Armed with a new floor and bargeboards, Ferrari has also made a number of track-specific modifications to its existing package as it looks to maximise aerodynamic efficiency.
The bargeboards are a refinement of the concept the team has used so far this season, with the shape of the main elements and their slots revised.
Three smaller slots can now be found in the sloped section that follows.
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The footplate has also been modified, with the forwardmost of the two elements now reaching right the way across to the serrated elements.
Working in conjunction with the bargeboard's lower elements and the floor's leading edge is the wider splitter extension facilitated by the change in rules for 2017, which now has three well defined L-shaped elements.
Having utilised the space left over when the regulations were changed for 2018, Ferrari has, until now, been using an arched T-wing.
Even though the appendage has a relatively low drag impact, the team has removed it in Canada as it searches for more straightline speed.
Almost a quarter of the lap time around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is spent slowing the car, with brake supplier Brembo classifying Turns 6, 8, 10 and 13 as 'hard' - making it not only a challenge for the driver but also for the engineers.
This year, Ferrari has continued the recent trend of proportioning some of the brake duct's design to power a blown axle, improving the aerodynamic footprint around the wheel rim and tyre.
However, this does not mean that brake cooling is forsaken, with designers carefully attributing cooled airflow to brake discs and calipers.
The brake drum also features numerous apertures from which heat being generated by the brakes can be released.
These can be carefully placed in order to maximise how the heat is rejected so it also interacts with the wheel rim and, consequently, the tyre in the most effective manner too.
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