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Chinese Grand Prix
Shanghai International Circuit • Race

Chinese Grand Prix - 12 April 2015

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Right, well, not a great conclusion to the race - but some elements worth discussing there, not least of which is the state of the Renault-powered teams. Thanks for your company this morning.


Ed Moses is conducting the podium interviews. Lewis Hamilton tells him: "It was great to have a smooth weekend...it was really about controlling the gap between myself and Nico and saving the tyres for when I needed them."


National anthems on the podium.


"That was a bit of an anti-climax," says one of the drivers - I think it's Seb Vettel - honesty which is greatly appreciated.


"Great job all weekend, guys, whoop!" says Hamilton to his team.


Nice to see Stevens and Mehri both crossing the line as well.


There, that's the end of a Chinese Grand Prix that fizzled out somewhat, and Lewis Hamilton takes the win, with Nico Rosberg just behind him, and Sebastian Vettel in third.


Ironic cheers from the crowd as the marshals finally complete their job.


Well, there we go. Verstappen's car is finally off, and the safety car is going to take us to the end.


The Toro Rosso mechanics are all hovering trying to stop the stewards from destroying their baby!


Now they've wheeled the car into the pit wall. Great work, guys. What a farcical end to a bizarre race.


Lots of smoke coming from that car - they'll probably want to shift that if they can, but the stewards are really struggling to move it.


Hamilton is asking whether the Toro Rosso is going to be moved before the end of this lap. Probably not, to be honest.


Ferrari's team are poised in the pit lane. No idea why.


Oh, goodness, Renault are going to be under all sorts of scrutiny again. Verstappen did well to get the car over to the side of the straight, and he's immediately out and marches into the garage. He will be disappointed to have that happen so close to the end.


Oh no! Max Verstappen's engine blows up on the straight!


A procession to the end now - Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel and Raikkonen. Assuming the tyres stay intact, that'll be our top four.


And there's Maldonado's retirement. Button is clinging on, and should theoretically make it through the last handful of circuits. The stewards are going to look into that collision.


The Lotus garage are preparing to receive Maldonado's car - what a bizarre race for him, even by his standards.


Maldonado reports a problem with his rear brakes, unsurprisingly, as he had half a McLaren under them.


The two McLarens are chasing Maldonado - and there's a collision! Button and Maldonado have contact, as the Brit clips the back of the Lotus, and the McLaren reports damage to his front wing.


Not the most exciting denouement after that fired-up middle section of the race when it looked like Ferrari really were going to push the Mercs.


Maldonado cuts inside on Jenson Button - and the McLaren promptly takes his position back with a great piece of defensive work. The Lotus is eventually victorious - and Fernando Alonso is right behind Button in his mirrors now.


Into the last ten laps, then, and the Mercedes are a good 16 seconds ahead of the Ferraris.


Jenson Button is up in 13th now - Pastor Maldonado is right behind him and gaining on him.


I haven't mentioned Romain Grosjean - he's been tootling safely along in seventh for most of the race, and that's where he is as we head into the final laps.


Ricciardo and Ericsson are duking it out for tenth again - the Red Bull forces the Sauber to lock up and moves past.


"COME ON, GET THIS MCLAREN OUT OF THE WAY!" says Kimi Raikkonen as he works his way past the back marker that is Fernando Alonso.


Kimi Raikkonen's about to lap Fernando Alonso. He'll love that.


Maldonado's back in 14th now after those two incidents.


More absurd drifting from Maldonado, who spins amidst a plume of smoke, but he's fine and resumes.


Dany Kvyat reflects: "I saw smoke coming from my car and I had to stop immediately. Not an ideal situation...It's not looking good on race three when you've only finished one race."


Everything a little quieter now - things are sticking to the status quo at the front of the field, and this mid-pack shoot-out is the nearest we've got to excitement at the moment.


Interesting little battle for eighth now - Verstappen is closing in on Perez, and Nasr is lurking in tenth.


Slow stop from McLaren there as Alonso comes in for new tyres - really not helping themselves. What an awful year this is for them so far.


Social media is absolutely firing up after that Maldonado farce - he's been so unMaldonadolike so far this season that everyone is enjoying the feeling of normal service resuming.


Hamilton is complaining about the heat in his seat once more.


No idea what Pastor Maldonado is doing there. He seems to lock up and miss the turn into the pit lane. Engine is still running, though, and he manages to get himself back on track once more.


A squeal of tyres as Hamilton heads back out on to the track in first place.


Hamilton will be much happier about heading into the pits now after a couple of storming laps.


And Hamilton has just recorded a fastest lap that's nearly an entire second quicker than the previous fastest.


Rosberg has a slow stop, but although Vettel does cut into the gap between them, he doesn't jump a place.


Hamilton is pushing hard now - he knows that Vettel won't pit again and will be looking to slice into that advantage.


