07/07/13 - 14:00
German Grand Prix
Nürburgring • Race


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And Sebastian Vettel wins the German Grand Prix, his first. A great race from the German. Raikkonen is second, within touching distance and Grosjean is third ahead of Fernando Alonso. Hamilton pips Button for fifth. Thanks for joining us.


Into the final lap and this is anybody’s! Raikkonen only a second behind! A slide by Kimi and it looks like Vettel will hold him off…


Raikkonen now just 1.2 seconds behind and he may have DRS. Still a big ask and he will have to wait until the final lap! Button and Hamilton scrapping for sixth. What a race.


This is really exciting now. Vettel leads by just 1.6 seconds and Alonso is all over the back of Grosjean. What a finish!!


Four laps to go and Vettel’s lead is 2.1 seconds. Alonso all over the back of Grosjean now..


And Grosjean has to yield to Raikkonen. So it’s Vettel by 2.5 seconds from Raikkonen.


Raikkonen is in the DRS zone but he’s being held up by traffic. Alonso now catching the Lotuses rapidly!


Vettel's race engineer: “Good job Sebastian, be patient. The others will have to go through that as well.”


Vettel will have to work for his maiden grand prix victory in Germany as Raikkonen looks good on these softs. He’s 3.1 seconds behind.


The team order has gone out and Grosjean has been told to let Raikkonen past so he can set about Vettel.


Alonso’s tyres immediately coming to him and he dials in two blistering sectors and a new fastest lap.


So the leaders have all made their final stops. Vettel leads from Grosjean by 1.5 seconds. Raikkonen 3.9 seconds behind the leader. Alonso fourth with Perez and Button fifth and sixth.


Raikkonen is in for soft tyres! So this is good for Vettel.


Surely Raikkonen must try to go to the end of the race on this set now.


Button pits and that releases Vettel. More good news for the Red Bull man chasing his first German Grand Prix victory.


Still Raikkonen stays out but the relative gap is 15.1 seconds. It needs to be over a second more to come out ahead of Vettel when he stops.


Grosjean follows suit and takes Hamilton as the Mercedes pits.


Vettel makes the move on Hamilton and is up to P4. Raikkonen’s lead is 15.2 which won’t be enough when he pits.


Raikkonen stays out again as Vettel sets a new fastest lap. Vettel currently P5, 14.8 seconds behind.


Raikkonen staying out, hoping to dial in another quick lap…


Vettel makes his third stop in reaction to Grosjean. He comes out just ahead of Grosjean. Good move.


And Grosjean pits for the last time. It’s another set of mediums. Should be a three stopper for everyone now. Raikkonen now flying to try and catch Vettel. That could have been tactical and could play into Grosjean’s hands.


This should be an interesting last 20 laps. Vettel being told to push with Grosjean using DRS.


Grosjean is a little closer to Vettel but Raikkonen has dropped off a little. Alonso now only 4.3 seconds off the leader but still needs to use that soft tyre. Webber pits again.


Hulkenberg pits for more mediums.


Di Resta told he will be able to go to the end of the race. Still Vettel leads but the Lotuses are right behind him.


Vettel’s lead is 0.5 seconds from Grosjean.


Vettel looks to have made a mistake in the middle sector and the Lotuses are right on him! This is really exciting now.


Hamilton attacks Hulkenberg, who has still only stopped once. Grosjean sets a new fastest lap to respond to Raikkonen.


Raikkonen now right on the gearbox of his young team-mate. He sets a new fastest lap of the race.


Still Vettel leads from Grosjean, Raikkonen and Alonso. The leaders settling into a rhythm.


Raikkonen on a charge and has done his best first sector. He’s 1.8 seconds off the leader and .8 behind Grosjean.


And we’re racing again! Vettel gats away well and leads from Grosjean and Raikkonen. Webber picks off both Chilton and Pic into turn 1.


The safety car is in this lap…


Grosjean told he’s stickiing to plan A, which could mean a two stopper and he’s running to the end. Remember that Alonso, Button and Rosberg still must stop again to use the soft tyre.


Still we lap behind the safety car as Vergne becomes the third retirement with a technical problem.


The race situation in this incident packed grand prix is Vettel, Grosjean, Raikkonen, Alonso, Button, Hulkenberg, Hamilton. Still they lap behind the safety car but with fresh rubber.


The leaders take advantage of the safety car situation to pit.


Bizarre happenings as Bianchi’s Marussia rolls back down the circuit and thankfully across the track! Safety car deployed.


Big engine blow out for Jules Bianchi. Plumes of smoke and an engine fire so that will have put some oil on the circuit.


Hamilton pits for a set of mediums. He’s on a three stopper now surely.


Lewis Hamilton: “I’m pushing man, I’m pushing!”


