Hamilton's car appears to have broken and will need replacing. If so, that's the end of his session.


Again, the news comes through that we are 90 seconds away from the resumption of the session. Let's hope it will be an uninterrupted 14 minutes...


Interesting - Lewis Hamilton picked up a puncture on his right rear and had to limp back to the pits. The mechanics will have to have a good look at the car before he gets back out.


So much for those quick runs that the top teams wanted to put together - D'Ambrosio again was absolutely fine, but is it a grip problem that these racers are struggling with? Two very similar mishaps.


Nasty one for D'Ambrosio - he's lost the nose cone altogether and it's no surprise when the red flag comes back out...


Oh dear! Yellow flags - D'Ambrosio has hit the wall just where Kobayashi did!


All the cars spreading out a little, trying to free up some space for a quick lap. It has the feel of a qualifying session - and there are just twenty minutes left for the top teams to play with the super soft tyres.


The drivers are back out - and first to head out is Pedro de la Rosa in the Sauber! A clutch of leading drivers also storming out - everyone wants to make up for lost time.


The session is set to resume in 90 seconds.


How about this for a tweet from Ferrari? "A piece of Sauber bodywork was found inside Felipe's car. Our crew will go to their garage to bring it back."


Kobayashi's car is safely on the back of the pick-up. In the meantime we're being shown some delightful pictures of the scenery beside the Canadian track. Beautiful venue for the race.


No news on a restart time - the red flags are still in operation. Drivers watching in the pits patiently.


Lots of sweeping and shuffling to remove the debris from the crash - Kobayashi's car travelled some way before coming to a standstill.


Significant job to clear up Kobayashi's car - the pick-up truck has swung around the track to haul the Sauber back to the garage.


Pictures cut to de la Rosa in the Sauber. He looks the part - time to take it for a spin when the red flag is dropped?


Kobayashi is fine - he's already out of the cockpit and walking back towards the pits - but Sauber's weekend, which was already bad enough, has got a little more tricky still.


RED FLAG! It's Sauber - Kobayashi clattered the wall at Turn 4 and that's his car well and truly done for the session.


There could be some moving and shaking still to come, but Ferrari will take heart from the fact that their two drivers are first and third. There haven't been too many moments in this season where Ferrari were competing evenly with the Red Bulls.


Better lap from Kovalainen in the Lotus - that puts him up to 16th in the standings for the time being - still ahead of the two Mercedes, who are once again back in the pits.


Stewards wheeling Sutil's broken Force India away. The yellow flags no longer flying, but Sutil will be frustrated with the shunt.


Time ticking away for Pedro de la Rosa - the Sauber substitute will be anxious to get some running time in the car today rather than leave all the testing and adjustments until the final hour before qualifying.


Sutil appeared to just run a touch wide and put his front left tyre in the wall before grinding to a halt. Yellow flags, but the German is just about out of harm's way.


Sutil has crashed! At the exit of seven he's hit the wall and the Force India is not going anywhere fast. He looks somewhat forlorn getting out of the car.


First eight cars in the pits - they are the two Ferraris, two Red Bulls, two McLarens and two Renaults.


Interesting tyre choices this weekend (although that's true of almost every weekend at the moment). Soft tyres running fairly consisently and drivers appear to be able to string a few laps together without a drop-off in performance. There could be relatively few stops in the race itself.


Rosberg and Schumacher are on another race-simulation for the Mercedes. No significant improvement in their lap times, with Rosberg going around in around 1:19.0.


Things haven't gone quite as Lotus would like - they're low down on the grid, behind the Hispania of Karthikeyan and the Virgin of D'Ambrosio.


Super softs propel Petrov into 10th place. Plenty of cars that can make sizeable improvements there, and none of the top teams appear to have cracked out those super soft tyres...


Schumacher takes his car on to the grass. Disappointing for Michael, but he'll have another chance. Vettel also has a frustrating final sector after posting the quickest middle sector of the weekend to date.


Heidfeld, meanwhile, is out on super softs - but fails to improve his time after a hold-up in the final sector.


Schumacher back out in the Mercedes. He's using soft tyres - time to get a better reflection of the Mercedes' pace.


Vettel back on track and after a slow first lap he is now looking much closer to the leading times. Alonso on the softs could set the new fastest lap - and does! 1:15.205 is the new benchmark.


And in a sign of just how much everyone has been caught on the hop, when de la Rosa does get in the car, he'll be wearing his McLaren overalls!


Sauber continuing to prepare for de la Rosa. He's a bit taller than most drivers, so the car needs to be adjusted accordingly.


No! Not quite - fastest in the first two sectors, misses the final chicane, so the time won't stand.


