09/06/13 - 19:00
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Race


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And Vettel wins his first Canadian Grand Prix and the first for Red Bull. Fernando Alonso is second with Lewis Hamilton third. Thanks for joining us today!


Onto the final lap and it should be a glorious one for Vettel. Massa passes Raikkonen for eighth.


Penultimate lap and Vettel is cruising to a maiden Canadian Grand Prix victory with Alonso second and Hamilton third.


Yellow flags out so DRS disabled for the Gutierrez incident. Frustrating for Hamilton.


Vettel leads from Alonso, Hamilton, Webber and Rosberg. Looks like finishing that way.


Vettel continues supremely on his way as Hamilton continues to press Alonso. The gap 1.1 seconds. Gutierrez becomes the third retirement.


Hamilton hasn’t given up though and is pressuring Alonso for that place back!


It looks like the podium will be settled now and will remain Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton. The Mercedes pit crew look dispirited.


Hamilton and Alonso are side-by-side and Hamilton holds him off! They’re not the best of mates... And Alonso gets past for second!


Hamilton and Alonso have about the same level of tyre wear but the Ferrari is charging with traffic ahead. Drama!


Hamilton stays in front in the DRS zone. Alonso 0.4 seconds behind the Mercedes.


Ten laps to go and Alonso is on Hamilton’s gearbox!


Webber has dropped away but Alonso is challenging Hamilton...


Hamilton told his tyre temperatures are looking good but he snaps back, ‘Please just let me drive man!’ Raikkonen-esque!


Alonso right behind Hamilton. Won’t be long now as Di Resta makes his first stop and changes for super softs.


The gap between Hamilton and Alonso down to 1.9 seconds. Hamilton’s front left tyre looking worn.


Hard to see how Hamilton will keep Alonso at bay. The gap now down to 2.7 seconds. Webber also told he may be able to catch the Mercedes by the end.


Massa takes Grosjean for tenth. Alonso close to Hamilton now. This will be an exciting finish.


A slight mistake from Vettel and he’s told to calm down and bring it home. Alonso and Webber really catching Hamilton now. Only 3.9 seconds behind the Mercedes.


Vettel leads by 18.4 seconds but the fight really is on for the remaining podium places between Hamilton, Alonso and Webber.


@OfficialSF1Team: #Hulk touched with VDG which leaded to a puncture. possible more damage on the car. we need to check after race. shame.


Vettel pits from the lead and it’s a good one. He’s out on mediums with a healthy lead. That should be race in the bag.


Yellow flags waved as Hamilton pits for the final time.


Contact between Hulkenberg and Van der Garde and the Caterham's front wing is stuck under his car! Alonso pits from third.


Webber pits from fourth for mediums.


Paul di Resta is the only man still to stop. He is seventh.


Hamilton could theoretically get through on one stop so this could be interesting. He is only eight seconds ahead of Alonso.


Vettel’s lead is 14.2 seconds from Hamilton as Grosjean finally pits.


Brilliant driving from Alonso as Massa pits again from 14th.


Alonso much closer to Webber and he makes the move stick for third!


Vettel still comfortable in the lead but second really is up for grabs between Hamilton, Webber, Alonso and Rosberg.


Sutil pits for a second time as all 22 cars are still running. Van der Garde gets a ten second stop-go penalty.


Unsurprisingly, Van der Garde under investigation. Webber only a tenth of a second off Alonso’s fast lap as they both close on Hamilton.


Webber has lost a piece of his front wing and he’ll be absolutely furious. The Caterham just chopped straight across him into the corner. Hasn’t seem to have affected him too much though according to his lap times.


Raikkonen finally passes Bottas but it’s been a tough day for the Finn. Contact between Webber and Ven der Garde. He won’t be happy with that!


Vettel’s lead cut to 16.1 seconds over Hamilton. He’ll need to stop again.


Vettel leads by 18.2 seconds at the half way mark. Hamilton says he has a DRS problem.


Rosberg told he’s going to the end on his second set of tyres. Vettel coming up to lap Raikkonen.


Webber sets a new fastest lap, he’s ten seconds off Hamilton.


Vettel leads by 17.6 seconds as Rosberg pits for mediums. He rejoins fifth.


Webber finally gets past Rosberg for third and Alonso follows him through.


Vettel a very comfortable 15.7s ahead of Hamilton as Webber gets close to touching Rosberg!


Button makes his stop and it’s an impressive 2.5s.


@Lotus_F1Team: Close procession means slow stop drops #Kimi to P14, so all to do again. Sergio ahead.


