20/04/14 - 08:00
Chinese Grand Prix
Shanghai International Circuit • Race


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The trophies are awarded, the anthems are played, and Rosberg stays in the lead of the drivers' championship. Next up - Barcelona. Join us then - and thanks for your company this morning.


The top three rehydrate and reflect on the race. Nico Rosberg seems to be asking what happened to the Red Bulls.


"Excellent drive, Lewis...absolutely epic," his team tell him. Rosberg gets congratulated for driving so well despite no telemetry.


So Lewis Hamilton wins his third successive race! It's a Mercedes one-two, and Alonso hangs on for that fourth place.


Another yellow flag waved briefly, but it's not quite clear what for. Lewis Hamilton isn't distracted, though.


Hamilton's stretching out even further as he cruises to the finish, lapping a second quicker than Rosberg.


Hamilton is now 17 seconds ahead of Nico Rosberg, and having Ricciardo hustling behind him is making Alonso close down a little on second place.


Ricciardo loses a bit of ground as the leaders lap Maldonado.


Alonso is clearly starting to fret a little bit now, glancing behind him to see just where Ricciardo is.


Ricciardo's best lap time is under 1:42, but Alonso is still holding on to third. His tyres are suffering, though.


"Alonso is matching your pace - keep pushing, he may run into trouble at the end," Ricciardo's team tell him.


So Hamilton leads, Rosberg in second, and Alonson in third. Ricciardo is still looming behind Alonso, who is holding on to his podium place.


Ricciardo is cutting down a tenth of a second on Alonso, but perhaps he has rather too much to do now.


Lewis Hamilton is 15 seconds ahead of Nico Rosberg; Daniel Ricciardo is given the OK to attack Alonso.


Alonso is summoning a last dash of power to attempt to pull away from that pesky Ricciardo.


"Fuel is fine to the end," Rosberg's team tell him. That's good, he won't have to give them the information off his dashboard in these closing stages, then.


So can Ricciardo now make a move on Alonso as well?


...and there he goes. Alonso had nothing to offer in response once Rosberg was ready to go.


Rosberg is ready to pounce...


Rosberg is still closing in on Alonso, lapping quicker by a decent margin, but Hamilton looks untouchable in the lead.


Nico Rosberg is still having to recite his dashboard figures to his team. He tells them, rather beseechingly, "That's really annoying. I'm going to have to stop doing that."


Rosberg is chasing back that second place; he's about three and a half seconds behind Alonso now.


And a safe second pit for Lewis Hamilton from first.


Rosberg needs himself some new tyres after a lock-up and struggle with grip.


Hamilton is closing in on Jenson Button, who's in 11th but is about to be lapped by the race leader.


A fastest lap for Lewis Hamilton, clocking 1:42.323.


Vettel goes in to the pit, and he reemerges in fifth. Ricciardo, meanwhile, is settled in third.


Sebastian Vettel is not happy about Kobayashi passing him to unlap himself. The Caterham team are telling their driver to put his foot down and avoid those blue flags.


Hmm, so Alonso pulls in to the pit lane, leaving Rosberg free to tear ahead. He's yet to make his second stop, though.


Rosberg is being told to make his move on Alonso, as if he needs that extra encouragement.


Another flurry of pit stops. Hulkenberg's in, so is Bottas, and both emerge and reclaim their places.


Max Chilton has the blue flag waved at him as Nico Rosberg comes up behind him. The leaders are working their way through the pack now.


Ricciardo is now three seconds ahead of his team-mate Vettel. Poor Felipe Massa is in 17th after that hideous pit stop earlier.


Ah, now where's that yellow flag coming from? It turns out to be Grosjean, coming off the track and into the gravel due to a gear problem. He's about to retire, one suspects.


Sebastian Vettel now is being told to stay out for as long as he can. Meanwhile, Rosberg is closing in on Alonso in second.


It sounds like Vettel didn't realise initially that Ricciardo is on a two-stop strategy, hence refusing to yield.