Hamilton had a flying lap interrupted by having to negotiate Vitantonio Liuzzi in the HRT, but is looking better placed on this lap...


After eight laps Webber comes back into the pits - his best was the last lap - a 1:16.102 which puts him sixth.


Alonso tucks in right behind his team-mate, about a tenth of a second back in third place. He may well have a bit more to improve. Here comes Hamilton on the softer tyres.


Massa one of those guys to go very close to the wall at that chicane, but he's posted a good one - a 1:15.6 to put him second.


Television pictures show a montage of cars wobbling at the final chicane - it's been very, very hairy at that point of the track.


Massa up to fourth on the soft tyres - you get the suspicion that Alonso will savage that time shortly.


So with an hour to go, the team order is - Red Bull, McLaren, McLaren, Red Bull, Force India, Williams, Ferrari, Renault, Force India, Ferrari. A couple of those surprise names have been trying out their softer tyres, so expect to see that change around in the next hour.


It looked as if Lewis Hamilton's dashboard was not up and running in the Englishman's first run of the session - McLaren have tweeted to clarify "For all those asking, yes, Lewis Hamilton's dashboard is now working!"


Button in no hurry, however - the McLaren man watching events unfold very casually from the cockpit.


Cars beginning to re-emerge. Webber the best-placed in the championship of the riders on track. Alonso also out.


Rosberg ran a 10-lap stint in the Mercedes - a good sign that Ross Brawn's team are already turning their focus to the race itself rather than looking for pace. They could well be a factor this weekend.


After a flurry of activity there's just a handful of cars on the track. One of them - Jaime Alguersuari in the Toro Rosso - gets horribly out of shape at Turn 6 but manages to recover just in time.


What do you think about Perez's decision? Brave to admit his uncertainty, or a sign of weakness?


Some quotes from Sergio Perez, who will not contest the Canada GP: "Of course I wanted to drive and I had no doubt I was alright. But apparently this is unfortunately not the case. I am deeply disappointed. I spoke to the team after the session and told them that I'm not a 100% fit. I only want to drive when I'm a 100% well. I need some more time to recover."


Mercedes have been lurking very quietly in this session so far having proved their pace in the morning. For the moment Michael Schumacher is 16th, and Rosberg 17th.


Whoops! Kobayashi cuts the final chicane. He's not the first - and he certainly won't be the last.


Still only Kobayashi who has turned out for Sauber - you would think that there is a fair bit to do in order to ready the second car for De La Rosa.


Vettel is a machine. Best time of either session posted - a 1:15.476 - and on that note he heads back into the pits.


Di Resta makes good progress on the soft tyres, taking seventh place. Button up to third.


Hamilton steals a place as he breaks into the 1:15s - Button seventh for the moment on his first flying lap on the hard tyres, but should have room for improvement.


Vettel hits a 1:15.739 - getting faster all the time. Massa has a wobble at the final chicane, but corrects just in time.


Hamilton nips into third place, just ahead of Alonso but adrift of the Red Bulls - and Vettel is going quicker...


A note on de la Rosa - the sharp-eyed will have noted that he's McLaren's reserve driver - but Sauber's Esteban Gutierrez is not here this race weekend, so it looks like a deal has been struck for the veteran to help out Sauber.


Alonso nipped briefly into the lead, but Vettel and Webber show their class (and the class of their cars) by slipping their two drivers into first and second. Vettel top with a 1:16.262. Hamilton out for McLaren now.


Vettel, aiming to make up for lost time, puts in a time of 1:19.042 which for now leaves him eighth. Expect him to be a busy boy this afternoon.


Webber posts his first lap of the session - it's good enough for second spot, just a couple of tenths behind the Renault.


Heidfeld sharpening his best lap - he's down to a 1:17.037.


Already drivers eating into that Di Resta mark. He's down to fifth as Heidfeld's Renault sets the pace - 1:17.499, followed by Massa, Petrov and Barrichello.


To give you some context, Rosberg's best lap in the morning session was a 1:15.591...


Fastest on track is Paul di Resta - 1:19.093.


The Bahrain GP has been formally called off. The right decision? Pretty much everyone reckons so... Have you say in the comments section.


Several drivers out early - Saubers, Toro Rossos, the three new teams - and Paul di Resta in the Force India.


Breaking news: Sergio Perez has pulled out of racing for the weekend! He was unhappy after first practice following his Monaco accident, and he'll take no further part. A shame, but it gives reserve driver Pedro de la Rosa a chance to get ready.


Big talking points from this morning's session - Vettel crashed again, and Rosberg set the leading time.


Good evening everyone and welcome to live text commentary from FP2 in Canada! 90 minutes of testing begins here.