11/06/11 - 15:00
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Free Practice 3

Free Practice 3

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And the session is over Vettel fastest from Alonso and Rosberg - with Massa, Button, Hamilton, Schumacher and Petrov coming next. The big story though was Mark Webber spending the entire session in the pits. Join us for Qualifying at 18:00.


De la Rosa has suffered a crash right at the end of the session - he loses control of the back of the car and spins 180 degrees into the barrier - he is okay though.


Vettel fastest with a lap of 1:13.381 - looks like he might finish fastest to make it a very mixed session for Red Bull.


Alonso and Vettel back out now for the final few minutes.


Petrov has just jumped from eight to sixth with a fast lap.


Rosberg now the only one of the top six out on the track.


And Alonso now goes fastest with an effort of 1:13.701


Alonso has just produced the exact same time as Rosberg and is pushing fast again.


The Ferraris are showing some speed - Alonso has just gone second fastest - Massa is fourth after having been ahead of Alonso for a brief moment.


Rosberg's Mercedes remains fastest. Schumacher will not be happy being over a second behind his team-mate in 7th.


Barrichello loses control for a moment and has to take a short court through the gravel.


Just 20 minutes to go and people are still working on Webber's car..looks like he might miss out on this session completely.


Away from Formula One for a moment - Audi driver Alan McNish walk away from a spectacular crash at the Le Mans 24 Hours, with fans also lucky to escape injury.


Our current order: 1. Roseberg 2. Vettel 3. Alonso 4. Massa 5. Button 6. Hamilton 7. Heidfeld 8. Petrov 9. Buemi 10. Maldonado.


Hamilton has produced the fourth best time but he is still over 0.7 seconds behind Rosberg


Rosberg showing great pace again today – he now gets into the 1:13s with a 1:13.919 effort.


Hamilton ninth with his first effort but two seconds off Vettel.


Hamilton currently on his first timed lap – Webber remains in the pits.


Hello - welcome to the fun and games Sebastian Vettel - an effort of 1:14.162. Rosberg now second then Massa and Alonso in the Ferrari as the fast times fly in.


Jenson Button becomes the first man to dip below 1:15 with an effort of 1:14.942 - times continue to drop.


Track temperature continues to rise – up to 29 degrees now – should lead to quicker times come qualification later this evening.


Jenson Button has just produced the second rastest lap of the session - Vitaly Petrov of Renault is now third fastest.


Nico Rosberg of Mercedes remains the fastest man out there with an effort of 1:15.034. Remember he was fastest during free practice 1


Still no sign of Webber - more KERS problems for Red Bull - they have had issues all season. It is a problem with the KERS battery by all accounts.


Mark Webber has a KERS problem and his mechanics are working furiously on it. It is preventing him from coming out on the track.


Nico Rosberg produces the first timed lap - and effort of 1:15.034


We have just go underway and already there are quite a few cars out on the track


Hello and welcome to our live coverage of free practice 3 from Canada.