08/06/14 - 19:00
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Race


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Looks like both drivers are okay, which is a relief as that was a huge incident! We’ll finish behind the safety car with Ricciardo winning his maiden grand prix from Rosberg, Vettel, Button and Hulkenberg. What a race!


Huge crash from Massa as he clips the back of Perez after Vettel passes the Mexican!


And Daniel Ricciardo leads! He opens the DRS and gets past Rosberg. Surely he will win this now.


Three laps remain and still no telling who may win this! Ricciardo less than a second behind Rosberg but Perez looks out of it now.


Perez has problems now, he has lost his rear brakes. Won’t be long before he is passed by Vettel.


If Rosberg holds onto this with the ERS and brake problems, it will surely be his greatest victory. But Ricciardo passes Perez and can now set about Rosberg!


Massa challenges Vettel into the chicane and they almost touch before the German holds on. Great stuff.


It’s just so hard to pass on this circuit and Massa still behind Vettel. Must be frustrating for him. Rosberg going quicker again but Perez matching him.


Looks like Rosberg has recovered some power but Massa looks like he has the quickest car on the track. Top five separated by less than two seconds!


If Rosberg fails to hang on, we could well have a maiden grand prix winner today. Grosjean retires.


Perez really close to Rosberg but it does look like his DRS is not working! He really should be past.


Perez’s DRS is working but he is nursing his only set of tyres. Rosberg’s lead is 0.7s over the Mexican. With ten laps remaining: Rosberg, Perez, Ricciardo, Vettel, Massa, Hulkenberg, Alonso, Bottas.


Any number of drivers in with a chance of race victory with little over ten laps remaining. In for a dramatic finish here.


Perez has lost even more time, nursing his tyres. Really helping Rosberg as Bottas concedes his place to Massa, who then gets past Hulkenberg. Great driving from the Brazilian who is now back in the race.


Felipe Massa all over the back of teammate Bottas and telling his team he is much faster. He wants team orders for Bottas to get out of the way.


Looks like the Force India may have a DRS problem, which is why he can’t make inroads on Rosberg on the straight.


Perez still holding up the Red Bulls. Rosberg suddenly on the pace again, setting the fastest first sector. Have Mercedes found a cure now?


Perez is holding up the Red Bulls, giving Rosberg a small glimmer of hope.


Rosberg must have changes his brake balance heavily to the front to protect the rears. Unlikely he’ll stay ahead for long.


Rosberg’s lead only 0.6s ahead of Perez who has Ricciardo and Vettel right behind.


Perez has got to go to the end if he wants to win this as the Red Bull duo have fresher tyres. Ricciardo and Vettel now looking strong!


So the race order with 20 laps remaining is Rosberg, Perez, Ricciardo, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Massa, Alonso.


HAMILTON OUT! Indeed Hamilton does retire from the race, his second of the season. Rosberg told to change his brake settings. Massa pits so Rosberg leads again but for how long?


Hamilton’s brakes have failed and looks like it could be the end of his race. He coasts into the pits.


Further drama as Hamilton makes a mistake and loses a place to Rosberg. He then overtakes him into the chicane but has to concede the place back as he cuts the corner.


And Massa does indeed move ahead of the Mercedes. Suddenly, it looks like the Williams driver is favourite for victory! Hamilton pits.


Rosberg told that both cars have the same problem and that they can’t fix it. He’s told to pick the pace up. If he can! Rosberg pits.


If Mercedes can’t find a fix for this, they will lose the race. They’re losing about two seconds a lap. Massa now going to the end of the race.


Rosberg has extended his lead to 1.2 seconds but Massa now only 17 seconds behind Hamilton.


Vettel arguing that his crew should have kept him out as he could have gained on Hulkenberg. He is told to concentrate on his race! Raikkonen spins at the hairpin and is down to 16th.


Looks like the problem is affecting Rosberg more than Hamilton. Lots of head scratching on the Mercedes pit wall. His lead only 0.5 seconds. Hulkenburg a further 20 seconds behind.


So not all plain sailing for the championship leaders. There’s a possibility that the leaders could now be caught. Drama here.


Now Rosberg reporting the same problem. The Mercedes duo coasting in the middle sector. Vettel comes out behind teammate Riciardo so he won’t be happy!


Hamilton reporting that he has lost power. Still looks okay though, 1.8s behind Rosberg. Strange.


Bottas makes his second stop. Comes out behind Button. Vettel in.


Perez into the pits for what will be his only stop for the soft rubber. He slots back into tenth place.


Rosberg wanting to know Hamilton’s brake balance. He is told that Lewis is more towards the rear whilst he is more towards the front. It’s about knowing what parts of the circuit he will have the advantage on.


Well that was a controversial decision and not one Hamilton will like. He’ll have to pass him on the track now.


Hamilton again all over the back of Rosberg. No penalty for Rosberg and he is on his final warning for cutting the chicane. Lucky.