Button finally pits so those mediums lasted a long time for him. Hamilton again defends valiantly to keep Alonso at bay.


Alonso attacks Hamilton but the Mercedes defends. Won’t be long though but a brilliant scrap between the arch rivals.


The medium tyres are not lasting as expected and this race already looks between Vettel, Grosjean and Raikkonen. Grosjean went longer on the soft tyre than Alonso on his first medium. Alonso right on Hamilton’s gearbox.


Hamilton says he’s struggling from a lack of grip and Raikkonen streams past him. Bad news for Mercedes as tyre degradation still an issue.


Hulkenberg pits so Hamilton gets some clean air although Raikkonen is tight behind him. Vettel leads Grosjean, now only by 2.8 seconds. Button third, still to pit.


Grosjean is flying and sets a new fastest lap of the race. He’s 3.4 seconds behind Vettel. Rosberg told to pit.


Grosjean being told he’s doing an excellent job and indeed he is, running a strong second after the pit stop shake-up. Hamilton effectively third with Raikkonen fourth.


Raikkonen attacks Rosberg and makes the move stick. He’s up to 6th. Vettel leads from Grosjean.


In comes Grosjean for his medium tyres. He feeds out third so that’s great for the Lotus! Hamilton finally passes Rosberg.


Alonso pits for more mediums so that’s bad news as they didn’t last that long.


Mercedes radio: “Nico, you’re on a different strategy to Lewis, don’t hold him up!” Grosjean leads Alonso by 10.4 seconds but they’re still to stop.


Vettel has passed Button and is back up to third. Grosjean still leads and is lapping quickly. Hamilton complaining that he’s being held up by his team-mate.


Webber has come back out again but he’s dead last. Grosjean leads from Alonso and Button, who are yet to stop.


We’ll keep you informed of the condition of the camera man. He’s sitting up and looks okay, which is a relief. The news is that Webber has been wheeled back and may be able to continue.


And in comes Mark Webber. His right rear wheel has flown off and hit a camera man. Let’s hope he is okay but Webber’s race is over.


And Vettel feeds out again ahead of Hamilton so Red Bull still hold the advantage. It’s not worked for Hamilton.


Hamilton being told to push hard but he runs slightly wide. Vettel told to pit and in he comes!


Hamilton pits for the medium compound. He’s trying to undercut the Red Bulls. Di Resta’s unsafe pit release will be investigated after the race


The first gaggle of cars have stopped to replace the soft compound with the medium. Expect the leaders to stop in a few laps.


Five laps completed and the Red Bulls still looking good. Vettel leads Webber by 1.1 seconds. Di Resta and Vergne pit and the Force India is released straight into the Toro Rosso and they nearly collide. The stewards will have a look at that!


MASSA OUT! DRS is now enabled and Massa has spun at the outside of turn one. He’s stalled and Massa is out of the race!


Vettel’s lead is up to a second on lap 3 but there’s nothing between the top three really as Hamilton tried to catch the Red Bulls after a disappointing start. Ricciardo has passed Alonso for seventh place but the Ferraris are on the harder tyre.


Also a bad start from Rosberg who has dropped down to 12th. Perez passes team-mate Button for 10th with a good, aggressive move at the start of lap 2.


And the German Grand Prix is underway! And Hamilton has been squeezed out by both Vettel and Webber. A bad start from the Brit. Raikkonen remains fourth from Grosjean, Massa and Alonso. Great news from the Red Bulls.


Five minutes to lights out and the tension is really building. Remember, Sebastian Vettel has never won the German Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton will be trying his level best to prevent him from doing so in this 60 lap race. Hamilton won last time out back at the Nurburgring in 2011. Fasten your seat belts!


BREAKING NEWS: Lewis Hamilton’s front right brake pad is smoking! Mechanics are spraying some releasing agent on it to cool it down. Not great news for the Brit, let’s hope it’s not too much of an issue…


Jenson Button – P9. “The car was working all right we were four tenths off the quickest in Q2 and if we ran the softer tyre in Q3 we would have been up there with Ricciardo.”


WEATHER WATCH: It’s a warm day at the Nurburgring. Air temperature is 23C and track temperature 41C. It will be interesting to see how long the softer compound lasts.


Whilst the majority of the front runners opted to set their quick laps on the soft compound tyres, both Ferraris will start on the longer lasting medium compound, which could offer them a tactical advantage. Felipe Massa starts seventh and Fernando Alonso eighth whilst both Jenson Button and Nico Hulkenberg will also start on the mediums after choosing not to set a final lap in Q3.


The news coming out of the Nurburgring this morning is that Caterham’s Charles Pic has been handed a five-place grid penalty for changing a part on his gearbox. Pic had initially qualified 19th ahead of his team-mate and both Marussias.