Ricciardo slips past Vettel on the turn anyway.


Vettel refuses to let Ricciardo through, telling his team in no uncertain terms that he won't be following that particular order.


Ouch. Vettel is told by his team to let Ricciardo through.


And now Ricciardo is going for Vettel! He's on newer tyres, and meanwhile Rosberg is sailing away.


Well, that little duel was exciting, and Rosberg's team congratulate him for his work there.


Rosberg is sticking close to Vettel this lap as far as he can - on the straights he's looking faster but has struggled on the turns...and then he sneaks past!


Hamilton's a good six seconds clear of second place at the moment, and half a minute faster than Raikkonen in eighth.


Ricciardo's team tell him he's going faster than his rivals for that podium finish - he's in fifth at the moment but he can certainly challenge.


So the status quo at the front is preserved - Hamilton leads, followed by Alonso and Vettel, with Rosberg in fourth.


Nico Rosberg's team are checking on his fuel load, and they tell him it all looks good for the time being.


And Hamilton sensibly makes that pit stop - it's all very straightforward and he's still in first place.


Hamilton does have a massive advantage out at the front, but on his older tyres he's not lapping as quickly as those immediately behind him.


Ah, and there's Ricciardo going in, right on schedule. Meanwhile, Hamilton is comfortable on his tyres, and he continues to purr leading the field.


Massa's problem is on the left rear hub - that's why it took so long for the mechanics to make the change.


Rosberg is called in now as the team try to sort out these issues he's having.


Daniel Ricciardo is told to come in for his tyre change in a few more laps - will he manage the race on just two stops?


Nico Rosberg is suffering all kinds of technical problems and has lost his telemetry. His team tell him via the radio that there could be rubber in the car's workings.


Well, Massa was sixth, and now he's at the back of the field. Awful stuff. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack are trailing in for their tyre changes: Alonso and Hulkenberg are the latest to stop.


There goes Massa into the pit, followed by Raikkonen - and while the Finn manages to put well, Massa is just sitting there! What's going on? It looks like they don't have the rear tyres ready for him. What a terrible pit.


A pit stop for Grosjean in his Lotus, and it'll be fascinating to see how many drivers manage two stops now. There's lots of surface rubber being lost and lots of marks on the track.


Sebastian Vettel is asking when he can change his tyres - not yet, is the answer. There's too much traffic behind him and he'd get snarled up in it on the way out of the pit lane.


A first pit stop for Jenson Button's McLaren, moving to medium tyres from soft. Interesting strategy.


Hamilton is looking untroubled as he extends his lead further and further.


And yes, Sutil logs his third retirement in a row as he pulls into the garage.


Speaking of technical problems, Adrian Sutil in his Sauber is preparing to retire, it seems.


Looking back at the replays of the start, there are tyre clashes all over the place. Rosberg is certainly subject to one - no wonder he's suffering now.


Button overtakes Vergne on turn 2 and is up to 13th. He's driving very aggressively today - this could be an interesting little drive to follow.


Nico Rosberg is down in sixth place now, not least due to Massa's great opening lap - he's wondering on the radio if he has damage to his wing.


Felipe Massa is off to a flier, and so is Fernando Alonso. Hamilton holds at the start and opens out his lead.


Over 100,000 in the crowd today ready for round four of this F1 season. The temperature is rising slightly (literally, as well as metaphorically).


Time for the national anthems.


If you don't know the track, the straights are long, so we should see some overtaking-related excitement; the pit lane is also very long, so depending on tyre strategies that might also play a part. It rained yesterday, but it's dry and clear today.


As he circles the track, waving to the noisy fans in the stands, Hamilton describes himself as "excited". It's not surprising - this start at the front of the grid means he overtakes Jim Clark's British record for most pole positions.


Good morning, everybody, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Chinese Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is on pole - again - conditions are fine, so can anything stop a straightforward race to the finish and more points for Mercedes?