Rosberg told to save fuel and use longer gears. Playing nicely into the hands of Hamilton.


Perez 17 seconds behind Hamilton and has been told he is extending his stint. Good race for the Force Indias.


A drive through penalty is a possibility for Rosberg. Would be a harsh one. He leads by just 0.3 seconds. Perez third from Hulkenberg.


The stewards may investigate Rosberg. In fact he is under investigation. Hamilton told to take it easy because of that.


It’s a strange situation. Rosberg made a mistake and in doing so, extended his lead. No complaints from Hamilton though.


A mistake from Rosberg as Massa passes Alonso for 8th. The German locked up into the final chicane and had to cut it. It resulted in him extending his lead.


A spin for Kamui Kobayashi, his back left rear well out of shape. The Caterham stops and joins his teammate in retirement.


Hamilton swarming all over the back of Rosberg. This is exciting stuff now as he’s in DRS range…


Maldonado pits. Looks like it could be a terminal stop. Vettel passes Hulkenberg for fourth but runs wide and Hulkenberg retakes the place.


Hamilton flying now. Almost half a second up on Rosberg this lap.


Looks like the two Force Indias are one stopping as Hamilton again eats into Rosberg’s lead. Only 1.8s behind now.


So the race order after the pit stops is: Rosberg, Hamilton, Perez, Hulkenberg, Vettel, Bottas, Ricciardo, Maldonado.


He rejoins behind Rosberg, his stop was half a second slower so he’ll be annoyed. Replays show Rosberg losing control shortly after pitting and almost driving into the wall at Turn 4!


Hamilton pushing hard. A new fastest first sector, going for broke to close the gap. And in he comes!


The first big move as Rosberg pits and Hamilton moves into the lead. He bolts on soft tyres.


Vergne all over the back of Alonso, that Ferrari looking a handful as Massa passes Kvyat for 12th.


Massa was released into the path of Magnussen so he could be slapped with a penalty for an unsafe release. Button passes Gutierrez as Alonso pits.


Vettel, Vergne and Massa also in.


Hamilton’s tyres look to be graining too so we could see an early stop. Ricciardo in. Comes back out in 14th behind Maldonado. Bottas also in for Williams, as is Button for McLaren. Should see a flurry of stops now.


Ericsson felt a power loss on the formation lap and that was a Renault power unit failure.


Valtteri Bottas complaining of graining on his rear tyres. Ricciardo all over the back of the two Williams drivers now.


Good use of the DRS from Hamilton who then sets the fastest lap of the race. Game on between the Mercedes drivers again. The gap 2.171 seconds.


A spin for Kvyat who drops down to 16th as Hamilton passes Vettel for second into the chicane.


Rosberg told his fuel is good until the end, which is great news for him. Marcus Ericsson into the pits. Looks like another retirement for Caterham…


Perez makes a move on former teammate Jenson Button and takes tenth place.


We’re racing again, Massa right on the tail of his Williams teammate. Hamilton caught sleeping slightly, allowing Vettel to get away.


Safety car in at the end of this lap.


We could be under the safety car for a little longer as marshals put cement dust down and clear debris and fluid.


Gutierrez has switched to the softs and he intends to last the rest of the race on that set. Good to hear that Jules Bianchi is safe and well after that big smash.


Hamilton ran slightly wide at the start and was fairly hustled out by Rosberg and Vettel. He’ll be disappointed.


It will be the first time neither Marussia has finished since Korea 2010 when they were Virgin Racing! The order is Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas, Massa, Ricciardo, Vergne, Alonso, Raikkonen.


It was the exit to turn 4 and this will be the first time for over a season that neither Marussia will finish. Bianchi smashed into the wall after being tagged by Chilton. Has to go down as a mistake from Chilton. Gutierrez has dived into the pits.


And we’re racing here in Canada! And it’s a good start from Rosberg but Hamilton is down to third after being edged out by Vettel. We have a safety car situation after the two Marussia’s collide at the start!


Kimi Raikkonen reporting that the track temperature is rising. Now at 49 degrees as the drivers start the formation lap. Most of the top ten starting on the supersoft.


Five minutes to lights out and we've just had the Canadian national anthem. Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery says it will definitely be a two-stopper today. The supersoft and soft compound tyres are in operation today. The sun is out and track temperatures are in excess of 40 degrees.


Sebastian Vettel: “I think it will be as tight as qualifying. Difficult to know before the race but I think it will be a tight battle behind the Mercedes.”


As always, a good start could be vital to affecting the outcome of the race. As has happened on so many occasions already, whoever leads into the opening corner often wins. Check out Will Gray’s exclusive technology insight into the F1 start.


Sebastian Vettel lines up third on the grid after his best qualifying performance of the season. The Williams pair of Bottas and Massa are next ahead of the second Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo. Alonso, Vergne, Button and Raikkonen round off the top ten on the grid.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix from the picturesque but brake-busting Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal as Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton renew hostilities. Lights out 19.00 BST.