07/06/15 - 19:00
Canadian Grand Prix
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve • Race


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Well, a rather pedestrian high-speed race, but Lewis Hamilton is gleeful to be back on top. Thanks for your company this evening.


National anthem as Lewis Hamilton takes his spot at the top of the podium.


And points for Pastor Maldonado. What a time to be alive.


That's the end of a rather tedious race. Lewis Hamilton wins, with Nico Rosberg in second, and Valtteri Bottas in third. Kimi Raikkonen takes fourth, with a great drive from Sebastian Vettel securing him fifth.


Hamilton is advised to extend his advantage to 100 metres, and he's quick to check he'll be OK on fueld.


Rosberg's now three and a half seconds behind. Barring accident, Hamilton has this race won, despite his tyres locking up every so often.


Toto Wolff is looking glazed-eyed at his monitors, as are many people, one suspects.


Nico Rosberg asks how Lewis Hamilton is doing on fuel. He knows perfectly well he's not allowed to be told that.


Maldonado is back in seventh now - unsurprisingly he's struggling to cope with the fresher tyres, seeing as he's not pitted for nearly 50 actual laps.


Retirement for Merhi, it seems, as he trudges back into the pits.


Rosberg isn't making any headway into Hamilton's lead, by the way. Every time he tries, his team-mate just puts his foot down.


Max Verstappen is looking to dart past Marcus Ericsson, who's had to hold off a lot of overtaking attempts today.


I mean, the Mercs are half a lap in front of everyone else, so they'll be hard pushed to worry, but perhaps SOMETHING might happen.


I think our best bet for some excitement here is Vettel, to be honest. His speed might give the leaders a little to be nervous about.


Poor, poor Jenson Button. "We need to box this lap and retire the car," he's told.


What a great drive from Vettel so far - past Maldonado now and into fifth, looking to close in on Kimi Raikkonen.


Bottas's team tell him that everything's looking good to stay in third place up till the end of the race.


Carlos Sainz is looking to overtake his senior colleague Daniel Ricciardo - and he does it.


He won't stop again, so that'll be added on at the end.


The inquiry into that impact didn't take long. A penalty for Grosjean.


Stevens is rather unsurprisingly of a different mind. "It's so stupid. He does this every single time he overtakes, comes across in front of me. Where does he want me to go, off the track?"


"He hit me! He hit me!" shouts Grosjean over the radio.


What's Grosjean doing there? Looks the wrong way while overtaking Will Stevens, and punctures his rear tyre in the process - he has to pit immediately and his team are scrabbling around for tyres.


Jenson Button is reassured over the radio that there's no reason that Alonso's withdrawal should affect him. It's all fine. He's only half a minute behind the car directly in front of him.


And Alonso has finally had to retire due to the lack of power in his car.


Aha! Nico Rosberg is praised over the radio for his brake conservation - all the better to attack.


And Hulkenberg spins! Vettel's quick to say over the radio that there was no contact made - but was there enough room for Hulkenberg?


Vettel and Hulkenberg are duelling it out now...


Vettel is going fastest at the moment, what with the Mercs driving so conservatively.


Radio messages indicate that Hamilton is saving fuel, Rosberg is saving his brakes (not an easy thing to do on this track, one would suspect).


Those Mercedes folk are still looking worried. Perhaps this race is going to be more interesting that I was beginning to expect.


Now Massa is into the pits, emerging ahead of Dany Kvyat.


A groundhog is on the track, but fortunately manages to get out of the way before being thoroughly squashed at high speed.


Vettel's in the pits again for his second stop of the race.


The Mercedes team look very serious, more serious than you might expect with two cars so far ahead of the field.


Rosberg is cutting into Hamilton's advantage here, lapping a good second faster at the moment.


Fernando Alonso pits. Let's hope he actually re-emerges.


Meanwhile, Vettel overtakes Maldonado, who's thoroughly confused and opts not to turn a corner, instead choosing to run straight on towards a wall, before realising his error.


Rosberg's in next, and Hamilton resumes the lead.


Now Hamilton is into the pits from the lead, and he'll be out in second.


Huge spin for Kimi Raikkonen moving into a hairpin. He seems to be telling his team it's the same as happened last year - applying the throttle, power surges, and he spins. He's fine, and is advised to go back into the rhythm asap, please.


Raikkonen is into the pits, and may well still be back out in fourth.


Vettel's looking to get past Pastor Maldonado now. Keep an eye on this.


Fernando Alonso is livid over the radio - he can't even tell what his fuel consumption is, and has decided he is just going to race.


Daniel Ricciardo is in for his pit stop, softs squealing as he pulls away.


And Jenson Button has been lapped. Already. What a season.


Raikkonen is reporting a problem with the front left - will he have to move into a two-stop strategy, or can he hang on?


"Check the front right corner, I touched with Alonso," says Vettel over the radio.


Vettel skims off the track and towards the wall as Alonso holds him off.


So many brilliant turns on this course - fantastic for the interest further down the field. Max Verstappen gets past Alonso, who's having some battery problems.


Pastor Maldonado takes a pit stop, preparing for another attempt to move up.


Maldonado is closing in on Nico Hulkenberg in sixth. This could be fun.


The TV coverage is chocka with celebs this week. Latest close-up: Michael Douglas.


Raikkonen is now about three seconds behind Rosberg. Closing in.


Nico Hulkenberg is complaining about his "ugly" tyres. Time for a stop for him then.


It's funny when the Mercedes team try to talk up how interesting it is when Rosberg and Hamilton trade fastest lap times...


What? Vettel's stop was apparently tactical! Didn't work out too well with a seven-second delay, did it?


Massa's team congratulate him, and they've now got Perez in their sights.


Not much of interest at the head of the field, by the way. Raikkonen's about four seconds behind the Mercs.


Defensive driving from Ericsson trying to hold off Massa on the inside, but he can't do that for long.


Vettel's in the pits! Is that a puncture? Must be, surely, and that takes an absolute age to get done.


The biggest race at the moment is leading up to 11th, with Ericsson currently in occupancy and Massa and Vettel chasing him.


Hamilton takes that fastest lap right back.


And interestingly Rosberg is now fastest on the track.


Vettel's straight past Fernando Alonso as well now.


Lock-up from Massa into the corner and Vettel is chasing him down!


Hulkenberg and Maldonado have swapped places in the field.


Poor Jenson Button is into the pits to take his drive-through penalty.


Hamilton and Rosberg are still in front with Raikkonen behind - but there are a couple of yellow flags thanks to a little clip in the middle of the pack. Cleared quickly.


Here we go!




Oh, and the latest on poor Jenson Button's travails.


Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton has been rather reflective this weekend, talking about his first-ever win in Canada, and picking up his 44th pole here yesterday.


So we have the Mercedes pair on the front row - but Kimi Raikkonen starts third and was horrendously disappointed to be that far back.


Sebastian Vettel is having a terrible weekend - an extra five-place grid penalty for overtaking Roberto Mehri under a red flag during FP3.


Good evening, all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix.