Max Verstappen has defended the Red Bull car after it received criticism last year, insisting he was not unhappy with the RB16 performance.
The car had aerodynamic issues early in the season which led to Vertsappen and team-mate Alex Albon struggling to handle the car at times.
While admitting it did not compare to the Mercedes, the Dutch racer was not unhappy with its overall performance.
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"I think that's made bigger in the media," Verstappen told Autosport.
We had the second fastest car. I think there are a lot worse cars to drive out there.

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"We had a few spins in pre-season and stuff, and when you drive on the limit, the car's not easy to drive, you know what I mean?
"Maybe ours is a bit more difficult compared to Mercedes, but it's probably nicer than Williams.
"So I think it's a bit overdone what people said in the media. I never really felt like that.
"The car wasn't bad but we were still lacking a bit to Mercedes."

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