08/06/13 - 15:30
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Free Practice 3

Free Practice 3

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So FP3 comes to a rather eventful finish. Every car appeared to pip the one before. Webber finishes the session first in 1:17.895. Wouldn't read too much into that. But Force India looked strong again, dark horses perhaps?


Daniel Ricciardo takes a little spin, as does Hamilton and Perez.


Webber goes fastest in a 1:17.8. Sutil, Hamilton, Alonso all close. Crazy finish.


That's FP3 over as the cars continue to fly over the line. Massa goes back top in a 1:19.


Yellow flags out on track. That should prevent too much final action.


Expect lots of red P1 icons as everyone fights in the closing stages. Button next to go first in 1:20.520.


Hamilton goes.... 19th. Don't worry British fans, he almost stopped before the final chicane as he sought a clear track. Maldonado back top with 1:21.035.


Massa gets himself to the top of the lot, with a 1:22.482. Still looked very within the car's powers, did that lap.


Mark Webber moves off line to pass a slow McLaren. His backend slides all over the place. I can see why they want to stay in the garage to be honest.


The racing line is grey, and looks dry enough for someone to have a real crack at it. Alonso underway on a flying lap. Well, not quite flying. Very slow through sector one.


Sergio Perez makes his move, going out on the medium compound. Come on Sergio, make it interesting...


So we'll follow Pic for a little bit... Under the bridge in sector two and he doesn't fancy it, really letting up on the throttle. He goes eighth fastest.


Very little on track action at present. Charles Pic is the most exciting man on track at present, as he slides around turn two.


Still eight drivers who have pottered around their outlap and darted back into the pits without posting a time.


The track is looking pretty decent now. Still wet off the racing line, but providing you keep your laps inch perfect you should be fine.


Even with the track to his self, Grosjean still makes a mess of the final chicane and intersects it without even attempting to twist his wheel.


So as it stands... 1) Gutierrez, 2) Massa, 3) Hulkenberg. Most of the cars back in the garage. Well actually all but one. Fortunately it's Grosjean out there on his own. Everyone is safe.


Gutierrez has had a lot of track time and it's of little surprise that he shoots to the top of the leaderboard in a 1:23.1.


Kimi Raikkonen also looking very fast. Should go top... Slides out of the final corner, almost into the Wall of Champions, and ends up third.


That's a bit more like it. Only a bit though. Massa flies through in 1:23.4 but forgets to brake for turn one and launches himself across the grass. Amusing stuff.


So far only 11 drivers have posted times. None of the big hitters. Hulkenberg goes fastest with a low 1:24. A dry line has emerged. Massa is going quick in sector two...


Lots of cars still chilling in the warmth of their garage. At least half the field lying in wait, watching the pedestrian times on their personal monitors.


Pastor Maldonado, who hasn't had the best of times this weekend after ruining his nose in FP1 and grazing the grass in FP2, has just jumped to the top with a 1:25.1. No he hasn't, Bottas retakes first immediately. We're into the 1:24s.


Van der Garde avoids another scrape as he bumps along the grass in the mid-part of the track. At least he's having fun out there.


A dry line is starting to appear now, but it is interspersed by little puddle patches which are causing the drivers to lift off the throttle.


And we have a new leader. Bottas shoots to the top of the bunch with a 1:25.126.


DRS finally enabled, but the speeds these drivers are doing at present don't really merit such aids. Formula One cars aren't really built for these conditions. The track is drying though.


Most drivers have rolled around their first lap and headed straight back into the garage. Jenson Button currently tops the leaderboard with a 1:26.3.


Van der Garde nearly collides into the back of teammate Pic. Almost a clash of green on the Canadian tarmac.


The 'dummy car' at present is Esteban Gutierrez who is crawling down the back straight. He clocks a 1:29. Not the fastest.


Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg all out on track. Definitely three to watch. Still no one really going for it.


Very cautious start from the cars out there. Barely in three figure territory on the mph gauge.


So we're belatedly underway. I've counted 14 cars straight out onto the circuit. The dry line is pretty invisible at the moment.


The barrier is fixed! Nothing can stop us now. Except the weather...


Expect a queue of 22 cars in the pit lane as the clock creeps down to the start of the session. Every team will need to maximise all thirty minutes available before qualifying.


So we thought this session might be wrecked by the weather but I don’t think anyone predicted a damaged barrier would halt FP3. If you did predict this then hand yourselves into the Canadian authorities as you were probably involved in the barrier’s sabotage.


It might appear a strange decision to cut the session in half but unfortunately the rules state there must be two hours between the closure of FP3 and the start of qualifying.


BIG news: The session will get underway in eight minutes time at 15:30 (UK time) and will last for, wait for it, just half an hour.


Nothing can stop the Canadians from having a good time. Just spotted an abundance of raincoat-clad locals enjoying themselves on the trackside rollercoaster. Looks like quite the ride. Still awaiting further news on when we’re starting here...


So the word hot off the circuit is this: we’re going to lose a bit of time from third practice. It hopefully won’t affect the teams too much as the track is still drying out.


Couple of slaps on the wrist to bring you up to date with. Both Mark Webber and Valtteri Bottas were handed reprimands for failing to slow down sufficiently under double yellows yesterday.


Quite an array of raincoats on display in the crowd. The track is very damp but, at present, the rain is only a light patter. Still no word on when we’re getting underway.


The reason we haven't got away on time is because marshalls are currently nursing a poorly barrier. Might have to be welded by the looks of it. Don’t worry though, there’s a man in a cowboy hat on hand who looks like he knows what he’s doing.


FP1 was interrupted by bursts of rain as Paul Di Resta asserted himself at the top of the leaderboard late on, whilst Fernando Alonso highlighted the potential promise of Ferrari this weekend as he was crowned victor of FP2. Not that it’s much of an accolade. The real business begins today at 6pm UK time, when qualifying gets up and running.


Welcome back to our LIVE coverage of practice from Montreal, Canada. Session three gets underway shortly and it should be an eventful one given the ever-evolving conditions over eastern North America.