A great three way fight for third as Vettel and Hamilton stretch away. Bottas passes Button for 11th.


More great defending from Sutil, on the limit to stop Massa getting past. Webber attacks Rosberg but the Mercedes keeps him out.


Vettel leads by 13.1 seconds from Hamilton. Rosberg third, Webber fourth. Looking good for the Red Bull.


Button still on the super softs so he’ll be on a one stopper.


The rear jack fell down on Raikkonen’s car before the left rear was on. It costs him time and drops him to 14th.


Great racing between Sutil and Massa and Sutil defends his 11th position. Raikkonen told his fuel consumption higher than expected and he pits.


Good move from Perez who takes Gutierrez for 14th. Raikkonen still yet to stop. Button says his tyres have gone through the graining phase and are okay.


So after the pit stops, Vettel leads from Hamilton, Rosberg, Webber, Alonso and Raikkonen who is yet to stop.


Hamilton pits from the lead for mediums. Could be on a one stopper.


Rosberg told that his rear tyres are getting too hot and we know Mercedes has struggled with this issue. Massa out on the super softs. Hamilton and Raikkonen still to stop.


Alonso also back out on the medium compound tyre. Hamilton leads from Vettel.


Maldonado slapped with a drive through penalty for his racing incident. Vettel pits from the lead for mediums.


Rosberg hasn’t lost much ground. He rejoins fourth, Webber fifth.


Noco Rosberg pits for more super softs, Hamilton stays out.


Perez pits for Mediums. Webber also on mediums.


Vettel really is charging. His lead over Hamilton now 7.4 seconds. Rosberg third. Webber pits from fifth.


Great wheel to wheel action as Massa passes Ricciardo, the Toro Rosso dives into the pits.


Despite his near miss, Vettel still leads from Hamilton by 6.5 seconds. Raikkonen passes Ricciardo.


Big incident! Vettel touches the wall but he seems to be okay. He leads by 5.5 seconds. Raikkonen under big pressure from Massa.


Sutil pits from P13.


A big drift from Raikkonen into the final turn but he keeps it out of the wall of champions.


Sutil has an issue with his DRS and the team is having to re-set the system. Chilton reporting that his brakes aren’t working properly. Not ideal!


Vettel now leads by 4.4 seconds. The Sutil spin was a simple driver error.


Contact between Button and Maldonado and it’s damaged the Williams wing.


All 22 cars still running, no incidents yet so a clean race as Raikkonen challenges Ricciardo. Vergne and Sutil take Bottas but Sutil spins 360! He rejoins but it costs him time, down to 13th.


Vettel really putting his foot down. Perhaps he’s going for a two stopper so going all guns early doors. Alonso catching Webber.


Di Resta still down in 16th, playing the long game and preserving those medium tyres. Vettel’s lead is now 3.2 seconds from Hamilton.


Vettel already stretching away at the front. His lead is 2.8 seconds over Hamilton. Raikkonen up to 10th.


Bottas under big pressure from Alonso and the Spaniard goes through to take fifth. Raikkonen down in 11th, Button 15th. Bianchi, Chilton, Grosjean and Di Resta on the medium tyres.


And it’s lights out in Montreal! Vettel leads from Hamilton as Bottas loses out to Rosberg and Webber.


Romain Grosjean starts from the back of the grid after his ten place grid penalty accrued from the last race. Five minutes to lights out.


Sergio Perez: “We were very unlucky yesterday but today I think we can do a good race.”


‏@pirellisport: Our calculations show that the winning strategy is starting on supersoft, change to supersoft on lap 20, then change to medium on lap 40.


In answer to your questions, the race starts at 14:00 local time, that’s 18:00 GMT, 19:00 BST. Or 15 mins!


Red Bull Racing have yet to record a victory in Canada. Will that change today? Share your thoughts below.


Valteiri Bottas says that the Williams is running high downforce and that may hurt them on the straights but they hope to make up for it in the corners.


@OfficialSF1Team: dry conditions for the race. a possibility of rain around 15:00, but most probably it stays as it is. we expect to see 1 and 2 stoppers.


The radar does show a 40% chance of rain so things could get interesting.


After a wet free practice 1 and qualifying, the good news in Montreal is that the sun is out. Not great for Mercedes as their tyre wear has been higher than most so far this season but expect Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen to make some headway through the field.


Williams driver Valterri Bottas starts third from Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber whilst Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo both start one place further back on the grid and will start ninth and tenth respectively after being slapped with penalties for not restarting Q2 in the fast lane of the pits.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE race commentary for the Canadian Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel starts from pole position ahead of Lewis Hamilton.