Vettel pits, Hamilton is praised, Rosberg is called in to box next.


"My front left is becoming a problem," wails Nico Rosberg. So much radio drama today.


"Can you go faster than this, Seb?" ask his team. "Not much," he responds.


Ricciardo is past Ericsson once more - can he hold on to it this time?


Hamilton is instructed to speed it up once more - and if he can't follow the orders, then Rosberg gets to stop first.


There's Ricciardo moving through into 11th - and then he lets Ericsson back through again!


There are a quartet of cars fighting for tenth - Daniel Ricciardo, at the back of that pack, tells his team, "It's going to get a bit tasty here!"


At the front of the field, Hamilton has less than two seconds' advantage over his teammate - who has less than two seconds' advantage over Vettel.


Ah, but he or the team have managed to restart the gears, and he pulls away again.


And Carlos Sainz pulls up - "No gear box. No gear box," he tells his team.


Poor Fernando Alonso is informed: "We're not sure the fuel dash is working correctly." He and they will be hoping that fuel doesn't become an issue, then.


The Manor Marussias are at the back of the pack, with Stevens leading Merhi.


Ricciardo runs wide as he tries to overtake Ericsson on the hairpin.


Accordingly, Hamilton is told to try picking the pace up a little.


Rosberg is now complaining that Lewis is "driving slowly - tell him to speed up".


And more lovely overtaking from Max Verstappen, overtaking Nasr and taking ninth position.


Rosberg is having another little strop over the radio - he doesn't want to know about where his teammate is because he can see him.


And meanwhile, those McLarens are at the back of the field - Jenson Button has just cruised easily past Fernando Alonso.


That Kvyat retirement will doubtless do nothing to allay the tensions between the team and their engine provider. Not good.


The Mercedes drivers are very aware of the imminent arrival of Sebastian Vettel, closing in on the pair of them.


Oh, Dany Kvyat - his engine is on fire and he's off the track. "On fire, on fire, on fire!" he tells his team over the radio. The plumes of smoke are a bit of a giveaway.


And Vettel clocks the fastest lap so far - less than two seconds behind second-placed Rosberg now.


So after that flurry of pit stops, Nico Rosberg is in the lead - but he's being called in to move on to options now.


Lewis Hamilton thinks his tyres have lasted really well - so he heads into the pits and is on options for his next stint on track.


Early pit from Sebastian Vettel and from Felipe Massa, looking to put the leaders under a little more pressure.


Sainz is up into 13th now, potentially inspired by his teammate. Hulkenberg's car is still by the side of the track, by the way, they're only just shifting it.


Ricciardo is told that the primes aren't looking a great option either if he wants to switch from his softs.


Daniel Ricciardo sounds incredibly depressed as he asks to change tyres as soon as possible.


Nico Hulkenberg retires from the race, reporting "something bad" happening with the gearbox.


The Ferraris have recorded identical fastest laps so far - 1:44.351.


A very audacious overtake by Verstappen! He darts through past Ericsson on the hairpin.


That other little whippersnapper Carlos Sainz is well back in the field after that spin on the first corner. Expect some overtaking action from him shortly.


Nasr is doing well to hold off Maldonado at the moment as well.


That cheeky little Verstappen is having a go at Ericsson in tenth now.


The McLarens, meanwhile, are poised behind Kvyat.


They are duelling a bit, though - Kvyat isn't going to let Ricciardo past unless he makes him.


Dany Kvyat is warned not to fight Daniel Ricciardo directly behind him: "We're on different strategies."


So we've got the two Mercedes, then two Ferraris, then two Williamses in the lead.


Interesting little duel there for 13th - Ricciardo is in 15th and Sergio Perez is directly in front of him.


Daniel Ricciardo is also having a terrible time of it. He's on his third engine, and he's already having a quick slam on the anti-stall mechanisms


A spin from Carlos Sainz, who promptly scolds his team for talking to him on the corners, which is clearly the issue du jour.


Dany Kvyat is going backwards at the moment on his medium typres, but he assures his team he's OK.


Raikkonen and Vettel have settled into third and fourth places, ahead of the Williams pair.


Lights out, and we're racing! Vettel slips ahead into third as the Mercedes pair maintain their positions at the front.


Everyone's taking their places...


Oh! CUMBERBATCH ALERT! Yes, Cumberbatch has been spotted in the pits.


Twenty drivers commence their formation lap.


Right, everyone's lined up on the grid, the sound of revs filling the air.


A helicopter with a flag waving is flying over the track now.


Niki Lauda says that Lewis Hamilton is negotiating his new contract himself, and "nothing" is holding it up.


Ed Moses is on the grid, supporting Mercedes. He's being a little cagey about whether or not he'll be doing the podium interviews.


Drama in the pit lane already - Lewis Hamilton is raging about Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari "pulling up" in front of him as they exited on to the track.


Morning all, and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Chinese Grand Prix.