“I always enjoy to go back to China. It’s a special place and it’s a very nice track, he said, before getting sidetracked by the country's other attractions.
"The food, I mean, I have good experience of it already in Holland but you always have to try the real stuff when you are in China.
"I do have to be careful with my diet not to eat too much Chinese though, as I really like it!
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Max Verstappen (Red Bull) - GP of Australia 2017

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"The country has a lot of history and I would actually quite like to visit the giant pandas sometime.
"I’m just looking forward to going there at this early stage of the season," he added. "Everything is still very new and nothing has really been decided yet."
Verstappen's team mate Daniel Ricciardo is hoping to bounce back after a poor start to his season. He was more focussed on the racing, and admitted that he hadn't always been a fan of the venue.
"Shanghai is a track that has definitely grown on me over time," he said. "When I first went there it wasn’t one of my favourites.
"I wasn’t normally that competitive but since I’ve been with Red Bull Racing the circuit has been a real strength of mine and I’ve had some good results. Now I really enjoy the circuit and going back there.

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo of Australia celebrates with Red Bull's Max Verstappen of the Netherlands on the podium.

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But even Ricciardo wasn't immune to Shanghai's other offerings.
“The city is quite far from the track but I try to take time to visit as it’s a pretty cool place. It’s a very international city with a good nightlife and some great restaurants, you really can find anything and everything there."
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